Sep 3, 2006

Rest In Peace Willie Ninja

Early this morning I was given the sad news that Willie Ninja has passed away. He had been ill for sometime and has now gone to his final rest. I will miss him so much. Hanging out with Willie was always an adventure. He loved beauty, fabulousness and anything fierce. My heart goes out to his mother Esther. I pray she finds comfort in her friends and family soon.

Last night I played for a friend the song "Deep In Vogue" which I co-wrote with Willie Ninja many years ago. I had not played that song in years, or told the story of how Willie and I got cheated out of publishing rights. In updating the story I shared how Willie gave me props for my contribution to the song; whenever he spoke about it on the many panels he sat on, discussing the gay sub-culture of balls and voguing. This is an example of the kind of man Willie was. He shared his love and his opportunities with those around him. In Willie's world everyone is invited to the table to enjoy. We need more people like him.

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bunnilove said...

I'm so sorry for your loss. Keep him alive by asking yourself sometimes, if you're ever at a loss in a situation, what would Willie do or say right now, I can think of no better honor.