Oct 17, 2015

Quick Update On My Current State of Affairs

Love it! Inspires me to keep on easing on down the road.

Hello Good People,

Well, the past several weeks have been periods of frenzy, focus, frustrations and freedom. Yup, basically a mix bag emotions that I have come to know and love about life on this planet. Here are some updates:

  • I got an A in both of the classes I took over the summer. It was mad work. I spent each day in the library from 1-4 pm. 
  • I've been celibate for six months and will be rectifying that very soon. I have two friends with benefits paying me a visit. Mind you, the visits will be on separate days. I am not a young thing anymore and I can't pull of certain stunts like I did back in the day. Okay!
  • The new principal at my school is only 32 years-old. He is lazy, full of himself, regurgitates cliche after cliche, points out the painfully obvious, and lacks the teaching experience and intellect to inspire others. It is no wonder he was fourth of fifth choice. 
  • I have been managing my money a bit better, and will set up a bi-weekly payment arrangement with my mortgage company that will improve my overall cash flow. Handling my business makes me feel like a grown up.
  • I remain grateful for my family and friends that motivate me to keep on, keeping on.