Sep 9, 2007

Sunday Night TV Viewing

I've stopped watching MTV a few years ago, and it wasn't because of the music, for the most part I do dig a lot of what they play. The fact is they RARELY play music any more on MTV.

Out of curiosity I decided to stop by and see what was going on. Here's my take on what I saw until I lost interest and turng to HGTV to see the final challenge on Design Star.

- Lil' Momma thought she was being original with that baby outfit and pacifier. She needs to check out some old Parliament Funkadelic videos and see the original grown-up baby serving it.

- What the hell is John Norris doing back at MTV. Hasn't he reached that age where he should get kicked off. You know, how they use to do to the members of Menudo.

- Nelly Furtado was on something. She was having a lovely time all by her little self. I likey her.

- Wow, that commercial for the Army looked like being in the military would be one fun video game come-to-life experience. Not one explosion or amputee in sight. Curious!

- Britney was a hot mess. Poor thang. Get it right in the head and heart and then attempt another go at the madness call celebrity. I also wonder if she will ever actually sing LIVE and not lip sync an entire performance.

- Sarah Silverman is a dangerous bitch. I love her! She made those celebrities sweat during her opening monologue. Go get them! The sycophantic celeb worshipping crowd could not deal with her "emperor has no clothes" approach.

Okay the rest of my post will be based on snippets I catch inbetween the commercial breaks from a Design Star on HGTV. Mmmm, last season's winner, David, showed up. He's so fucking hot.

- LOL Fallout Boy trashes the room they play in. What a rock-n-roll cliche! I can see them during the rehersal saying "dude, how about at the end we trash the hotel room we're playing in!"

- I can't believe The Real World is still part of their programming. Talk about resting on your laurels. Is that the best they can do? Rehash a tired formula. The Real World is no longer a TRUE story.

- Overall I'm NOT feeling today's hip-hop. Give me Eric B. & Rakim, MC Lyte, RUN DMC, L.L. Cool J, Queen Latifah, and Public Enemy. I really believe this art form was sabotage by the music industry when it focused on the lowest common denominators among emerging artists.

- American mainstream culture is Black. The hip-hop urban african-american influence is everywhere. Just ask Justin Timberfake.

- Okay I'm done with this. Let me watch Vern Yip on HGTV do something that is really worth watching.

LOL! Lord is my age showing.

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