Dec 8, 2013

The Domestic-Do

Did you ever notice Miss. O'Brien and Alice both rocked a curled banged?

Dec 1, 2013

World AIDS Day 2013

Thank you to those that have made my ongoing journey fierce and fab! Your uniqueness left an imprint on me. Well, you know this since your essence is part of the ether, and you see all.

I continue to share the lessons you taught me with others. And, when I feel down and out, the love and/or kikis we shared lifts my spirit.

With love and appreciation I type the names:

Willi Ninja
Sandy Ninja
Angie Extravaganza
Danny Extravaganza
Brother Ralph

May we do better when the next pandemic comes. 

Oct 31, 2013

My Halloween Ritual


On the night when the veil between this world and the one we pass onto for metamorphosis is at its thinnest, I lit my candle and worked my altar for the spirits of my loved ones on the other side.

I told them how I appreciated what they brought to my life and wished them peace.

Recently, my Tio Edwin and Nereida (aka Blondie), a long-time family friend, made their transition. Marcos, James and Willi, please look for them and help to guide them.

Sep 30, 2013

Get Into It or Step Aside

Rick Owens had a fierce show for his Spring 2014 collection. Get into this army of warrior women stepping in high fashion.

This kind of shout-out to African-American culture has never happened in a fashion show in the U.S.A.

Sep 13, 2013

Cher Is So Not Feeling It

"Cher was offered a gig to perform at the opening ceremony of the [Winter] Olympics and said "No." straight-up, full stop. "I immediately said no," Cher told Canadian magazine Maclean's. "I want to know why all of this gay hate just exploded over there."  -- source:

As you know, folks are not digging Russia's new antigay laws.  I give two-snaps for Cher standing in solidarity with the other folks expressing their dislike of these laws that oppress a group of human beings.

Yet, secretly I wish Cher would have showed up and flame out with a bunch of queens in a spectacular extravaganza that only Cher could serve to the masses.

Aug 31, 2013

Feeding My Brain

Hey Good People, I have some good news to share. I was a awarded a full-scholarship for a Masters in TESOL!  The acronym stands for Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages.

I started my class this week and I am very excited to have this opportunity to learn new ideas and theories that will take my teaching to another level.

I am also grateful that there are three teachers from my school that are part of the cohort! Oh, and we all  really get along with each other.  It is awesome to have a built-in support group along for the journey.

So, here I go again!

Aug 3, 2013

Random Thoughts

This post consists of my thoughts from the self-absorbed, to the serious, to the observant and then ending with a daily mantra that continues to sustain me.

  • I am now totally free of credit card debt! I just paid off my final card and feel very fortunate to be able do so.  I had to turn to my cards when I was laid-off for a few months awhile back. It took some time to pay them off, but I got it done.

  • Zimmerman was found innocent in a court of law, but guilty in the court of public opinion. Zimmerman disregarded his training and the words from the dispatcher when he was told told not to pursue Trayvon. Trayvon had the right to stand his ground. Oh, and the lawyers on the prosecution side should be fired for doing such a shitty job. Phew! I got that off my chest. 

  • I see you yungins. I see how what came before you influences you, then you put your spin on it in order to make it your own. I now ask you to respect the elders that gave you those influences by asking questions. The answers to those question will take what you do to another level. 

  • I still continue to say 95% of my mornings, "God thank you for another day. I know I am blessed. And, miracles happen every day. 

Jul 25, 2013

F-Off I Am Going To Do Me

If Huma Abedin is half as powerful as the women that I know, she is contemplating a way out from her hot mess of a husband. Her husband Weiner has already showed he is looking to become a freak later in life.

I think her hesitation is due to considering if Weiner will be able to pay the monthly bill for raising the offspring while keeping her comfortable and provide her status.  A classic trap.

In my opinion she would do better by telling Anthony to go fuck himself, and rely on her own gifts to pave a liberated way for her to move forward with her children by her side.

Go here for the bochinche.

Jul 10, 2013

When The "Other" Inspires

While looking at this piece created by artist Mickalene Thomas (click here for more), I was reminded of erotic Japanese prints of Geishas. 

This memory then brought me back to when I heard A Taste of Honey cover the Japanese love song Sukiyaki. A Taste of Honey was a R&B/Disco band that had their first major hit with Boogie Oggie Oggie, which still turns it out to this day. 

I remember as a 12 year-old boy hearing, the Puerto Rican and African-American girls at I.S. 383, in Brooklyn, singing this song during lunch. Oh how they loved singing the final verse "sayonara."

I love it when we see beauty in other cultures and it becomes an introduction to appreciating what "other" cultures have to offer to us. 

Jul 1, 2013

In Very Old New York

While looking at Alice Austen's photography circa late 1800s, I came across this image. It is titled The Darned Club. I bet their spirits having been jumping for joy with the recent SCOTUS activities.

"The Darned Club," named by disrespectful Staten Island men, strikes a pose of girlish friendship on the Austen House's lawn overlooking the Narrows.  Alice (left) and her three friends, Trudy Eccleston, Julia Marsh, and Sue Ripley went to school together for years, and later spent most of their time at each other's home

"The Darned Club" and its four members -- Alice, Trude Ecoleston, Julia Marah and Sue Ripley. How did it get its name? "I guess that's what the boys called it." says Alice. October 29, 1891.

Jun 21, 2013

In Old New York

While reading one of my recent blog obsessions Jeremiah's Vanishing New York, I was turned onto photographer Saul Leiter. I am digging his work. Here are Saul's images of New York in the winter on this first day of summer.

Jun 9, 2013

Musto's New Home

Michael Musto is back online at Out magazine. I'm glad to see this old queen has a new home where she can do her thing. I hope Musto plans on still doing the blind items that have become legend.

I wonder what his take will be on the Tony Awards tomorrow.

Click here for more.

Jun 5, 2013

The Ying and Yang of Teaching 12

So, as you know I am a Special Education Teacher that provides services to mainstream and bilingual students. 

Well, at my school a fellow teacher and I are at odds about how to proceed with planning a program for one of my bilingual students.

She wants to keep him in a bilingual class, and I am suggesting he goes to a mainstream class. Let me also mention, I worked with this student for two years and she has known him for only three months.

The student in question has had four years of bilingual education. Please note the majority of students in the district only get three years of bilingual education. 

We gave my little buddy and extra year to see if it would make a difference. The result is the child is illeterate in Spanish yet shows emergent reading and writing skills in English.

She mentions theories that support strengthening a student's ability to read and write in their first language, so that they can transfer certain literacy skills over when they learn how to read and write in their second language. 

Some people in bilingual education believe this approach will make it easier for a student to acquire their second language. Other folks in education say this approach is the latest trend that is fueled by politics. 

I don't really have a horse in that race. Yet, I have my own insights based on coming from a bilingual environment. In my world second language acquisition was essential for survival. 

My colleague is a middle-class white woman, that speaks flawless Spanish as a result of her four years of studying it in college. In her world second language acquisition was an enhancement. 

I asked her if these studies, she is using as a rationale for her recommendation, included students with special needs. She responded immediately with a "yes." She has yet to provide me with the studies and/or names of the authors.

I then looked for some of these studies and the disabilities that were included are often limited to Learning Disabled and/or Speech and Language Impaired. 

Moreover, the studies I've read did not provide information regarding to what degree the students have their disabilities. 

Also, what other services and number of special ed hours these children were given in order to succeed in a bilingual program that focused on "strengthening" their first language. 

Keep in mind these studies are centered around students that have spanish as their first language. If you speak Arabic, Swahili, or Mandarin, the child gets TESOL or ESL support in a mainstream class. I wonder how those children are doing. 

Now, back to the issue at hand. The challenge we have in putting together a program for this student is that he engages in selective mutism, at school, in order to deal with his anxiety. 

According to his Speech Path therapist, this selective mute behavior compromises his higher-level thinking skills, as well as, the acquisition and use of both languages due to lack of practice. 

When she and I first started to discuss this student, I went to her with data to support my recommendation. 

The data was essential is giving me tangible evidence regarding where this student is at in English, so that the PPT team could use it to design a program that is informed by academic and anecdotal data.

She took the papers, glanced at them, and put them to the side. She then went on about the theories, and used statements that started with "I think" and "I feel."

Is she fucking kidding?

May 19, 2013

Go To The Light Mark

Mark Carson, I offer my prayers on behalf of your spirit. Journey on Mark, to that divine place where all of us will have our turn at metamorphosis.

Darling Mark, do not focus on being sent to transition so violently, instead, embrace the truth that there is only love on the other side.

Marcos, you are being sent Mark, please look for him and take him on a tour.

May 11, 2013

On The Bus

It's been awhile since I shared stories about the scandalous behaviors I see on the bus. Here is an interesting moments:

Four young dudes with long greasy hair and skin tight jeans get on the bus with me. Somehow we all end up sitting in the back.

I sit on the window seat, and have three young dudes to my right, and one young dude sitting in front of me.

Dude To My Right: So she  said they're gonna be there?

Dude In Front of Me: Yeah man! Stop asking me.

Dude In Front of Me then takes out a pack of Newport cigarettes and in there are two small bags of pot.

Dude To My Right: You should let me blow you for that.

Dude In Front of Me: (turns to me) Sorry for this exhibition.

Me: You shouldn't keep that in there. What if you offer someone a cigarette and forget you stashed it in there. You either going to get busted or have to share.

All the dudes chuckle. Dude In Front of Me puts the bags in his pocket.

I then wondered whether these guys get high and blow each other when the girls aren't around. 

Apr 29, 2013

All Air, No Net for Jason

Jason Collins

Reading about Jason Collins coming out of the closet has brought tears to my eyes. I really digged what he wrote in Sports Illustrated.

Jason's words seem to come from a very honest, thoughtful and brave place. That article will change the lives of many young athletes in all sports. Click here for the full article.

Apr 24, 2013

Don't Call It A Comeback

John Galliano is slowly returning from being exiled from the fashion-world due to the horrid anti-Semitic remarks he made while drowning his pain in booze.

Back in February, Johnny teamed up with Oscar de la Renta and added the Galliano touch to Oscar's fall 2013 collection.

And, Johnny is going to share his talents and experience in a master class being offered at Parsons.

May he stay the course and return back to a world focused on beauty, rather than engaging in habits that will summon the ugly.

Apr 9, 2013

Annette's Turn At Metamorphosis

When I was a young kid, around the age of 7 or 8, the local TV station showed old episodes of the Mickey Mouse Club from the 1950s.

It was during these broadcasts that I was introduced to Annette Funicello. I so wanted to hangout with Annette, hey all the other Mouseketeers seemed to hover around. Oh, I considered myself a Mouseketter at that time.

She could sing, act and dance en pointe! Yet, Annette was the beautiful and talented girl that was still humilde.

I even digged some of her beach movies. It helped that she had that cutie Frankie Avalon hanging with her. Yeah, Annette's world was not only filled with music and dance, but also cuteness.

She was another of those performers that helped me escape, a harsh childhood, and spend some time in a fantasy world.

She is now free from a body that was afflicted with MS, and can now transition to a new reality.

Ciao darling! Thank you.

Mar 20, 2013

Spring Has Sprung

Today, I tended to my altar in observance of the spring equinox. I cleaned it thoroughly, replenished the water, washed the stones, placed fresh flowers, served a libation, and lit a candle.

I then did my prayers and sent my love to the family and friends that have transitioned to the other side.

I also put in a request for a little miracle that will help me transition to the next chapter of my life on this plane.

Good people, may the spring rejuvenate your mind, body and soul.

Feb 24, 2013

Why Gentrification Sucks: Reason 242

Get into this interview that is linked below. In the interview you will learn yet another reason why gentrification sucks. Moreover, why this native NYer is often sad to see NYC's uniqueness disappear.

We are decades into seeing NYC being rebuilt for tourist and transplants, that want this city to conform, in order eliminate the unknown.

If you don't want to challenge yourself, then why travel? If you are escaping suburbia and the mall, then you shouldn't support the recreation of it in NYC. 

Ya feel me?


Feb 9, 2013

Blizzard of 2013

Yes, that is snowdrift covering two-thirds of my front door. Yes, that is snow almost up to my waist. Yes, I am sore from all the digging and plowing that went on today. Oh and yes, I am ready for spring to arrive.

Feb 6, 2013

A Young Ball Queen Is Living For...

Trust me when I say, a young queen in the ball scene is going to snatch up these Adidas poodle sneakers. She will either vogue for points in them, or walk a Lady Gaga vs. Niki Minaj category.  Click here for more info.

Thank you Musto for the kiki.

image: adidas Poodle Shoes Q23499

Feb 3, 2013

For Christopher

Hey good people! So, a few days ago I went across the street to visit Christopher. Do ya remember Christopher? I posted about Chris sometime ago.

Christopher is a member of my family of choice.  I've known his mother, Mitchell, for over 20 years. I first met her when she was a young girl of twelve and consider her a niece the Universe sent to me.

Well, when I went for this visit, Christopher showed me this cool construction kit his mother bought from The Discovery Store.  I immediately went to work and created an igloo for Chris.

I wrote the captions with Chris in mind. I want him to practice his sight words and short /i/ sound.
Christopher is in front of his igloo.
Christopher is in his little igloo.
Christopher is reading a new book.
Christopher and his father are in the igloo. They are very happy.

Jan 25, 2013

Behind The Scenes of the Recent Accomplishments

I felt weird after re-reading my post about the recent accomplishments I've made in the beginning of this year.

I left a few significant things out.  The first being that it has taken me two years to begin to make peace with the reality of moving forward without Marcos in my life.

There has been a lot of tears, anger, introspection and fear. I've actually fantasized that his passing was all a bad dream.

In order to deal with this reality I started therapy back in April of last year. I have tremendous gratitude for doing the work that I need to do, so that I can move forward.

I have been working to wrap my brain around losing Marcos. I had to learn how to understand dealing with the loss, the survivor guilt, and the fear about what comes next.

I am using my therapy sessions to understand my feelings, and to hold myself accountable for my choices.

I am also feeling blessed during those moments when Marcos' spirit comes behind me, gently hugs me, and reminds me to get on with it.

Jan 24, 2013

The Year for Change - 2013

So, during this first few weeks of the 2013, I have had some incredibly productive days.

I have been able to get major tasks done that have been on my "to do" list for the past two years.

Among these tasks have been:

  • Donating all of Marcos' clothes to the local Goodwill. I cheated here a bit and had a friend actually clear out those closets and fold everything up into bags. I was then able to get to Goodwill and let the clothes go. 
  • Beginning the process of clearing out the house. I dumped out about 20 bags of stuff! I am saving the good stuff for a possible yard sale.
  • Selling the car that belong to Marcos. I didn't want it and was frustrated with it sitting inside the garage for two years. 
Good people, what you need to understand is that these tasks have been weighing on my mind for quite sometime. I had false starts here and there, and at times wonder if I would ever get them done. Now, within weeks of the new year - I got it done!

I am feeling 2013 is going to be a year of major wonderful changes for me. Well, that is what I am putting out into the universe and working with in my head and heart.

Jan 13, 2013

Jodie Foster Turned It OUT: Addendum

I cried and choked up tonight. Jodie Foster spoke from a place that is truly honest and divine. She let the world know the truth about living, loving, learning, and earning a living. 

I will stop here because I need to take in seeing my childhood idol come out. I will say more later.


Okay, so I pulled it together and this is what I have to say since Jodie's speech:

  • It is hysterical that people are fussing about whether it was a real coming out speech. If you needed to hear gay or lesbian, think about how greater the impact of Jodie talking about her ex and their "modern family."
  • Her coming out was just like mine. I started to come out first to family, then friends, and eventually co-workers. Yes, I came out to people that actually knew me.
  • For those that say she is a public figure and her coming out would have helped the GLBTQ community. Yeah, maybe, or maybe not. She explained her reason for not being "out and loud." 
  • We have to give her props for never creating a false public life that sold her as straight. 
  • Those two young boys raised by one parent that is a world-famous, looked so sweet, connected, and happy. Bravo, Jodie and Cydney, ya did some fierce parenting. 
What I see in the future, from Jodie, is a gradually loudness about who she is, but done in true Jodie style. Also, some projects that have queer characters or stories about the GLBTQ community. 

She is embracing change, and is 50 dammit! Watch out world! Jodie is going to take her work to another level. 

I wish her all the best. 

Jan 6, 2013

Yes! The Conflama Continues

I am so ready for season 3 of Downton Abbey! Bring on the drama, intrigue, scandal and shade.