Oct 30, 2007

Meditate On This

Form is destructible, but Life is not; it knows nothing of death. It destroys the mortal mercilessly, and decomposes the destructible. But the indestructible remains. Being immortal, it carries within it the means of regeneration even as the means of destruction.

-Ischa Schwaller de Lubicz, The Opening of the Way

Cum luce salutem; with light, salvation. First source of all sources . . . perfect my body . . . [so] that I may participate again in the immortal beginning . . . that I may be reborn in thought . . . and that the Holy Spirit may breathe in me.

-From the Paris Papyrus

Myth is the history of the soul; the memory of our greater Being; ritual and sacrament are the reminders. In the continuing Fall the part breaks away from the Whole; to make something sacred, one must reconnect the part to the universal Whole.

-William Irwin Thompson, The Time Falling Bodies Take to Light

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