May 31, 2006

P.B.S...Passionate Broadcast System

I have been wrapped up in watching Public Broadcast Television (PBS). Why? You may ask. Well, honey, true passion is on PBS. Think about it! I bet one of the times you experience passion is when you are trying to teach someone.

To me teaching is our purpose in life. Ask any mother, father, uncle, aunt, cousin, sister or brother, and best friend. We silly little monkeys get pushed out from mother's womb trying to figure it out. Mother is there for those formative years. Yet, our world soon expands when friends, school and other outside influences share and deliver their influence.

Get into the PBS influence. You'll realize what you don't know is vast and learning new knowledge is the only cure.

May 23, 2006

Bushwick, Bushwick, always funky fresh!

I've seen quite a few blog posts hating on Bushwick, Brooklyn. My heart goes out to the community of Bushwick. I was born and raised there. Spent my first 20 years of life in that community and saw it become what it is now. During those years I witnessed:

- Slumlords focused on collecting rent and investing very little into basic upkeep of the buildings they owned.
- Families working hard at low-paying jobs to house and feed their familes.
- The Crack Epidemic of the 80s hitting Bushwick hard, including members of my own family.
- Community organizers working hard to improve conditions. In fact the Maria Hernandez Park on Knickerboecker Ave is named after an activist that gave her life to the fight against the local drug trade.
- Having creative, ambitious, and interesting people as my neighbors and friends.
- The Reagan Presidency and what "trickled down" economically to Bushwick wasn't much in terms of funding and/or policies to address the problems plaguing the community.

Bushwick has had it rough for a long time. Yet, many people have thrived in it as well. It never really veered far from a decades long history of housing the working class and poor.

I think a lot of these new New Yorkers need to realize that NYC is not only like what the TV show “Friends” depicted. NYC has a lot of working-poor people trying to also make a life for themselves in it. And, often these working-poor neighborhoods don’t have the best housing, high crime rates and a very visible drug sub-cutlture.

Just as a sidenote, don’t think for a minute scrubbed up suburbs doesn’t have addicts. They just have their drugs delivered or prescribed by Dr. Feelgood. Aint that right Mr. Limbaugh?

I think some of the authors of the posts focusing on the negative aspects of Bushwick would benefit from a bit of clarity about their situation. I think you have more in common with your native Bushwick neighbors than you think. You are probably also one to two paychecks away from being homeless, and the only reason you are living in the “ghetto” is because that is what you can afford.

If I’m wrong then I suggest you head to Park Slope. The gentrification process there is just about complete. If that can’t happen for you anytime soon then reach out to some of the elected officials and community organizations. Go and see see what you can do to improve the current situation for you and your neighbors.

With that said welcome to the neighborhood. I hope your real life observation of the impact of poverty, misguided public policy and inequitable distribution of resources has on a community; doesn’t freak you out too much.

May 22, 2006

Jesus and Mary Magdelene sitting on a tree, K.I.S.S.I.N.G.

Yesterday I went to see the Da Vinci Code. As you all know there has been a great deal of hype around this movie. The Catholic church was upset. Readers of the novel wondered if it would live up to the book itself (which I partially read). The film had the same affect on me as the book. I got bored with it. I just so wanted to speed up the projector at the same speed I flipped through the pages. Let's get to the end why don't we!

Mary Magdalene had a little lamb. And, her baby's daddy was Jesus Christ. This is the core of the story told in The Davinci Code. Yup, in this story Jesus gets hitched to Mary Magdelene and has a baby. Thereby, producing a bloodline from the son of god. Miss Girl WAS the holy grail!

Now, the Catholic church wants to keep this secret. Why you ask? Well, they want to be the only holders of the key to heaven. If you was raised a good Christian you would know the only way into heaven is to accept Jesus Christ as your lord and savior and doing some other things called sacraments, you will get beyond the velvet ropes at the heavenly gates and live a cute life in heaven.

Those guys with the funny hats in the vatican aint stupid. They knew if you drop Mary Magdelene's name at the door you'll get in. They don't want that. They only want St. Pete to have the guest list at the door.

So the reason behind the vatican lead conspiracy is to keep Ms. Magdalene out of the picture. I can't go on with explaining the story. Either read the book, watch the number of pseudo-documentaries about it on the History channel or go see the movie.

What I kept shaking my head at was the notion that the search for the truth about Jesus and his life would really matter. I mean let's be real. Like the Christian faith would update. The Mormons get grief for trying to update the greatest story ever told.

The greatest story ever told is done. This tale has no room for revision, addendums, or additions. Just imagine the recall on all those bibles out there. And, let's not get into the continuing-ed-bible-classes that would have to be offered. Like the church won't claim anything against its dogma is being sent by the ultimate bad boy, Satan.

The church knows it would be an opening of a can of worms. What if it comes out they lied about other things. Imagine the possibility if lies about woman being subservant, or gays being an abomination or it coming out you can dis mom or dad were exposed. They [Pope et al] not have it. The fame and power is too good to give up. Ask the other Madonna of dance song hit, "Holiday", fame about it.

What would have been really radical about this idea about a living Jesus-bloodline is if the author would have told all of us is that we are ALL the true heirs of being the child of god and we ALL hold the capability of being capable of miracles. Imagine if we all hold the keys to heaven. No middle man needed.

May 15, 2006

The Legendary Willie Ninja

Willie Ninja and I go way back. Twenty-two years worth of way back. Damn I'm getting old.

Willie is known for being an amazing pioneer of "vogueing." If you don't know what "vogueing" is go out and rent "Paris Is Burning," a cult classic documentary, in which Willie was featured. Hey, better yet go to and find out where the nearest "Ball" is happening, so you can see what the new ball-children are up to.

Two weeks ago Willie and his House of Ninja, performed at a mini-ball held at one of the Dance 208 events held at The LGBT Community Center of NYC ( Above is a picture of the kids "giving it." Willie is the tall mocha-latte divaesque mother figure, on the far left, clad in black shiny latex.

What I always admire Willie for is his kind heart. When I met him at the age of 16 and I was growing through the drama of coming out, his friendship made my transition easier. Willie and his mother, Ms. Esther, always told me to do right by myself and be ME, despite the fact I moved in a world that told me to be ashamed and hide who I really was.

Willie and Ms. Esther continue to give that message to other up and coming "gaylings." For that, Willie to me is truly worthy of the term LEGENDARY.

Ahem...let me clear my throat

Several weeks ago I said good-bye to the version of my life that was just not working. I said to hell with it. I got off that just-surviving-treadmill that I've been on for too long. The planets aligned, the support of family and friends surfaced and I headed north of NYC to create a life where the focus is thriving, not just surviving.

So I find myself today, living in Hamden, CT. Reunited with my former lover of 12 years and going back to school to major in Elementary Education.

So why Blog? My gut tells me I'm going to need to document this journey.

This Blog will be home to my observations, trials, tribulations and imagination. At the end of the day I just want to add my voice to the mix.