Jul 30, 2006

Chicken Broth -- The New MSG

A friend of mine recently commented that I have been using chicken broth at an alarming rate. During a dinner at my house, she felt compelled to ask me "What is with you and chicken broth?" I thought about it and realized I put it in just about anything that calls for water or some liquid. Soups of course, but also in chili, arroz con habichuelas, and I boil potatoes in it when I make mashed potatoes. I draw the line at using it for a marinade.

What can I say it makes everything taste better. It really enhances flavor. Well I responded to my friend's question with "Well honey, you sure have no problems licking your plate clean after you've enjoyed the meals I served you." She then asked for seconds. Something tells me she added it to her shopping list.

1 comment:

bunnilove said...

Honey, I hear you with the broth. I'm very depressed if I can't add broth or a bouillon. Alarming rate my ass!!