Nov 27, 2009

For Cat Lovers

A Glee Without Kurt! Oh Hell No!

According to this clip, the character of Kurt in Glee was created only after Chris auditioned! So, they were going to do a show about glee clun in high school and didn't plan on having a queen like Kurt in the mix? It's crazy!

Nov 26, 2009

For the Joss Whedon & X-Men Fans

Joss Whedon has joined forces with Marvel Comics to create a new X-Men series. Here is the first episode available online. The next episode will air in December!

Nov 24, 2009

Shock Value Done Right

Carmen de Mairena is truly a legendary scandal in Spain. I'll work on transcribing a translation.


Shock Devalued or Less Can Be More

So this was Adam Lambert's game plan for his first major television appearance:

1. Shove male and female dancers' faces into my crotch.
2. Grab female dancer's crotch.
3. Shove my tongue down throat of gender-fuck guitar player.
4. End with giving my middle finger to the audience.

I have to wonder if he was high on tina when he came up with this concept. Perhaps, he knew the song was crappy and needed to construct a contrived distraction. He would have been better off picking one idea from that list and letting his voice do the rest.

It was also really lame the components of his attempt at using shock value, were comprised of rock-n-roll cliches. I'm surprised no one broke a guitar and set something on fire. Maybe he's saving that for his next performance.

When it started I was impressed. He used a set design based on the Cabaret musical revival done a few years ago. Plus, everyone including him look really hot.

Yet, a few minutes into it he literally and figuratively stumbled across that stage. Nice try girl. You may want to spend less time primping, and put more effort into creating an experience that is truly entertaining.

I also find it funny that he wants us to believe he's this hard-edge scandalous performer. This queen was brought to us via American Idol, and was scheduled to appear on Good Morning America. He's a mall rat in fetish drag. Child please!

Nov 23, 2009

You Gotta See It To Believe It

For the past three months I've been enjoying the gym. I have a kiki with my workout partner Yvette. It feels good to take care of myself and to feel that I am doing something to build strength, lower my triglycerides, and increase my energy. This is where I would draw the line. You can't make this kinda stuff up.

Nov 19, 2009

WTF?...Deja Vu!

Okay so I posted the image above, in a blog post back in Feb. 22, 2009. I was just watching the season six finale of Project Runway, and the same dress, model, and everything, came down the runway!

I was then reminded of the long legal drama that unfolded as Project Runway moved to the Lifetime network. This drama delayed the airing of this season. Hence, the fashion repeat moment.

Who knew that I already saw the results of season six back in February.

BTW, this season was just okay. Perhaps this show has done its duty and may fade into the distance. It done birthed a bunch of fashion designer babies.

Nov 18, 2009

A Vigil for Jorge Steven Lopez Mercado

This is for my good people living in NYC:

Micheal Musto has the following information posted on his blog, regarding a vigil for Jorge, being held at the Christopher St. Piers.

"An email has gone out asking people to bring candles and some soul to a rally this Sunday for the gay guy murered in Puerto Rico, whom I wrote about here the other day.

Here's the message:

"19-year-old aspiring fashion artist Jorge Steven Lopez Mercado was found on Friday night decapitated, dismembered, and partially burned. According to authorities, the investigation has shown that it is indeed a hate crime.

"The police investigator suggested that he deserved what he got because of the 'type of lifestyle' he was leading'.

"Please, please invite all of your friends to a vigil honoring Mercado, specifically, and all others who have been murdered, beaten, and otherwise terrorized for their sexuality or semblance thereof.

"The queer community in Puerto Rico needs to know we support them.


The vigil is Sunday November 22 from 7 to 9 PM at the Christopher Street piers (Tentative; If I hear that the location either changes or is confirmed, I will update it in comments here.)" Click here for the post.

Diva Stomp Interrupted

Okay good people, enough days have passed that now allow me to write this post.

The other night I got up in the wee hours of the morning. I had made these amazing swedish meatballs in a mushroom sauce, and I wanted a brief little nibble.

I quietly got out of bed, and when I got to the hallway I felt excited about my culinary accomplishment. This prompted me to strut into the kitchen werking my diva stomp. I had one hand on my hip, and my body swayed back and forth, because I know I'm deserving of that self-love.

As I passed the dining room, my diva stomp came to a slippery halt. It went like this. I hit the floor hard with my foot, heard a crunch sound, and said foot made a fierce slide across floor. It almost knocked me on my ass.

My immediate thought went to a visualization of one of the animales in the house going potty on the floor. I went to flick on the light very peeved. I was determine to see the offense on the floor and identify whether it was Gino or Geronimo.

Darlings, when I looked to the floor I saw a mouse, squashed like a pancake with his head splattered across the floor. It looked like a combination of the following two images:

Every atom in my body came to a stand still. I held both of my hands on my face, and nearly passed out. I summoned my inner high-riding bitch and went into action.

I ran to the kitchen and got Clorox, Lysol, you get the picture. I grabbed a plastic bag and removed the mouse that had went from the frying pan into the fire. Geronimo the cat done went on the hunt. Obviously!

Within minutes the dining room smelled of germ and bacteria killing chemicals. As for those chancletas, they have not been worn since, but were thoroughly cleaned. I'm not ready to wear them just yet.

Nov 16, 2009

Levi Punked Out

Word out on the Internet is that Levi did not do a full frontal. Damn you Levi! You got me all hot and bothered with promises of something juicy. I now find out you are not delivering the goods. Punk!

Nov 12, 2009

Let's Play!

Good people, in Rochester, NY, you will find the Strong National Museum of Play. I adore this idea of creating a place that celebrates, and examines the way we play.

They even have a National Toy Hall of Fame, which includes the stick, the ball, and the cardboard box within its inductees. Genius!

In our play we reveal what kind of people we are.
Roman poet,
43 BCE-17

I want to visit this place! Click here for more. BTW it seems this place is a very conservative institution. They host the Girl and Boy scouts so that the children can earn their badges.

Good people, let's infiltrate and play. I'm eager to ask scandalous, yet purposeful, questions to the tour guides. Visibility is key.

Nov 11, 2009

Hannity's Spot Got Blown The F Up! - UPDATE

You can't make this kinda shit up! It's just amazing to me the things people try, in order to win won for their team. How shameful.

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A mistake or a failed attempt at trickery? You decide.

Nov 6, 2009

Getting His Mack On

I just thought this was amazing to watch. My favorite part is when Mr. Hummingbird did a little dance on top of a leaf, in order to woo Lady Hummingbird watching. Check it out.

Nov 1, 2009

The MJ Movie

So, on Friday I went to see This Is It!, the Michael Jackson (MJ) movie. It was a dear friend's birthday, and the birthday girl calls the shots, and wanted to go see the movie.

I was not exactly thrilled about going to see the movie, but I wasn't completely turned off. Why not? My early days of MJ fandom were pleasant ones, and like most everyone on this planet, most of his music videos blew me away.

I have to say, I was intrigued by MJ throughout the movie. I got to see him engaged in his process of putting together not only a show, but a well crafted presentation of the MJ.

The movie starts off with his background dancers tearing up about having the opportunity to perform with him on tour. Living legends have this affect on the people around them. Yes, there was a sense of idol worship, but hey, it's MJ.

MJ was actually very sweet and appreciative of all the dancers, musicians, and singers in the production. He would often praise what they do and ask god to bless them.

He encouraged the fellow performers to take their moment in their show to shine. He told one guitarist, that her guitar solo is her moment and that he would be there for her.

Also evident, was MJ having moments when his stamina both physically and vocally were faltering him. It's not easy to age as a pop-star.

However, he was very hands on, and kept going. While one may think MJ just shows up to a show and does his thing, a lot of preparation and thought go into creating the end result.

It was also sad to see moments where it was evident MJ was being maintained through the use of the quackery of multiple medications. At times he talked with a clench jaw, and would seem a bit disconnected.

I'm sure the MJ aura kept many near to him from saying anything. The onlookers probably just said he was having an off day.

When the movie comes out on DVD I would recommend you rent it. You will get a glimpse into the final days of a human being that created his own art that entertained millions.

There are some funny moments, and it was interesting to see MJ act up a bit. Oh, and you will get a sense of his awareness of how he knew how to deliver the MJ experience to the people.