Oct 30, 2007

Meditate On This

Form is destructible, but Life is not; it knows nothing of death. It destroys the mortal mercilessly, and decomposes the destructible. But the indestructible remains. Being immortal, it carries within it the means of regeneration even as the means of destruction.

-Ischa Schwaller de Lubicz, The Opening of the Way

Cum luce salutem; with light, salvation. First source of all sources . . . perfect my body . . . [so] that I may participate again in the immortal beginning . . . that I may be reborn in thought . . . and that the Holy Spirit may breathe in me.

-From the Paris Papyrus

Myth is the history of the soul; the memory of our greater Being; ritual and sacrament are the reminders. In the continuing Fall the part breaks away from the Whole; to make something sacred, one must reconnect the part to the universal Whole.

-William Irwin Thompson, The Time Falling Bodies Take to Light


I freaked out when I saw this. I hope it's real and not some special effects magic.

News Flash: Miss Kitty had this experience to share about the above video:

"How freaky is it that when I sat one of my cats on my lap and played the video he stared at the screen and then started talking back to the kittens. I played the video again and he started making the same noise as the kittens at the same spot in the video where he had talked back during the first showing. Those kittens are probably Pinky and The Brain in feline form."

Oct 28, 2007

Still MAD After All These Years

Do you remember the zany humor of MAD magazine? They still got it.

Future Ice Diva

I just saw the cutest little figure skater today on NBC. Her name is Caroline Zhang. Keep an eye out for this girl. She's only 14 and is showing tons of talent. She reminded me of Michele Kwan and Oksana all rolled up into one. She did these amasing spins while wrapping herself up like a pretzel, the way only a 14 year old body could. I can't wait to see her again.

Oct 23, 2007

Camouflage Taken To The Absurd

Aya Tsukioka presented new clothing designs that address Japan’s growing fears of crime. If you look at the last vending machine on the right of the above picture, you'll see some tiny feet at the bottom. Yes, people it's getting this absurd.

Never mind the mace in the face. The idea here is if you are afraid you are being pursued, you whip out this folded camouflage and slip under it. This particular ensemble has an actual-size photo of a vending machine printed on the fabric.

To learn more about the insanity, which includes: the manhole bag, books for parents on "how-to dress your kid like a thug", and Kevlar school uniforms, check out the NY Times article by clicking here.

I suggest they recruit drag queens like the one in the video I posted (see "When Drag Queens Attack") to go out there and teach people how to grow a set and handle their shit.

ADDENDUM: I was once held up at gun point. May it never happen again. After this post I recalled that memory and realize how fear can make us do the craziest things. I also know that fight or flight is a very real thing.

What is disturbing to me is that there is a trend to let the unacceptable happen, and the reaction to these terrible things, are terrible ideas based on a fantasy of achieving absolute safety.

People do bad things to other people. It is human nature. Terrible things can happen at anytime, anyplace and for any reason. I favor an approach to addressing this by asking, why they happen. When you identify the why, you can then work on REAL solutions.

Oct 22, 2007

Vote on Bigot Judge Happening Tomorrow

TAKE ACTION ALERT: Call your Senators NOW and tell them to vote NO on Leslie Southwick's nomination to the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals. Or send a letter to reinforce your call, using the form below:

Dear Senator ____________:

Judge Southwick's record plainly shows that he cannot be given the responsibility to protect the basic rights of all Americans. As a Mississippi judge, he put his personal bias before widely regarded scientific and legal evidence - as in one case where he separated a biological mother from her 8-year-old child in part because of the mother's sexual orientation.

Even more troubling, Judge Southwick used this case to further his own agenda by joining a concurrence citing highly charged and irrelevant Mississippi rules against "the practice of homosexuality" - including policies regarding sodomy.

This type of bigoted decision-making is unacceptable for any judge, let alone a lifetime member of the U.S. Court of Appeals. I urge you and your colleagues to examine his record closely, and vote NO on his confirmation.

Oct 21, 2007

Use Your Words, With Your Outside Voice

In your next discussion regarding the state of affairs in today's world, what might be helpful is that all involved agree to some definitions. I often find that most discussions involve a moment where someone says "Well, let's define what do you mean when you say X." Maybe if we can all agree to some starting point, discussions can end up being useful and enlightening.

Plebiscite: A vote by which the people of an entire country or district express an opinion for or against a proposal especially on a choice of government or ruler

Fascism: A political philosophy, movement, or regime (as that of the Fascisti) that exalts nation and often race above the individual and that stands for a centralized autocratic government headed by a dictatorial leader, severe economic and social regimentation, and forcible suppression of opposition

Dictatorship: A form of government in which absolute power is concentrated in a dictator or a small clique b : a government organization or group in which absolute power is so concentrated c : a despotic state

Quagmire: A difficult, precarious, or entrapping position

Predatory: Intended to injure or exploit others for personal gain or profit

Red Herring: Something that distracts attention from the real issue

Feudalism: The system of political organization prevailing in Europe from the 9th to about the 15th centuries having as its basis the relation of lord to vassal with all land held in fee and as chief characteristics homage, the service of tenants under arms and in court, wardship, and forfeiture

Combat Fatigue: A traumatic psychoneurotic reaction or an acute psychotic reaction occurring under conditions (as wartime combat) that cause intense stress -- called also battle fatigue

Elite: A group of persons who by virtue of position or education exercise much power or influence

De-ja Vu: 1 a : the illusion of remembering scenes and events when experienced for the first time b : a feeling that one has seen or heard something before
2 : something overly or unpleasantly familiar

Liberal: Of or constituting a political party associated with ideals of individual especially economic freedom, greater individual participation in government, and constitutional, political, and administrative reforms designed to secure these objectives

Conservative: Disposition in politics to preserve what is established b : a political philosophy based on tradition and social stability, stressing established institutions, and preferring gradual development to abrupt change

Fucked-up: Thoroughly confused or disordered

FYI - These definitons are from the online version of Merraim-Webster.

When Drag Queens Attack

Back in the days when I started hanging out and doing my thing on NYC's Christopher Street, one of the rules I learned early on was to never mess with a Drag Queen. She will read you, cut you and look good doing it.

The beginning stages of her attack will start off something like this:

Oct 18, 2007

Baby Steps Gino

Good people, I am happy to report Gino is showing vast improvement. He's able to get his back legs moving and can take a few steps on them. He's still needs more time in order to be able to have his rear legs support his weight. The hubby and I are bringing him to the vet this weekend for follow up.

Oct 14, 2007

Gino and Me...Watching Soul Train

Good people, I have my Gino next to me as I type this entry. His back legs are still not working. But, I love him no less, and he is still at his best. I want to give a big ass shout out to the faithful readers that sent love and healing vibes to him. Thank you Miss Kitty.

We are watching THE BEST OF SOUL TRAIN. We are loving it. Many wonderful memories are coming to mind. Umm, let me be honest. I'm loving it and he is sleeping by my side and breathing in and out.

Walk Gino, walk! Love is fierce yall. Love can move you to accept the unacceptable. Love can make you hope for the unimaginable. Love can make you see beauty within the ugly. Love can make you think that all you need is love to cure all ills.

I have to say watching the Soul Train Dancers of the late 70's makes me realize, love is a fierce thing.

Peace, Love and Afro-Grease

Oct 11, 2007

Trying Times For My Gino

Perogino (the white doggie) showing love and concern for Luna

Dear faithful readers I need your help. One of my wonderful, loving and kind dogs is in the hospital. Perogino, developed a condition in his back, resulting in swollen muscles pushing against his spinal cord.

As a result he is currently paralyzed from his mid-section to his tail. Our hearts are crushed and we hoping that the cortisone treatments he's getting will alleviate the condition.

Please good people, send out thoughts of healing and miraculous recovery into the universe, on his behalf. I look forward to telling you he's up and running again with his tail a wagging.

Oct 10, 2007

Dopey Athletes

The recent Marion Jones scandal regarding "doping" in athletic competition got me hyped about the issue. While I respect the movement to have athletic competition grounded in fair and equal play, I also see serious disconnects in this ethical stand. And, the negative spiritual impact it has on the athlete.

Competition can bring out the worst in human nature. As someone that played sports as a child I know that at times you have to work up intense feelings in order to win over your opponent. I played the positiion of linesman in football as a kid. I was stocky you see. The mantra for a linesman was to take that quarterback out.

Certain sports are about aggression, working through pain, or getting the upper hand. All sports are about winning. No one wants second or third place. I'm reminded of Michelle Kwan covering her bronze medal with her hands, at her last Olympics appearance, while the national anthem of the winner was played during the medal ceremony.

The emphasis is on the winner. First place is where we shower praise. The athletes that beats all athletes are the ones we record in history and assign a place among the legends of the sports world pantheon.

The golden rule in sports is to win! Duh. The problem is the new rule to win at ALL cost no matter what. I would argue that the corruption in not winning at all cost, but rather, winning to make the money and fame attached. Whether it's a multi-million dollar product endorsement contract, your face on a box of Wheaties, a phone call from the president, going to Disney World, or air time on some TV show, the modern victory laurel placed on the winner's head has become the most lethal drug.

Today's athletes are being further removed from the true happiness of an athlete. The love of their sport and the conquering of their own physical challenges in that sport. What makes sport magic is for the individual to be able to connect the ideal in his or her mind with the reality of his or her body. I want to train this body to run faster. I want to develop my skill in order to make that ball go swish through the net with no backboard. I want to spin and jump on ice in a way that amazes. These thoughts are the work of an athlete.

Doping takes all that away. The athlete that wins through doping is left with a big fat WHAT IF. Think about it. What if I trained harder? Maybe I wouldn't need those steroids. What if I practiced longer? Maybe I would have mastered that skill. What if I test positive for doping? Maybe my medal, ring, or trophy will be taken away.

Michelle Kwan should have been celebrated for coming in third. Unfortunately I think she was made to feel ashamed of it. She competed against some of the fiercest skaters in the world. She should have been celebrated but wasn't. Shame on the sports world for betraying her effort.

Shame on the athletes that dope up before a competition for betraying their bodies, their sport and the truth. You wear a tainted medal, that trophy is tarnished, that ring belongs on another finger. Over time your legend will become more the myth in your mind.

I hope that some of the men that have won honors through doping will have the ovaries that Marion had to come clean. I know her confession was induced, but at the end of the day she displayed some grace. Perhaps some of those baseballers, bike riders will grow the ovaries to do the same.

She Looked So Pregnant

Okay, I caught Jennifer Lopez on David Letterman last night. She looked very pregnant. She even had a very maternity-like dress. And, at times I swore I saw the curves of a big belly when she moved.