Dec 29, 2016

Thoughts on 2016

So clearly the Universe wanted to turn us out for 2016. Here are some of  my thoughts on the lessons that were taught or retaught I should say.:
  • Never count your chickens before they hatch. Hilary gagged! 
  • People will lie to you with a straight face. Aint that right all of you DL Trump supporters. BTW, not reading much of "yay Trump" on folks' Facebook timelines since November. Is it sinking in that you got played?
  • And, it has been confirmed that America is a very racists, xenophobic and sexists country. Let's not get it twisted. The folks living on east or west coast bubbles would gag if you ventured south or to the mid-west. 
  • The Grim Reaper was escorting icons and legends to their metamorphosis. It's part of the life cycle on this plane. So sad to see the ones that went to early because of the grip drugs had on their lives. 
  • Lin Manuel-Miranda! You go on with your bad self mi hermano. Let it be know that entertainment needs to embrace diversity. Lin you show that when done right it makes art and the coins. In the words of the Schuyler sisters...Work!
  • Laurie Hernandez and Monica Puig! You go on with your bad selves mis hermanas. Let it also be know that Latina women can bring it in the sports world. Wepa!
  • To the 49 young souls in the Pulse nightclub. After that horrific event, the rest of the year I moved forward the rest of the year, but in a haze. Rest in peace.
  • The world events are showing the good, bad, ugly and horrific. I've done a lot of "news" fasting this year. 
  • Never give up and believe in yourself. I made in through a very intense masters program, under a full scholarship. It was both humbling and a maturing experience.
  • Heading to the march in DC on Jan 21st. My voice will be heard!
  • Followed my dreams and visited Europe. It was awesome! Going to make my next journey soon. Dreams have to be made into reality. 
  • Feeling very blessed to have family and friends that make it possible for me to want to show up for life and live it.
Good people, take care of yourself. Push forward in 2017.

Nov 10, 2016

We Are All On The Lookout

For the next four years we just have to stay focused, pay attention, stay involved, and have all of our elected representatives’ emails, snail-mail, and phone numbers at the ready. No one in DC is handed the keys to do whatever they want! All of our voices need to be heard by the people elected to serve us, including the president.  And, in the event folks in DC are not trying to listen, hey we take the party to their door step.

On Oct. 11, 1987, I joined 500,000 people to march on Washington, as part of the Second National March on Washington for Lesbian and Gay Rights to protest for equal civil rights and to demand government actions in the fight against AIDS. It was one of the most profound experiences of my life. To be a part of a sea of people coming together to fight for a cause is life changing. 

Hey, I already told my sister to get comfortable shoes, just in case we need to roll up to DC and keep things checked and balanced. Just saying!

Sep 13, 2016

A Mental Diversion -- The Catwalk Edition

I am just taking a little brain break by indulging on the most superficial topic that is bringing me joy at the same time.

Sep 7, 2016

Official Designation: Asteroid 17473 Freddiemercury.

Absolutely! Bravo! An asteroid flying in outer space should have the name of Freddie Mercury attached to it. I am almost certain some of Freddie's stardust bedazzled that area of space. Freddie was legend!  click here for more.

Aug 25, 2016

Back from Europe

 ethereal light illuminates La Sagrada Familia cathedral

I had a 10 day journey that took me from Paris, to Stiges, then Barcelona, and finally Madrid. It was amazing! As my jet lag wears off, I have these reflections on my trip:
  • It was affirmed to me that as humans, we are more alike than we are different. Our "culture" just flavors the way our common human nature is manifested. 
  • I felt an ancestral connection to Spain. These streets were traveled by my ancestors, These beautiful cities were build by my ancestors. I don't care if it sounds sentimental. I could live there tomorrow and fine a sense of home. 
  • The gene pool is thick! I kept seeing the faces that resembled my family and friends while walking the streets of Spain. 
  • On several occasions while my buddy and tour guide extraordinaire Rey slept in a little longer, I got dressed and headed out into the unknown streets of Paris by myslef, using the sun as my compass. Good to know the adventurer in me is still alive. 
I am grateful for being able to have this experience. God willing my passport will acquire many more stamps!

Went to the tippity-top and took in the city of lights.

Holly re-envisioned by a Parisian artist!

I let out a sincere wow at La Sagrada Familia.

Enjoying la cena within the Plaza Mayor.
Parisians loves them some graffiti. It is everywhere. 

Plaza Mayor from another angle. 

Simple yet exceptional.

Stiges showing love to Orlando, FL.

Gaudi is genious

Two queens gossiping.

Along the winding streets of Paris.

Gaudi's helmeted warriors watch over the streets of Barcelona from atop of Casa Milà aka La Pedrera 
A heart filled with gratitude. 

Aug 11, 2016

This Crazy Monkey Done Did It!

Back in Aug. 31, 2013, I posted about being accepted into a TESOL Master program at SCSU. Well, good people, today I just handed in my final paper and have completed the program! A bitch is done! Let's hear it for this crazy monkey!

It was an intense ride. The work was deep. I have learned so much. I had the best cohort. We called ourselves the Last Call Cohort, because we were the last cohort under the grant. I got this masters degree absolutely free! I will also have a second teaching license in ESL if I decide to change from being a special education teacher. Wow! A lot has happened.

I remain eternally grateful to Marcos. It was Marcos that convinced me to go back to school, move to CT, and make the changes I wanted in life. I feel his presence often and always whisper a sincere thank you into the air whenever he is around.

What got me through this experience is not wanting to let him or my family down. I also became very invested in supporting members of my cohort, which was very motivating. I kept telling these yungins, that were always on the verge of a breakdown, to "push through". And, push through is what we did!

Now, I am off to Paris tomorrow, then Barcelona, and the cherry on the sundae will be Stiges in Madrid. I will post from abroad whenever I can.

 As I walk out of this library in gratitude, with a big smile on my face, I say "Peace good people. Go grab yourself some life."

Aug 9, 2016

In Need of a Dramamine Due to The Donald

Here is the range of emotions I have gone through over the last couple weeks, as I watch the Donald unleash his special brand of cray-cray on the human populace:

Then after all is said and done, I just
because I just can't anymore with him. 

Jul 20, 2016

Life on the D Bus

It never gets boring on the D bus. Get into the latest kiki I experienced while riding the bus to work one morning. So this young guy walks in, looking very El Debarge but the hair is more restraint. He is sissying that walk for points. May he live long and prosper. So he heads to the back of the bus and I go back to reading the news on my phone. After about 10 minutes my ears pick up the following conversation involving the El Debarge looking dude and a kinda-banji white girl.

El D Looking Dude: No, I always had that ability. Since I was young I was able to pick up on people's vibrations.

Kinda Banji WG: What? What do you mean by that? You serious?

El D Looking Dude: I can read your aura and feel your vibrations.

Kinda Banji WG: Oh is that right.

El D Looking Dude: I have always been able to do it. You see, if I can read your aura and feel your vibrations, by picking up on your vibrations, then I can control your vibrations.

Kinda Banji WG: You can control my vibrations. (chuckles)

El D Looking Dude: Yes. And, if I can control your vibrations, I can control you thoughts.

Kinda Banji WG: Oh, you can control my thoughts now. (chuckles)

El D Looking Dude: Yes,

Kinda Banji WG: (laughs extremely out loud) Yo, I needed to fucking laugh. The day I am having. I needed to fucking laugh. Thank you man. Thank you.

El D Looking Dude: I know what kind of coffee you are drinking right now. I don't even have to smell it.

Kinda Banji WG: Okay. What coffee am I drinking?

El D Looking Dude: French Vanilla.

Kinda Banji WG: (makes loud buzzer sound) EEEEER! Fail! I fucking hate French Vanilla. (laughs out loud again) You are funny man, You are funny. I needed to laugh. (continues to laugh out loud)

El D Looking Dude: Maybe I should stop talking.

Kinda Banji WG: (exhales from laughing) I needed to laugh. For real.

Jul 19, 2016

How It All Went Down

The Donald:  Just study the video for christ sake! That is all you have to do. Jesus!

The Ivanka:   I don't care if you have to watch it a million times. You're going to get it, and you are going to get it right.

The Trophy Wife: I vant to do good The Donald.

The Donald: I want you with headphones on at night so you sleep listening to her speech. Pretend this is a pageant. You want that crown.

(The Donald turns to campaign advisers)

The Donald: Now, we are sure no one is going to remember this speech from eight years ago. That is what you are telling me. No one, and I mean no one is going to remember Omarosa, (laughs) I mean Michelle saying this damn speech eight years ago. Right?

The Campaign Advisers: Highly unlikely, Highly unlikely. Most people can't even remember what they had for lunch. The only thing their brains can hold is the names of the Kardashians.

(The Donald stares at advisers, than he looks at ground)

The Donald: Ya know! It really doesn't fucking matter. Like I don't have these morons eating out of my hands already. Just make sure the wife doesn't fuck up. I don't need to be attached to a fuck up.

Jun 27, 2016

Bill's Turn at Metamorphosis

While living in NYC I always saw Mr. Cunningham either pedaling away on his bike, or snapping away with his camera. Up until his recent passing I was a devoted fan of his column and videos in the Times. Mr. Cunningham was truly a member of the NYC community and of humanity.

My favorite memory of him is back in the summer of 1988 or 89. I was hanging out with Willi Ninja and the rest of the house in Washington Square Park. We were holding court by the fountain. And, of course the music was pumping from a radio and the House of Ninja was voguing for points. Mr. Cunningham jumped off his bike and our little moment turned into a photo shoot. Willi looked at one of his "children" and said, "Turn it out. He's Bill Cunningham from the New York Times. Gurl you will be in the newspaper."

I admire him for living a life dedicated to following his passion. Another legend has passed. My but the world is changing.

Jun 21, 2016

Say Their Names

I have been somewhere in between numb and shock in regards to the mass killing in Orlando. Several days ago this poured out from me onto my facebook page. I am now sharing it here.

Every human comes with gifts to share with the world. Every human given love and guidance can learn how to share his or her gifts with the world. We all can testify about our own moments of having the experience of receiving the gifts of another, in our own life's journey, proves this belief to be true.

With the pull of a trigger, humans moving with hate and misguidance, can purchase weapons designed for war and easily wipe away the souls sent by the divine. We continue to lose beautiful spirits embodied within flesh, because fearful souls feel the need to possess the weapons that can kill instantly when they are angry, scared, confused or lost.

Mass killings are becoming the new abnormal. And, don't get it twisted, gun violence is out of control. Look at what is happening in Chicago. To those that believe that current gun laws, especially regarding semi-automatic guns are sane you are stuck in wanting to be right, rather then doing what is right. Many countries that have faced the horror of mass killing and gun violence are getting it right. Australia has not had a mass killing since 1996! Why? Australia changed their laws about gun possession . Google it!

Sadly, we continue to lose our sense of safety. We also continue to lose the beautiful spirits that were sent to aid our shared humanity. Take a look at what we have lost. Click Here

May 24, 2016

Happy Birthday Marcos

Not a day goes by that I don't think about Marcos. He passed on a little over five years ago. I have reached that place where I am at peace with knowing a part of his spirit is always with me, and that his influence continues to guide me. 

Today, would have been his 56th birthday. In celebration I decided to send him flowers!

May 17, 2016

In The 21st Century...People Will Draw 3D Objects in the Air

I am just so grateful to be alive to continue to see the fantasy of George Jeston's world become reality. Get into this fierce tech xtravaganza here:

Apr 22, 2016

Prince's Turn at Metamorphosis

 I think I will honor his legacy by sharing what his music and persona meant to me.

  • The first time I heard Little Red Corvette I gasped because I truly thought I was listening to grown folks have sex in a car. 
  • The song Controversy turned me out as a little boy. I couldn't believe this man on the radio was singing about people wondering if he is black or white, straight or gay. And, all he wanted was to be free of the bullshit. 
  • When Purple Rain came out, I went to go see it with my cousin. We caught the first showing at around 11:30 am, we didn't leave the theater till after 5:00 pm. We kept watching it over, and over again. 
  • I would try to dissect the sounds swirling in my headphones as I listened to his music. The layers of genius left me mesmerized.
  • While I was never a big fan of his fashion, I applauded the fact that he turned it out the way he wanted to turn it out. The brother was bold!
Thank you Prince. Your music still transfixes me no matter how many times I hear it. You have lived to see many dawns. I suppose right about now you are meeting up with Vanity and the two of you are going to smoke a peace pipe. Travel on!

Apr 19, 2016

Music Is My Medicine

So here is music that has been transporting my spirit into those virtual spaces where I can heal, rejuvenate, and embrace being here.

I always enjoy Miguel's voice. Very cool to have that voice thrive in a lush soundscape.

Not something new, but worth revisiting. This song is so tight lyrically, it makes me wanna put on some copious amounts of black eyeliner, tight jeans, and go buy a 40 oz.

Makes me think about all the benevolent spirits that brush by my side to say hello.

Sit back, prepare, you are about to go on a sonic journey. Sublime!

Ms. Rene turned me onto her awhile back. I keep coming back for more. A true talent!

My New Reoccuring Day Dream

Viktor & Rolf continue to play with this high fashion as soft sculpture idea. If you recall in a previous post about this divine duo, I shared a video of their 2015 couture show. It was genius. Click here to revisit the fantasy

Well, the two designers are being a bit more ethereal about the sculpture, and have softened it up. Get into the drama. I love the choir singing Creep by Radiohead. Everything came together and made quite the fashion moment. 

I now want to wear all white for the entire summer.

Mar 21, 2016

21st Century Fashion

So, this fairly new designer Thomas Tait done showed some serious fashion in Paris recenlty. Get into the fierceness below and by clicking here.






Jan 1, 2016

Happy New Year

Hey good people, I wish you all health, happiness and prosperity in the new year. Also, let me share some of my reflections from my own past year on this big blue marble in space:

  • It is so important to have a daily mantra, affirmation or song in your head that will make you show up for life and push through.
  • Playing papa bear to the yungins in my cohort has kept both me and them focused and motivated to get the work done. By sharing my strengths I make myself better and give others a boost up.
  • Money is really truly at the root of all evil. Be careful about compromising yourself for that mean green. My how the pursuit of it can change people into something ugly.
  • The impact poverty has on children's lives is profound. The ones who are able to come out of that abyss of the "odds against you" are truly exceptional. I continue to have tremendous respect for me and my siblings. We came from nothing, and made something happen, because of grit. I pray I develop that inner grit in my students, that also come from impoverished homes.
  • For the first time since Marcos' passing I hosted Thanksgiving dinner at my house. I am grateful I shared the space in which I live with the people I love. I need to continue to do this hosting in order to fully enjoy giving and receiving love.
  • Fear is always the enemy. Working from fear either immobilizes you or leads to poor choices. I am still working on knowing when I am feeling fear or using caution in my choices. 
  • Show up for life, be grateful for another day, know that you are blessed and that miracles happen everyday.