Jul 30, 2006

Chicken Broth -- The New MSG

A friend of mine recently commented that I have been using chicken broth at an alarming rate. During a dinner at my house, she felt compelled to ask me "What is with you and chicken broth?" I thought about it and realized I put it in just about anything that calls for water or some liquid. Soups of course, but also in chili, arroz con habichuelas, and I boil potatoes in it when I make mashed potatoes. I draw the line at using it for a marinade.

What can I say it makes everything taste better. It really enhances flavor. Well I responded to my friend's question with "Well honey, you sure have no problems licking your plate clean after you've enjoyed the meals I served you." She then asked for seconds. Something tells me she added it to her shopping list.

Jul 18, 2006

If You're Gonna Cry, Cut and Cry

Late Summer TV viewing has been rescued with the start of Project Runway 3. Yay! Here's my take so far:

Malan - Wow, Dracula Jr. is on the show. That queen needs to check her ego, she lives in Long Island City for god's sake.

Laura - Gee, Cruella de Villa is on the show. You know miss woman cleaned the hospital's pharmacy out of pain killers each time she pushed out a new puppy.

Vincent - He is like Van Gogh looney. Poor thing doesn't realize the universe saved her from the madness of the fashion world and yet she comes back for more. Some people just run towards the pain.

Michael - This brother on the DL has an appeal that I feel and keeps it real. Work Ms. Mahagony.

Robert - Gurl you don't go on TV and diss Isaac Mizrahi. Big NO NO! You'd think she know better at her age. That world is big on secrets and sycophantic behavior. His saving grace is that he is the most fuckable.

Jeffrey - Santino wannabe. Um Miss Thang the wearing of the hoodie, can we say CONTRIVANCE. Ms. Gunn has little patience for contrivance.

Alison - She is in the wrong competition. She should be one of the competing models. Want an angelic face.

Uli - Umm yeah ok.

Bradley - Looks like he smells like Brie cheese.

Katherine - Very lesbionic.


The rest I just don't really recall. Get your screen time in girls!

Let the battle begin! And, remember, if you're gonna cry, cut and cry.

Jul 9, 2006

Beyonce Brought It to BET

Saw Beyonce open the BET awards the other day. She was hot. Looks like she channeled the Tinas. Her sound was very Tina Marie and her dancing and look was very Tina Turner. Hey, if you're gonna steal, steal from the best. Loved it!