Sep 14, 2007

Expressions I Want To Try and Make Happen

Okay, taking a break from school work and I need to act out. Here are some expressions I will start incorporating in conversations, and hopefully will become part of a temporary colloquial kiki to enjoy among friends and family.

Boo Boo Kitty: - Refers to being comforted a la the doll Shirley, of Laverne & Shirley, turned to whenever she needed to feel consoled. Usage: I call Miss Izzy whenever I feel down. She is my Boo Boo Kitty.

Spear-a-ling: Refers to the downward spiral a la Britney Spears. Usage: Gurl, that queen on Tina is Spear-a-ling out of control.

Very Lotto: Refers to the lottery and the odds not being in your favor. Usage: Mama the chances of Georgie being impeached are Very Lotto.

Gunning It: Inspired by Tim Gunn's new makeover show and an exhibit of a heighten sense of fashion. Usage: Mamita, you look hot, those shoes with that dress are Gunning It.

Wonder Twins Powers Activate Mode: Refers to the battle cry the alien twins on Superfriends used whenever they had to take action. Usage: Gurl, when Marcos and I saw the mess in the kitchen we looked at each other and went into Wonder Twins Powers Activate Mode.

Mocus(mow-cuss): Combines moody and out of focus. Usage: Honey after that horrible commute, I showed up at work feeling Mocus. (Umm, I borrowed this one from friends I knew in AA.)

Leasing the Lie: To buy into a myth, or lie that is supporting a delusional thought, but will soon burst because the truth is looming. Usage: Uggh, nena that appointed president is leasing the lie about Iraq.

Well good people, please be creative and share some plays with language with me.

Love and kisses, your face, my eyes misses.


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Kitty said...

Love the changes. I will do what I can to get your expressions on the streets of Pittsburgh. They're very unoriginal here and always looking for something cooler than themselves to latch on too. Congrats on the fifteen years, I can barely keep a man around fifteen minutes.