Sep 30, 2007

Ride or Die. Give Me A Commercial Break!

I've been checking out these two programs about young Latino culture on TV. Latino TV and Latination come on ever Sunday here in CT. For the most part the shows are pretty well produced and cover a wide range of the diversity found in the Latino community and culture. Check them out if you get a chance.

The one troubling aspect of these shows is that the commercials played in between the segments are either about cars, beer or the military. In fact Latination is brought to you by

I emailed the station that air these shows. I suggested they give some PSA time to organizations like National Council of La Raza, Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute, ASPIRA and the Hispanic Scholarship Fund.

I feel these shows are great at highlighting the accomplishments and influences of Latino culture. Why not shine some light on the organizations that work hard to empower and uplift the Latino community. We need a counterbalance to all this air time given to sponsors that offer the option to ride or die.

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