Sep 11, 2007

Six Years Later

As a native New Yorker, that was living in NYC on 9/11, I reflected back to the surreal and horrifying events of that day.

I remember the thousands of posters taped to walls and bus shelters by the families of the victims. I too was hopeful that they would, through some miracle, obtain information regarding the whereabouts of their loved one.

I remember candles and flowers sprawled out in front of every firehouse and police station, and being so moved at their personal sacrifice. To think of them going towards the danger still gives me chills.

I also remember how at the time I worked for Time Warner and we had provided computers and volunteered, at the facility set up to provide services to the family members of the victims in the towers. For a week I assisted wives, husbands, children, and the parents that came in to give DNA samples in order to identify the thousands of bodies found.

A few days after, many New Yorkers came out to the city streets and held a candle vigil for all of those lives lost. And, during the one I attended above us we can see and hear fighter jets circling the city.

I walked around a lot days after 9/11 and often had my eyes filled with tears. For sometime I felt everyone around me was emotionally and spiritually connected. In my heart we were all in mourning.

I pray that one day all of the hidden TRUTHS of that day will come out into the light. I think there are thousand of restless souls waiting for ALL that are responsible for this tragedy to pay their karmic debt.

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