Jul 25, 2013

F-Off I Am Going To Do Me

If Huma Abedin is half as powerful as the women that I know, she is contemplating a way out from her hot mess of a husband. Her husband Weiner has already showed he is looking to become a freak later in life.

I think her hesitation is due to considering if Weiner will be able to pay the monthly bill for raising the offspring while keeping her comfortable and provide her status.  A classic trap.

In my opinion she would do better by telling Anthony to go fuck himself, and rely on her own gifts to pave a liberated way for her to move forward with her children by her side.

Go here for the bochinche.

Jul 10, 2013

When The "Other" Inspires

While looking at this piece created by artist Mickalene Thomas (click here for more), I was reminded of erotic Japanese prints of Geishas. 

This memory then brought me back to when I heard A Taste of Honey cover the Japanese love song Sukiyaki. A Taste of Honey was a R&B/Disco band that had their first major hit with Boogie Oggie Oggie, which still turns it out to this day. 

I remember as a 12 year-old boy hearing, the Puerto Rican and African-American girls at I.S. 383, in Brooklyn, singing this song during lunch. Oh how they loved singing the final verse "sayonara."

I love it when we see beauty in other cultures and it becomes an introduction to appreciating what "other" cultures have to offer to us. 

Jul 1, 2013

In Very Old New York

While looking at Alice Austen's photography circa late 1800s, I came across this image. It is titled The Darned Club. I bet their spirits having been jumping for joy with the recent SCOTUS activities.

"The Darned Club," named by disrespectful Staten Island men, strikes a pose of girlish friendship on the Austen House's lawn overlooking the Narrows.  Alice (left) and her three friends, Trudy Eccleston, Julia Marsh, and Sue Ripley went to school together for years, and later spent most of their time at each other's home

"The Darned Club" and its four members -- Alice, Trude Ecoleston, Julia Marah and Sue Ripley. How did it get its name? "I guess that's what the boys called it." says Alice. October 29, 1891.