Oct 14, 2007

Gino and Me...Watching Soul Train

Good people, I have my Gino next to me as I type this entry. His back legs are still not working. But, I love him no less, and he is still at his best. I want to give a big ass shout out to the faithful readers that sent love and healing vibes to him. Thank you Miss Kitty.

We are watching THE BEST OF SOUL TRAIN. We are loving it. Many wonderful memories are coming to mind. Umm, let me be honest. I'm loving it and he is sleeping by my side and breathing in and out.

Walk Gino, walk! Love is fierce yall. Love can move you to accept the unacceptable. Love can make you hope for the unimaginable. Love can make you see beauty within the ugly. Love can make you think that all you need is love to cure all ills.

I have to say watching the Soul Train Dancers of the late 70's makes me realize, love is a fierce thing.

Peace, Love and Afro-Grease

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