Dec 6, 2018

Having To Play Nice with Others....Sucks

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Stomachs were turning.
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Hilary giving zero fucks. Her thought bubble would read, "I don't see you bitches."

One of the things I am no longer good at is tolerating someone I despise, in order to conform to social etiquette or norms. I will sit on the other side of the room and pay you no kinds of attention. Fuck the half-ass smile, fuck the handshake, fuck a head nod acknowledging you. We don't like each other, so lets keep it real and keep apart. 

I am sure the Obamas had to dig deep to summon the let's-play-nice gesture. Proximity was not their friend this time around. However, Bill should have hanged tough with Hilary and averted his gaze away from Agent Orange. Hats off to Hilary for the laser-focused shade. 

BTW, a real hood funeral, with this much animosity among the mourners, would have ended up in a brawl.

Nov 21, 2018

Strega Nona and I Go Way Back

Lights, camera, action! Look at me in teacher-mode. I recently did a book talk for Scholastic on the Caldecott classic Strega Nona.  It's one of my childhood favorites.

FYI, during filming we had to stop every five minutes because the building's smoke alarm system was being tested and NYC transit could be heard rumbling through a nearby tunnel. It was a hoot!

Click here for the full video.

Nov 7, 2018

And The Beat Goes On

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So glad Election Day has come and gone. It was stressing me out. Feeling good about the huge voter turnout and that Dems got control of the house. Phew! Here are some other highlights:

  • The first Muslim women were elected to Congress.
  • Millions of people in Florida had their right to vote restored.
  • A Republican beloved by the NRA lost her congressional seat.
  • The first openly lesbian woman was elected mayor in Florida.
  • The first openly gay governor in U.S. history was elected in Colorado.
  • Texas elected two Latina congresswomen for the first time.
  • A Democrat won in Kansas, beating Kris Kobach.
  • The first Native American women were elected to Congress.
  • An anti-discrimination bill was saved by voters in Massachusetts.
  • Anti-union and anti-education Scott Walker is no longer Governor of Wisconsin
  • Seven governorships went to Democratic nominees.
For the full details click here.

Oct 31, 2018

Betcha Mueller Had Zero Gag

The GOP is going whole hog with their fuckery. This is how it goes down in politics when you got the numbers in your favor. The GOP already hooked up the 1% (their base) with a nice tax cut, got their frat-boy-man into the Supreme Court. And, now they are trying to pull a false sexual harassment stunt on Mueller.

There was zero gag on Mueller's team when they heard about this stunt. I am sure the reaction must have been, "What took them so long?" Next step was to make that phone call.


BTW, if there is no blue wave, we are soooo doomed. Just saying.

Aug 26, 2018

Music Is Still The Answer

It's been a minute since I posted some of the music that is taking care of my mind, body and soul. I hope you like.

This woman is cool.  Her homegirls are cool. The song brings me back to those days of young heartache and insecurity.

Some chill vibe from a group out of Wadsworth, London. I've read somewhere the lead male singer is queer. Who cares? His voice is all kinds of sexy to me.

I first heard this on SYTYCD (which has some fierce dancers this year) and was blown away. Travis Wall choreo a contemporary number to it, which was on point. I digress. This version brings a Alex-clicking-the-light-on-and-off-while-masacara-runs-down-her-face feel to this song.

Okay, enough of the sads. Seinabo mixes in thoughts of empowerment with a love gone wrong.

Jul 3, 2018

My Visual Medicine

During these trying times, I have found the need to put my eyeballs in the direction of something that will lift my spirits. Often, I turn to the fantasy of fashion to take me away. Here is some couture confections from Schiaparelli Fall 2018. You are welcome.

The bride's head is the bouquet!

Get into the madness by clicking here.

Jan 2, 2018

It Will Get Ugly Before It Gets Cute

Oba Renee and I are on the same page regarding our anticipation for the drama that will unfold in 2018. 

I am expecting the following:

1.   name calling
2.   back stabbing
3.   disappearances
4.   pleading the fifth
5.   pleading insanity
6.   finger pointing
7.   binge eating followed by purging
8.   drug use and abuse
9.   tears
10. cheers
11. retractions
12. redactions
13. people taking it to the street
14. we interrupt this program...
15. breaking news moments to the 10th power
16. frequent use of the words collusion, cabal, and conspiracy
17. mucho smdh
18. conflama
19. cutting deals
20. piss tape