Oct 11, 2007

Trying Times For My Gino

Perogino (the white doggie) showing love and concern for Luna

Dear faithful readers I need your help. One of my wonderful, loving and kind dogs is in the hospital. Perogino, developed a condition in his back, resulting in swollen muscles pushing against his spinal cord.

As a result he is currently paralyzed from his mid-section to his tail. Our hearts are crushed and we hoping that the cortisone treatments he's getting will alleviate the condition.

Please good people, send out thoughts of healing and miraculous recovery into the universe, on his behalf. I look forward to telling you he's up and running again with his tail a wagging.


Kitty said...

Good vibes to Gino.

Heidy said...

Oh my god. I didn't know that Perugino wasn't doing good. :( I hope he recovers! Muchas bendiciones a Gino!