Dec 19, 2006

365 Days Later - My Thoughts on 2006

Whew child! What a year it was for yours truly. If I had to some up my feelings about 2006, it would be "I either aint see it coming, or it's been a long-time coming."

This is how I break it down:

Best Decision that still freaks me out - I changed my mind set from focusing on surviving to thriving. I packed my cookies and hauled them to CT to reunite with my beloved Marcos. I also left a dead-end job and went back to school full-time to become a teacher. I'm grateful! But, honey on certain days and at certain times my mind goes AHHHH.....will I be okay? Stay tuned.

Worst moment that use to turn me out - My dear friend Willie Ninja went to his rest in early September. I was heartbroken. I had visited him only a month prior in the hospital and held his hand while we talked about him coming back home to his mother Esther. I sobbed over that loss. He was one of the good ones. Losing him left me feeling the blues.

Shortly after his passing, I had a dream and he was in it. He looked great and turn to me and said "Allan, I'm not really dead. I just wanted to avoid my creditors." Meanwhile, the dream was set in a fab department store and he and I were browsing through the couture. Live it up mother ninja in the after-life. And, keep an eye-out for your child on this plane. Thanks for the message mama. I get it! Death doesn't hold court like it use to anymore.

Best Georgie Porgie GAGGGGGING Moment - Tell me Georgie wasn't ready for the reversal of fortune he had been having. Tell me he didn't fall apart and scramble to come together when the power shift rocked his world. And, NOW he wants to play nice. I don't know if you're gonna be able to fix the INSANE mess you created, but at least your ability to do more damage has been reigned in.

Best Example of How Powerful People Get Away With Murder - Rummy you lucky that the system ya have going on in DC lets people off da hook via spin, distraction and the convenient resignation. We as a country need to look into that. Damn shame you walk away with a gold-watch and farewell party. Others more experienced, closer to the ground and wiser than you tried to advise you. Yet, you chose wrong over and over again. Shameful!

Bachelor Parties Should Not Be Deadly - NYPD you need to get it right. Diallo, Bell, Guzman, Bumpers, Stewart. The list keeps growing of innocent people killed at the hands of police officers. I'm between a rock and a hard place here. My brother is in law enforcement and I respect people that do that work. What I don't respect is the lies and cover up used to avoid dealing with the issues that lead to racial profiling, corrupt cops and poor training.

Come Out, Come Out, Wherever You Are - To my brethren and sisterren still in the closet, let me say you belong out in the sun with the rest of us. Join Ellen, Doogie, Lance, and the many others that have taken the leap. The leap into being out, loud and proud. At the end of the day, while the closet may be functional, the key for the lock is shame. And, that key can be used to open or close the door. You don't have to call it gay, queer, bi or questioning, just call it something. Looking away, or putting your head down only leaves you chipping away at the respect you deserve.

Girls Just Want To Have Fun - I'm not about to bash Britney, Lindsay, Whitney or those other girls out there acting out. From what I see growing up female in American culture is a challenging process. I mean your either a "good" or "bad' girl. You don't get that "boys will be boys pass" that the fellas do. What I will offer some words of advice. Slow it down and think "Is this really going to sustain me? Does this really have value for me? Am I really happy?" Woman are capable of amazing things, more so than men. I'm not saying this to patronize the female gender, but because I've seen it myself. Girls bring it to the next level and become the ladies that will show the boys how it's really done.

World Peace! What A Concept - Finally I ask all my faithful readers to consider this activity for New Year's Day. Spread the word to those near and dear to you that at 1:00 pm whether you are together or miles apart you will all THINK PEACE. Meditate on the idea of love, truth and fairness ruling the hearts and mind of all. Visualize expressions of humility, compassion and kindness washing over the faces of millions. Send the energy of PEACE out into the universe on New Year's Day. Then think about what you can do with your mind, body and soul to support a revised peace movement. Let's make 2007 a slice of heaven on earth.