Dec 29, 2011

I'm Home Again

Hola good people, yours truly is in NYC right now! I'm here for a couple of days and I'm just taking it all in and enjoying myself. It's been awhile since I visited, and here are some current highlights:

- While I'm standing outside Rocco's Pastry on Hudson, I over hear a man in his sixties talking to a friend. The man says, "My concern is that in the recordings of the wiretap, it will come out that I was unfaithful to my wife with several women. Should I tell this to my lawyer?" The man than listed for several minutes and replied, "So basically you are saying honesty is the best policy." I guess better late than never.

- Fran Liebowitz is walking in front of my sister and me. Wow, she walks real butch. Slowly a motorcycle pulls up to the corner as we are crossing the street. The rider cranks on the accelerator and makes the hog roar. Fran then flips him the middle finger and keeps on walking. Like I said, she rolls real butch.

- I'm here with Gino and I'm meeting other dog owners. I met a lovely woman that was walking a tiny poodle that was rescued from a puppy mill. The poor dog kept spinning in circles, it seems she was caged most of her life and tends to spin around a lot. She also keep offering her rear end to Gino, she was put to have litters several times over during the past five years. May puppy mill owners burn in fucking hell, and shame on the people that buys dogs from those mills.

Dec 25, 2011

Merry Christmas To All

I wish you all peace and joy this holiday season. May the new year bring you not only what you want in life, but also what you need.

Remember to live, love, learn and pass it on!

Dec 18, 2011

The Line Between Student and Teacher Relationships

I was gagging as I read this article in the Times about school districts having to implement policies restricting teachers from getting connected with their students through social networks and texting.

I was very surprised to see that some grown folks don't use their common sense in this situation. At what point does it make sense to "friend" a student of yours and invite him or her into your personal life, via your online presence?

Children don't really know boundaries unless you clearly set some. Over the years students have tried to blur the line between our teacher and student relationship. I quickly help them course correct.

This is how I handle this situation with my students:

Student: "Mr. S do you have a facebook page?"
Mr. S: "No. Facebook is for you young folks."

This prevents a student from looking for me on Facebook and requesting I "friend" him or her.

Student: "Mr. S do you tweet."
Mr. S: "No. Tweeter is for you young folks."

I actually don't tweet.

I do leave room for students to interact with me on a somewhat social level because at times they will need an adult to confide in if they are experiencing something heavy like bullying or abuse.

Moreover, we see each other five days a week for hours, and we are human beings that develop connections to one another.

However, I am not their father or friend. And, my students are not my kids.

When students open up to me about any problems they were having, I listened compassionately and guided them to the right person in that school that could help them. In other words I respond as a professional.

With that said, there are exceptions to this rule. I have a handful of "friends" on Facebook that were my former students from when I taught in high school.

My rule was modified to included any student that was 18 or older and attending college, and the relationship will be as mentor/mentee.

Oh and it is by invitation only to students that displayed a mutual respect and a certain level of maturity.

Dec 11, 2011

Peter Pan Syndrome In Effect

Quidditch has gone muggle. Well, at least they are getting more of a workout if they had played baseball.

Dec 6, 2011

I Went All Lemming On Myself

I gave into peer pressure and got a smartphone. I did get the phone at an extremely discounted price, but my monthly cost went up $20.  I took the bait and got hooked.

I'm curious to see if after a few weeks if I feel at ease with joining the herd. BTW, my students don't laugh anymore when they see my cell phone.

Nov 26, 2011

A Virtual Fashion Magazine Moment

I realized today that is has been years since I indulged in flipping through fashion magazines.

My Titi Maria always had Vogue, Elle and GQ on her coffee table. She loved fashion, and was quite stylish on a very tight budget.

I forgot how much I would love looking at fashion magazines and imagining a story to go along with the editorials. Fashion magazines were one of the things that provided me with moments to escape a hard-knock-life childhood. 

In my teens I decided to go to the High School of Fashion Industries. It was very daring on my part because most of my friends and family stayed in Brooklyn for high school, however, I was determined to take the L train to Manhattan and become part of the fashion world. 

I loved my years at Fashion High, but I soon learned I didn't have the discipline nor patience for crafting garments. I did learn my true talents would require me to pursue other dreams. Yet, to this day I still remain an admirer of great fashion and design. 

I also still love strong and brilliant fashion editorial work. Here are images that fueled my imagination during the morning. The images are courtesy of VMan Magazine, and the captions came from my twisted mind. 

The Contessa kept her most valuable possessions close to her. 
Very Krafty how they Werked this. All aboard for the Trans Europe Express.
I'm pretty mama.
A High-Fashion X-Man 
Bring back the Pompadour!
Oh Johnny! Why you go and fuck up the way you did?
Stay off the drinking and drugging so you can return  back into fashion.
Men are dogs! Genius styling at this shoot. 

Nov 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

I was really good this year and handled my time well while preparing my goodies for the annual potluck Thanksgiving dinner.

My collard greens are tender and tasty, my sweet potato puree is silky with a sweet and savory thing going on. 

The only big ticket item waiting to be done is the ham which is seasoned with spicy mustard, brown sugar and a bit of curry powder. 

I'm so glad I only have to transport my dishes across the street! 

Nov 22, 2011

Random Thoughts

- Politicians are fucking whores. The more things change, the more they stay the same. I'm feeling so over it, but I remind myself I have to stay engaged and let my voice be heard.

- Dancing With The Stars celebrates the GLBTQ community in the biggest way. I saw a transgendered man dance with a women. Then, a big queen took a turn with another man. This show was brought to you by a Disney owned company. Everyone say "Hallelujah, Tinkerbell!"

- Local news remains a freak show. Midway into the broadcast they show a man pulling a school bus for a local school. I'm sure next will see a segment on something scary involving the holiday season.

- I saw on doc on PBS about a man that spent a year raising wild turkeys from the moment they came out the egg. He said they taught him, "when we live in the past or think of the future we betray the present." Once again we are reminded the age old advice to live in the present. 

Nov 10, 2011

Another Music Memory

When Adam Sandler came on Letterman tonight to promote his new movie Jack and Jill, they played a few seconds of this song. I was reminded how much I loved this song as a kid.

It's true that Ray Parker Jr. was better than the theme to Ghostbusters.

Nov 8, 2011

Heavy D and Smokin' Joe Frazier Have Their Turn At Metamorphosis

Two legendary men have gone on to see what is on the other side. Thank you for letting your light shine. 

Smokin' Joe Frazier (click here for more)

Nov 1, 2011

Oct 30, 2011

McQueen Lives On

It looks like McQueen's house is in good hands.

Diving for McQueen on

You and I Let This Happen

 We are living, as always, in a time when We reap what we sowed and allowed to bloom.

Oct 26, 2011

Occupy Water Coolers

Good people, fly your freak flag at the water cooler. The folks that are occupying need us to explain, the reason behind this action.

Oct 20, 2011

A Music Man

V posted a classic Chic tune on his blog today. It reminded me about the brilliance of Nile Rodgers. 

Nile Rodgers is legendary within the world of music producers.  Whether it was his work with Diana Ross, Cyndi Lauper, Duran Duran Madonna, David Bowie, or his own band Chic, there is a track Nile birthed that made you feel the groove.

Nile has written an autobiography that should be out, if not now, any minute now. I got a taste of his story in the NYT. Click here for a look into his early childhood. It was so not what I expected, which made it very interesting. 

I'm gonna hunt down this book. I want to know more about his journey.

Oct 17, 2011

For The Passionate People At OWS

Kurt Vonnegut has been my mentor, via text printed on page, for many years. I offer this quote as a caution to the good people, doing the good work focused on bringing justice to this planet:

"During the Vietnam War, which lasted longer than any war we’ve ever been in—and which we lost—every respectable artist in this country was against the war. It was like a laser beam. We were all aimed in the same direction. The power of this weapon turns out to be that of a custard pie dropped from a stepladder six feet high."

Click here for the full interview of a human being that served in war, and was able to hold on to his humanity.

Oct 9, 2011

Hot Pink Mussy Power

There will be moments in life when you have to show your hot pink, and let it make the people gag. Look and learn.

BTW, the divas in hot pink won! In the words of a fan, "Ya ate it!"

Bowie On My Brain

I so dig a song from David Bowie.

At his best David eats music's pussy, or rims, then fucks it's hole, while offering his own.  This creator of music is made by a lover of both men and women.

I offer this sample of music by Bowie, that has for many years, left me pleased.

The song also left me wondering if Iman's husband likes to be fisted. If he does like an aryan fist up his mussy, I say, "Do you!'

Funny how secrets travel, I'd start to believe, if I were to bleed

Thin skies, the man chains his hands held high

Cruise me blond Cruise me babe

A blond belief beyond beyond beyond

No return, No return

I'm deranged

Deranged my love

I'm deranged down, down, down

So cruise me babe cruise me baby beyond

And the rain sets in. It's the angel-man

I'm deranged

Cruise me, cruise me, cruise me, baby

The clutch of life and the fist of love

Over your head

Big deal Salaam

Be real deranged tonight

Before we reel I'm deranged

And the rain sets in It's the angel-man

I'm deranged

And the rain sets in It's the angel-man

I'm deranged

Cruise me, cruise me, cruise me, baby

Oct 5, 2011

Show Business Is Fierce...Not In A Good Way

Wow, Sean Young from Blade Runner, and other movies, just pimped herself on David Letterman's show tonight. She was pleading for the folks in control, to hire her for something, anything, you name it. She even let them show a video of her in a Catwoman outfit screaming, "I'm not crazy!" In the words of Dave Chapelle, "Show business turns us into whores."

Oct 2, 2011

Proud Alumnus of P.S. 123

Class 2-1 Mrs. Bello

Class 3-1 Ms. Goldberg

So I came across these class pictures posted by a former classmate of mine. I actually still have the pictures, but never thought to scan them. Take a look and see if you can find me.

I'm very grateful for the public education I received at dear old P.S. 123, in Brooklyn. I had very dedicated teachers and felt like I could accomplish anything because of their encouragement.

Mrs. Bello helped me fall in love with writing. She always encouraged me to put my thoughts onto paper. Thank you Mrs. Bello.

Ms. Goldberg opened my mind to beautiful writing when she read to the class Charlotte' Web. The way she gave life to the words in the book remains a vivid memory. Thank you Ms. Goldberg.

Mrs. Bello and Ms. Goldberg are my role models and the standard I strive for as a teacher.

Sep 30, 2011

I Can Now Watch The Final Minutes of 60 Minutes

Andy Rooney is making his last appearance on 60 Minutes this Sunday. Let me say that in the past 20 years of watching 60 Minutes, Andy has consistently been the reason why I change the channel during the final moments of the program.

Trust me when I say I gave him a chance to make me "get it." However,  I have never found him funny, clever, insightful, witty, or worth watching. I've even read one of his books in an effort to find his charm.

You've been a lucky fuck Andy. You better thank god almighty that someone high up on the CBS totem pole wanted to see and hear you.

Sep 25, 2011

Repainting Virtual World, Real World Next

Okay, so a high-riding bitch needed a change of scenery. I know I went vibrant, after not so vibrant, in terms of color scheme. Por favor, pardon the color shock.

Good people, let us adapt together.

Sep 20, 2011

The Ying and Yang of Teaching 9

This documentary on PBS about four teachers, from the Philippines, turned me out.

Good people, please look for it on your local TV listings and learn from it.

Watch the full episode. See more POV.

Sep 19, 2011

Lady Gaga Making Amends

Some of this jazz, with acoustic thrown in in her last CD, would have kept Lady Gaga from being banned on the jukeboxes of east village gay bars. After tremendous success go back to your roots.

Dolphins Rock!

Sep 17, 2011

I Got Cooties!

I bought the sanitizing wipes and hand gel, yet my little K-4 students gave me my first cold!

I would be upset, but they are so adorable and eager to learn. I forgive them. I'll just have to go from washing my hands three times a day, to six.

Sep 11, 2011

Ten Years Later....

Six years after 9/11 I had posted my thoughts at the time. Most of what I wrote about still remains part of my memories and thoughts from that day.

However, today I feel a sadness for the fact that more war and hatred grew from that day. I say it is time we truly honor those that lost their lives, by creating more peace and love in the world.

Sep 1, 2011

Let's Take A Moment

Thank you Ms. Anne Hathaway for the recommendation:

Aug 30, 2011

Thank You Irene

Silly fucking me thinking the passing of Hurricane Irene was all about me. I hope I make amends via bullet points.:

- Lives were lost after Irene's passing. The lost of loved ones is profound. I turn to author Breena Clarke, she was a tutor in my after-school program, because she wrote in River, Cross My Heart:

"Losing a loved one, a family member, is like losing a tooth. After a while, those teeth remaining shift and lean and spread out to split the distance between themselves and the other teeth still left, trying to close up spaces."

- Since I didn't have the distraction of the TV and the Internet, I was visited by the dark shadows that wanted to tell me lies about my life with Marcos.

I prayed and was reminded Marcos showed me he was better than okay, and that he and I were warriors in an unjust time. Yet, Marcos and I shared our moments of bliss.

I had to truly believe I was part of seeing Marcos' transition, to the after-this-life, in order to inform my journey in my life. Marcos gave me a divine kiss.

- Mother Earth is not angry about gay marriage. She is angry about two wars killing thousands of beings, BP spilling tons of oil into the ocean. My good people, know that that damage is still floating and killing as you read this.

- It is amazing we want to control nature, yet nature always wins. Shouldn't we hear her voice and find a way to be in harmony with her.


Aug 29, 2011

Goodbye Irene

So, Irene put on quite an impressive show for us in Hamden, CT. She took down a tree that was at least 70 years old. Luckily the house it landed on had minimal damage. She left all sorts of organic debris across my front lawn, and I haven't heard the birds singing in two days.

We are all okay here at home. I still had power throughout the experience, but no cable, phone or Internet service until about 20 minutes ago! I was jonesing people. It wasn't cute. But, it could have been worse.

I hope you all made out okay. And, let's hold on tight to see what else Mother Nature has in store for us this coming winter.

Aug 26, 2011

Goodnight Irene

For those of you familiar with the title of this post, you may know where I'm going with this. In the world of wrestling and boxing, "good night Irene", is a term used to say that the less formidable opponent is going to be left knocked-out. Basically, it means lights out for that being.

According to the most recent news reports, folks in CT should be very afraid. This has resulted in The Home Depot selling out on generators, flashlights, batteries, etc. Moreover, bottled water and canned goods are selling out at local supermarkets.

Mother Nature is no joke. I'll prepare my best for the worst. What I have resolved is that come hell or high-water, Gino and Geronimo, my four-legged children, are coming with me. We shall face our fate together.

Aug 24, 2011

For V and Other Wonder Woman Fans

I was a huge fan of the Wonder Woman tv show back in the 70s. Lynda Carter was so stunning to me. She embodied the character of Diana, a true Amazon warrior. I would spin around in my room, along with her, as she transformed into Wonder Woman a countless number of times.

Did ya know Lynda's mother is of Mexican descent? Also, Lynda speaks fluent Spanish. I would love to have seen an episode where Wonder Woman spoke in spanish.

Here she is recently talking about her relationship with her superhero past and a certain intense fan.

Aug 21, 2011

And The Beat Goes On

I head back to work next week. This has been quite a long summer vacation for me. This is the first time in four years that I didn't teach during summer school. I really needed the rest.

This was also my first summer without Marcos. I had moments when I walked the streets with tears in my eyes. I then brought myself back by knowing Marcos' spirit is transitioning within divine light, remembering that I'm blessed, believing miracles happen everyday, and knowing things will get better.

I've also been assigned to a new school. I have mixed feelings about the change, because, my former school is going into major turnaround and I wanted to be a part of that process. However, the district thinks my bilingual skills are needed elsewhere.

I promised myself I will show up to the new school with an open heart and mind in order to give my best. At the end of the day I also know I will become immediately invested in the success of my new students.

I'm going to keep on, keeping on.

Aug 17, 2011

Damn You Writer's Block

Okay, I need to do something to break this writer's block. So, here are some random thoughts to get my mind going. Hopefully this effort will lead to my muse showing up and doing her damn job.

- Michele Bachmann is the new Palin. She's about preaching intolerance and fear. She is a bowl full of crazy and is going to be a hoot. For example, today she wished Elvis happy birthday on the anniversary of his death (click here).

Biggest difference is she doesn't have that hot husband, but rather a queen of a man that will have his spot blown up! There is a rentboy chomping at the bit. Trust!

- Let me just remind you good people to never make a decision based on a negative emotion. By negative emotion I mean one that comes from a place where you feel fear, anger, frustration, or confused.

Instead make the emotional fuel of your actions come from love, hope, joy, and an empowerment that is not based on the oppression of another person or idea. However, if the person or idea is fake as Bachmann, let them have it.

The best sense of empowerment is knowing that your light has to shine because the world needs it in order to understand this mortal coil.

- Listen up Haves, the Have-Nots don't think it's cute anymore. There are more bubbles that will burst, and the nickel-and-dimeing drip, drip, drip, has made many a folk angry. Ya, better start building a reset button.

- I've been working hard to keep the novela in my head from becoming my perceived reality. As a being grown up in constant crisis, I need to no longer fear the other shoe dropping. Why? I'm a high-riding bitch that will take it on.

- I remain for ever faithful to believing that LOVE IS THE MESSAGE! You doubt it? Play and meditate through dance with this:

Aug 5, 2011

I Was Unfaithful, And I Might Do It Again!

I was unfaithful the other day. Let me say in my defense, it was a matter of urgent need that lead me to stray.

I'm going to NYC tomorrow for a fab evening out and I needed my hair done. I went to my wonderful barber of five years and saw a sign saying he was on vacation! My Puerto Rican Afro was in full glory and I needed a serious cut.

I wandered a few blocks down and went to a competing barber. This was a challenge for me, because I really like my barber and we have a nice relationship. Alas, I had no other choice.

The barber did an awesome job! In fact I dare say he gave me exactly what I wanted, plus he offers full shaves as a service. Full shaves! Not a lot of barbers that do that these days. My regular barber doesn't.

As I left admiring my cut, all I could think about is returning so he can lather me up with hot lather from the machine, and using his single edge blade to leave my face smooth.

Dammit Bob! Why did you have to go on vacation. You see what you made me do!?

Jul 30, 2011

"Rocky Horror..." Brought To You By Boys Town

Good people, the clips of The Rocky Horror Picture Show being shown on are sponsored by Boys Town.

Boys Town provides "compassionate and effective care for today’s at-risk youth...through programs nationwide"

I gagged because I know one of the Boys Town's values is based on "supporting children and families in religious practices and values."

All I can say is that

a) folks at Boys Town didn't do their homework regarding being specific about what media content they wanted to sponsor

b) they have a gaggle of GLBT children in need of support and are reaching out to people that can roll with that

c) drops sponsors where and when they need them, therefore, Boys Town is unaware of how they are being used.

I highly doubt scenario C, because I worked in mainstream media and all that shit regarding sponsorship is carefully calculated.

Watch some clips and see if Boys Town comes up. What is your take on this?

Jul 23, 2011

Amy's Turn At Metamorphosis

Now Amy has her turn at metamorphosis. While she was here she was a brilliant and credible music artist.

Unfortunately, when she hit big, the powers that be made her believe she had to get on the hamster wheel. It took its toll on her, and magic powder and pills just made it worse.

She does leave behind music that will be cherished for a long time, here are some of my all time favorites:

This one breaks my heart:

Jul 20, 2011

She Fought For The Wrong Cause

Don't fuck with her paper, aka money, or power. Murdoch's third wifey was not having it when some fool went to pie him in the face. Click here for the proof.

She made a choice in life whether to live it for purpose or power, and she chose to defend a sinister serpent that slithered for power.

A woman and her children have to eat. Then that woman has to live with how she fed herself and her children.

He will die. Your beauty will fade. All that will be left is the lessons you should have learned and the fight for truth you should have supported.

Alas, another life giving being, that forgot her gifts, fell victim to a man tethered to greed and power.

Jul 13, 2011

GLBT Teens Need Their Public Spaces

Gaylings serving it on Christopher St.

As a teen I could NOT hangout in the neighborhood where I lived and be out and proud. It was just plain dangerous to do so. While I'm not crazy about us self-segregating, finding other people like me on Christopher St, in the West Village of NYC, was a godsend. However, these days GLBT teenagers can't catch a break in their own gayborhoods.

V, posted recently about folks over at Boystown in Chicago having issues with the young, mostly kids of color, hanging about at night. It seems the elders see a connection between increased criminal activity and the yungins. (Click here for the post)

And, Michael Musto blogged several weeks ago, about Christopher St. businesses and residents are having issues with the yungins, again mostly kids of color, that are allegedly engaging in scandalous behaviors in the neighborhood.
Even the Manager of Boots & Saddles, Rob Ziegler (see pic) is quite vocal about his fears. (Click here for the post)

GLBT kids are extremely vulnerable members of our community. It concerns me that these kids are being portrayed as dangerous. What they need is for us older folks to be more empathetic to this stage in their lives.

There has to be a way that we can create, in partnership with the yungins, safe public spaces for them to socialize.

Jul 10, 2011

Anna Got Dissed, And I'm In Fashion Bliss

Good people, so the 2011 Fall Couture collections have been sent out into the atmosphere. It was very delicious for a few reasons.

1. Art once again strutted down the runway. I really enjoyed Armani's collection (see image above).

2. The first Dior collection sans John Galliano strutted and flopped. Yes, he was a dick for saying what he said. Booze and drugs is not your friend Johnny. Therefore, because of your caca mouth, you and the world of fashion must now suffer.

3. Azzedine Alaia turned it the fuck out, and Vogue was not invited. Click here for the slideshow. Azzedine and Anna Wintour don't likey each other. I have a feeling he once told her to chill with her dominitrix bullshit, and she gagged, then kept him from the pages of American Vogue for years! Meanwhile he sells like hotcakes to the rich women, of high society, with taste. Here is an example:

For the full effect click here.

Jul 7, 2011

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

I just got rid of a temporary houseguest. I knew helping him out was going to be a mistake. Let's just say he was a bottomless pit of need.

Not a day went buy when he didn't hit me up for money or play the victim in one self-created drama, after self-created drama.

Meanwhile, he had no concern whatsoever for my own challenges.

Good bye, good luck and good riddance.

Jul 2, 2011

Lady Gaga Banned At East Village Gay Bar

The 43 y.o. jaded me finds this contrived. She would have shocked me if her second album was acoustic

My friend Devon works in an East Village gay bar in NYC, told me that Lady Gaga is banned from being played on the jukebox.

Apparently the staff is not feeling her new music and so over having to hear it repeatedly.

When a customer violates this rule the staff ejects the song and gives back the patron his or her dollar.

I kikied when my friend told me this, and was shocked to hear that customers didn't revolt and leave.

Devon reminded me that the bar has some of the most reasonable drink prices in the E.V. Therefore, it seems affordable cocktails trump Lady Gaga.

BTW, doesn't it feel like the Haus of Gaga sits around the table and discusses what next shocking thing they can have her do?

Their creative process consists of them going into their Madonna, Grace Jones, Annie Lennox and 80s performance-artist archives.

Once they find something that makes them squeal they lather, rinse and repeat.

Jul 1, 2011

Putting It Together

Good people, little by little, I'm getting things in order around the house. I didn't get a Summer teaching job, and took it as a sign that I needed to put my time and energy into revitalizing the house.

There's a lot more to go. My mother would gag if she saw the clutter. She would say at the top of her lungs, "I didn't raise you to live like this!"

With that said, I will keep on keeping on.

Jun 28, 2011

Marcos Is Part Of My Connection To The Stardust

Good people, please don't get spooked by this. There are times that I hear Marcos say my name or walk through this house.

When Marcos' makes himself known, since his passing to the other side, I am not scared but rather grateful.

I'm trying to find the words to post about profound lessons I've learned since he passed. When it is honest those words will be posted.

I went to go see the Alexander McQueen exhibit with family, there was a moment we got to see the following. This hologram and music captures some of what I feel while Marcos' stardust pays me a visit.

Jun 13, 2011

The Origins of the GLBTQ Pride Movement

Yes, the GLBTQ community has come a long way, but let's keep on keeping on! The love and education needed to liberate so many, does continue on. Hate and bigotry is always circling in order to take away freedoms that are divine given rights.

Good people, this documentary is mandatory viewing for every human being on this planet.

"When police raided the Stonewall Inn, a popular gay bar in the Greenwich Village section of New York City on June 28, 1969, the street erupted into violent protests that lasted for the next six days. The Stonewall riots, as they came to be known, marked a major turning point in the modern gay civil rights movement in the United States and around the world."

Click here to watch the documentary online.

Jun 9, 2011

And The Heavens Opened

Good people, we had one fierce downpour here in CT. There was thunder, lightning, and everything frightening.

This all occurred during an award ceremony for students at my second job. As we were about to hand out awards the lights went out! Only emergency lighting went into effect.

We had to huddle up and pass out the awards, and eat dinner quickly in order to make the most out of the minimal light that came in through the foyer windows.

The cherry on this experience was me coming home to a power outage. Mother Nature done turned a bitch out.

I sat and waited. Suddenly I heard a neighbor across the street scream in totally jubilation. A bitch was lit once again! Halleloo.

Jun 8, 2011

A Cure For What May Ail You

Anyone that has seen this and no longer finds it genius is a jaded bitch. There I done said it. Amen and hallelujah!

I send this out to Aaron who is not feeling feeling well.

Jun 5, 2011


While working with the yungins I am reminded how new the world is to them. A great example is when I have to teach the alphabets and how each letter has a sound.

The tricky part is the vowels. In the english language they have two sounds (short and long), and get into this, some consonants have a hard and soft sound.

Let's play now with Ms. India and Elmo. However, make sure that a child learning the ABCs knows that L M N O P each have a separate sound. The yungins tend to muddle these letters together.

Jun 4, 2011

How This Chicken Got On My Plate?

Marcos was and still is a godsend for me. Good people, the divine sent Marcos to me so I can know love, learn, understand and evolve.

Let me share this one experience provided by Marcos, a son of Obatala, that required me to be part of prepping a live chicken for dinner.

What I recall is seeing a live chicken in our kitchen on Warren St. Then the chicken having human hands end the its life.

I recall putting the chicken into a simmering pot of water, and plucking it completely. I then had to butcher the bird and go deep within its cavity. I was told how to prep the chicken by an elder, and at that point Allan checked out and another part of me took over.

I do not recall at all, how I ended up with a clean and gutted chicken. This city boy went into automatic-ancestrally guided-pilot.

I do recall taking the prepared bird and making a savory chicken soup. Everyone, but I, loved the soup. My mind was swimming in contemplation. I wasn't grossed out, just taking in how I saw this chicken went from being alive to soup in front of my eyes, and through the effort of my hands.

We all need to experience and know where our food comes from. Whether it is animal, fruit or plant. Our ancestors done did a lot to bring food to the plate.

Take this video in. BTW, it is humane, yet doesn't pull punches.

Jun 1, 2011

Cheated Out of a Barbie

My sister Jenny so did not get the memo that informed her that when you have a gay brother into fashion, you are suppose to let him dress up and make you all sparkly. While I was lucky because I did get to play with her Barbies, she cheated me out of using her to play dress up.

Well, she did let me dress her up, once, for her 16th birthday. It was in December so she needed to be warm yet stylish. My cousin Eugene and I took her out for dinner and the World Trade Center way back in the 80s.

Her gift from me would be a complete outfit, from head to toe, bought at Unique, which was the trendiest store in the Village. It consisted of a turtleneck, bolero knit jacket and tartan pleated pants. Think Annie Lennox meets the Cosby kids. She ended up with three pieces that worked into her wardrobe and she pumped each item for points.

With such a successful experience you would think she would have had me by her side whenever she went clothes shopping. Yeah, not so much.

While she did always ask for my opinion whenever she came back from shopping, my nerves were kept in check, because she usually bought something cute. However, I was always left wondering if there was something shorter, longer, or at the very least in a different color.

I currently have a bone to pick with her, because she is yet once again not taking advantage of her access to the queens in her life.

My dear friend since high school, Devon, is an amazing designer. His sense of style is right on, and his work is always impeccable.

I keep telling my dear sister to commission my gay sistah for the occasional, frock, blouse, coat or jacket. Jenny will get a hot custom made garment, and Devon will make some coins. A win-win situation.

I guess I will have to settle with the fact she is a loving sister, an awesome mother, a warrior. However, when it comes to being my living Barbie, I just have to suck my teeth and roll my eyes.

Maybe I'll luck out in the far future when she gets a granddaughter. Ha! Who am I kidding? Jenny will snatch that little girl up for herself.

These amazing dolls are from the Byron Lars Barbie Collection. Click on dolls for a larger image.Click here for more.

May 30, 2011

McQueen At The Met

After a brief postponement the family and I went to go see the Alexander McQueen exhibition at The Met.

I saw couture up close and personal. It was art. If you can please go see the exhibition. Don't be afraid about the long line, it moved really quickly.

Here's a video to tempt you.

May 27, 2011

Jeff's Turn At Metamorphosis

Jeff Conaway died today. His sister says it was due to excessive prescription of pills and such. I'm sure she's right.

I remember him from Taxi and Grease. I thought he was so mad cute. I crushed on him hard. I do not consider him a great actor, yet I was always happy when his face showed up on the screen or tv. I wanted him to succeed.

When Jeff was on the exploitive show Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew, I felt sad for him. Jeff was being worked over by the demons of his past, and brief celebrity.

Now Jeff is at rest, and will cocoon and become a butterfly.

May 24, 2011

Molto tempo fa, in una galassia lontana, lontana ...

Check out the sexed up Luke and Leia.