Aug 31, 2009

Feelin' Like An Ageist A-hole

We need some stucco work done on our house. A few weeks back a young virile looking carpenter stopped by and gave a great quote, on the job. The problem is soon after he disappeared. We tried calling him several times and got back no answer.

So, Marcos and I became anxious about getting the repairs done. Well, today as we went to get lunch we saw an elderly gentleman doing some cement repair work on the foundation of the diner we go to. I would say the man is around 70-75 years of age. He told us he was retired, but at times takes on odd jobs.

Marcos approached him and talked to him about the job. I appreciated Marcos' proactive initiative at first. However, when the gentleman got up from the bucket and started to talk with us about the job, I realized he was slow moving, a bit jittery, and lacked a certain agility. Man my stomach just turned writing that last part.

Long story short Marcos had the guy come over to see the job, he gave a slightly higher quote than the original carpenter, and it was agreed we would contact him to make plans for him to do the job. I reiterated to Marcos that I had concerns about the fact the job would require the carpenter to climb up at least 8 feet, in order to use a hammer an chisel to section of an area above the window where the stucco was falling apart.

All I could see in my head was the elderly man climbing that ladder and having to use his both hands to do the job, with no one supporting him. The other carpenter has an assistant. It played over and over in my head that elderly man falling to the ground and being seriously injured. I couldn't shake the idea.

So, I called the original carpenter we spoke to and finally got him. Marcos worked out the details for the young guy to come over and start the job, and then I called the elderly man and left him a message that we were going to use our original guy, and that we would keep him in mind for future jobs around the house.

I feel like a douchebag. I canceled the elderly guy out, because he seemed to old and fragile for a job that can be difficult and dangerous. I don't doubt for a minute the older guy was convinced he can do it, but his golden guy physicality left me doubtful.

I'm an ageist asshole, and I just created some karma I'm going to have to face in the future.

Rescuing A Noble Experiment

Sara Robinson from Campaign for America's Future offers the following five ways to make America Fascist-Proof. What I love about her ideas is the discussion of how social justice and equality have to be at the foundation of moving in a more positive direction.

Here is what she suggests:

1: Ironically, passing health care reform would be a colossal trust-builder, as I've argued before. The right wing knows this, which is precisely why it's recruited the very people most likely to benefit from reform to fight as their shock troops against it.

2: We need to re-establish the rule of law. You cannot have a credible democracy as long as there's so obviously one standard of economic and civil justice for the rich and well-connected, and a very different one that's designed to make victims out of everybody else.

3: We need to get serious about investing in education. It's well understood now that our broken health care system is right on the bottom of the barrel among industrialized countries; but most of us don't realize that our schools are in the same comparatively wretched shape.

4: No democracy in history has ever survived with our current levels of inequality. There's no reason for the middle and working classes to trust anything about a system that's so clearly rigged to suck money straight out of their pockets into the tax-free offshore bank accounts of the wealthy -- who, of course, turn right around and use that money to buy off our government, so they can suck up even more of our economy for themselves.

5: We need to focus on restoring our basic liberal institutions. In 2005, Chris Bowers noted that progressive ideology has always been disseminated through four major cultural drivers: the universities (and related intellectual infrastructure); unions; the media; and liberal religious organizations. Knowing this, conservatives set out back in the 1970s to undermine all four of these institutions -- and over time, they've largely succeeded in blunting their historic capacity to disseminate and perpetuate the progressive worldview.

Click here for the full article.

Aug 30, 2009

Investigative Journalism Cost Mucho $$$?

Dr. Anna Pou (Photo: Lee Celano for The New York Times)

The NYT's magazine is reporting in today's Sunday edition, as reported by, that "Dr. Anna Pou and other medical personnel at New Orleans’ Memorial Hospital, euthanized patients after the hospital was flooded [by Hurricane Katrina], supplies ran out, and the staff struggled to treat scores of patients who were not evacuated."

I felt naive by not knowing the cost of collecting information and reporting this real life death panel in action was quite expensive. Here's the itemized bill:

2 years of reporting by a staff writer, full-time: 200k
Editing for that period by 2 ProPublica editors: 30k
Lawyering hours at ProPublica: 20K
Editing hours at the Times magazine over past year (from me to copy editors, 5 editors in all involved): 40k
Times fact-checking: 10k
Photography fees plus expenses: 40k
Times lawyering fees: 20k
Web and Web graphic costs at both the Times and ProPublica: 10k
Cost of adding 6 pages to the feature well to accommodate story: 24k

Total: 394k

Go here for the full article over at motherjones. com. I'm going to meditate on this and get right back to ya.

Good people, as you know, I welcome your thoughts.

Aug 29, 2009

Ponder This

A False Martyr

I have never watched a full episode of Glen Beck. I have heard about him and his message to the Fox News masses. I deal with enough bullshit in real life, and choose not to spend my free time watching it on tv.

Well, it seems that the clock is ticking for Glen. I saw a recent clip where he tried to position himself as a martyr. I say he is delusional.

At the end of the day Glen, you were suppose to bring in the advertising dollars to Fox News. It seems many sponsors are fleeing your sinking ship. It is this reason, and this reason only, why Fox News is showing you the door and helping you with your coat.

Let's be real here Glen. I bet that more than half the time you were on the air Glen, the folks in the control room laughed their asses off, as your spouted your hysteria.

P.S. Good people please write to companies that are advertising on Glen Beck and tell them to shut it down.

Aug 27, 2009

Cruising The Aisles at Walmart - Revised

I saw this pic and was inspired to write a fictional tale, based on real-life behaviors. While writing this tale, I recalled a comment made during HRC's Equality Forward online chat. It was pointed out that down-low men come in many colors and ages.

(All said in whispered tones)

Mr. Daisy Dukes: Well, that's why we have it out of town. I understand your...

Mr. Wrangler: You do understand? Dontcha? I'm a deacon at my church for chrissake. And, if word ever got out. Lord almighty, the hell I would catch.

Mr. Daisy Dukes: I know, I know!

Mr. Wrangler: I gots grandkids.

Mr. Daisy Dukes: Got three myself. Little angels and I spoil them rottin'. Hey, pal look we got members with a life no different from yours. I give you my solemn word, and you ask folks they tell you my word means something, we protect our members privacy. Three years running a no one's wife or family is any the wiser.

Mr. Wrangler: Is that right? In three years no one caught?(strokes chin)

Mr. Daisy Dukes: Two towns over, in a wetback neighborhood. Who you gonna run into? I tell you who, no one you know.

Mr. Wrangler: What about if at the motel room, I see a familiar face.

Mr. Daisy Dukes: Well, buddy, you both there for the same thing. (smirks and laughs)

Mr. Wrangler: (laughs) Yup, you right about that. Can't argue with ya there. (laughs)

Mr. Daisy Dukes: (puts hand on hip) Come on out and meet up with the fellas. You'll fit right in, don't have to do anything you don't want to do.

Mr. Wrangler: So how it works again?

Mr. Daisy Dukes: Saturday, 3:00 pm, Capri Motel off of exit 9. You pull into the parking lot, look for the white Ford Explorer, on the windshield will be a paper with the room number. Bring a towel. We don't want to call room service and ask for a bunch of towels. Won't look right and raise suspicion. Oh and don't forget our modest $5 cover, need to pay for some expenses for the party. (winks)
(Both men shake hands)

Mr. Wrangler: Well, alright then. I'll let you get to it. Oh, and by the way, be careful when you put your foot on the bottom of the cart. Your balls slip out of the side of your shorts.

Mr. Daisy Dukes: (smirks) I know!
(Both men nod and walk in opposite directions)

BTW I shared my thoughts on down-low living in a previous post. Click here for that rant-with-a-purpose.

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Aug 24, 2009

Heavy Hangs The Head That Wears The Crown

So, Michael and Elvis had several things in common:

- They both accomplished a level of fame and fortune well beyond their upbringing of a life that begun in poverty.
- They both had a profound attachment to their mother.
- They both left a music legacy that will live on beyond their passing.
- They both claimed the title of "king."
- They both loved Lisa Marie.
- They both created a magical place in which to live. Elvis had Graceland and Micheal had Neverland.
- They were both prescription drug addicts, that always wanted a pill to make them feel better.
- Neither one of them died because of homicide, but rather medical malpractice and addiction.
- They both died from over dosing on drugs that were provided by doctors on their payrolls.

Pill-pushing is slowly and sometimes quickly killing people everyday.

P.S. I'm sure that both of the Dr. Killpatients would have preferred to keep their "patient" alive for a long-time in order to collect long-term paychecks. It's the funeral directors that get the money when death comes, not the doctors. I don't see a motive in both cases for the doctors committing murder.

Grace In Your Face

Aug 23, 2009

The September Issue

I want to look behind the curtain. I want understand the constructions of myth, taste and style. I will be going to see this documentary. Thank you Izzy for the heads up!

Click here for the trailer and more information.

Ahem, it's not lost on me that the magazine print industry is withering away. Looks like Anna and crew are trying to revive a magazine that has been enduring dizzy spells due to the vapors. I hope Andre acts out deliciously.

P.S. For this film to open on 9/11 in select cities was not a smart marketing movie. They should have known better than to compete with a day of remembrance and present a documentary of people arguing over what looks pretty.

Living La Vida de un Papi

Ricky has been exhibiting himself as a proud shirtless papi for the cameras. After I got over the adorableness of it all, I had a thought of concern. I hope he doesn't pimp those kids out for fame and fortune.

It seems that the parents that choose to exploit their kids, usually end up seeing that child crash and burn. If ever you are in doubt of what to do Papi Ricky, just think about Lindsay and Britney. Oh, and that recently Miley Cyrus performed at the Kid's Choice Awards, by working a stripper pole.

Click on images for larger version.

Aug 21, 2009

Betty's No Sin Zone

After an almost six-month hiatus, Betty Bowers has returned! I use to have a link for her on my blog, but removed it after she went silent. She is silent no more! Let us all praise the return of America's best Christian. Click here!

Aug 17, 2009

Mommy Likes Her Some Drag Queens

I enjoyed this story by Lonnae O'Neal Parker, over at the Washington Post. She took her 15 year-old daughter to meet some drag queens. Now that is what I call good parenting.

"As a mother, I understand that primal desire to shield our kids from harm, but sometimes, in our zeal to protect, it feels as though we've stripped too much texture -- too much Friday night -- from their lives. I worry that my family's somewhat sheltered environment is hampering Syd's [Lonnae's daughter] ability to develop powers of discernment, to understand the difference between unusual and unsafe -- and, maybe, even to cross the friggin' street. I've always told my kids it takes all kinds of people to make a world. But our own world is out of balance, and one type is overrepresented. There can be warmth and community in people who color outside the lines, I tell Sydney, and I'm ready for her to meet some of them. To allow their humanity to help inform her own."

Click here for the full story

Getting It Together

Over a year ago I was put on temporary lay-off from my job. The end result was me maxing-out my modest line of credit from a handful of credit cards. Hey, I had to help out with the cost of living, and even had a $300 book bill during the semester! But, enough of that.

I decided that it made no sense for me to continue to pay hundreds of dollars, a month, in outrageous interest fees on my cards. So I took the bull by the horn and negotiated a settlement with the bank connected to two of my cards. I am happy to report that I negotiated a settlement that will result in me paying off both cards within a week. Mind you the cards have a 27% interest rate on them!

Marcos has taken the brunt of the financial pressure. However, we knew that going into the arrangement of me attending school full-time and working part-time. I have contributed financially and do my part by maintaining home and hearth. Overall it's been by my goal to figure out a way to increase what I can contribute financially.

My little plan is going to result in my cash flow being freed up within a few weeks, enabling me to cover more of the monthly cost of living expenses. I just gave myself a pat on the back.

Aug 16, 2009

Made Me Feel Pussy-Meow As A Gayling

A dear southern gentleman casted his vote for the best theme music for a cartoon. His choice was She-Ra. She-Ra did turn it out. However, I have to say, for me, the most amazing theme song for a cartoon goes to the following ladies:

Get a ready
Josie and the Pussycats
Long tails and ears for hats
Guitars and sharps and flats
Neat, sweet, a groovy song
You're invited, come along.

Hurry, Hurry

See ya all in Persia
Or maybe France
We could be India
Or perchance
Be with us in Bangkok
Makes no difference
We're involved with this or that
Everywhere the actions at

Come along now

Josie and the Pussycats
No time for purrs and pats
Won't run when they here scat
There where the plot begins
Come on and watch the good guys win
Josie and the Pussycats
Josie and the Pussycats.

Aug 15, 2009

This Film Seduced Me

Okay, Marcos is movie freak. How much of a freak? Well, during his summer recess from teaching, he rents about eight movies a week. He rented a movie the other day, I watched with him and initially thought, "what the hell is this?"

Good people, I became quickly wrapped up in the film. Revenge of a Kabuki Actor. While performing in a touring kabuki troop, leading female impersonator Yukinojo comes across the three men who drove his parents to suicide twenty years earlier, and plans his revenge on them. I loves me some revenge movies.

This is one of those films that unfolds a well told story, with fascinating characters. At times it's a bit campy, and the dialogue ranges from the poetic to the goofy. Yet, in all these contrasting elements, it maintains an integrity. I really enjoyed it.

Let me stop here and let the trailer do it's thing:

Seek it out and let me know what you think.

He's now watching Tokyo Gore Police. He lost me on that one. It's slashing and blood spilling galore. No thanks.

Spread The Word On Health Care Reform

Joshua Holland over at has this to share about what health care reform can provide Americans, if it is discussed in a civil manner and real changes made. Enjoy good people. Oh, and pass it on.

1: The First Thing That Will Happen Is Absolutely Nothing

2. New Protections for Consumers

3. Medical Bankruptcies Would Plummet

4. People Who Could Never Get Decent Coverage Will Finally Be Able To

5. (Almost) Everyone Gets Covered

6. Those Who Can't Afford the Premiums Will Get Help Paying

7. No Free Lunch for Businesses

8. More Low-Income Workers Eligible for Medicaid

9. Some Things Will Change, but You'll Never Notice

10. Over Time, the System Will Become Healthier

"Everything depends on what the final legislation entails. But if it were done right, those systemic changes -- greater competition, tighter regulation, technological improvements, a greater emphasis on prevention, the buying power and efficiency of less-fragmented insurance pools and an end to treating the uninsured in emergency rooms -- would gradually "bend the cost curve" of health coverage and offer insurance to tens of millions of people who today struggle with the health problems and stressful economic insecurity of living without insurance.

As I've argued before, the Democrats' approach is far from perfect. But the things outlined here are essentially what would come about if the more-progressive version(s) passed.

Understanding what's actually contained in the legislation leads to an unavoidable conclusion about the anger we've seen in recent weeks: it's doubtful that at anytime in the history of our nation have a group of people been so furiously opposed to something that would so obviously be an improvement over what they now have.

It's nothing less than a testament to the power of industry propaganda."

Source: Click here for the details. Pass this forward to members outside of the choir.

Aug 14, 2009

Clearing The Air

Keep in mind there are other folks out there countering the right wingnuts. Don't let the MSN fool you into thinking it's just the right that has might!

Okay, so this was a week of misinformation and inappropriate behavior taking center stage in the national discussion on healthcare reform. I have been revolted by the level of stupidity and lack of decency displayed by certain fellow citizens.

I went to to get some clear answers about some of the myths, about Pres. Obama's health care plan, that are being circulated as truths.

In a nutshell researchers at have found evidence that indicate the following statements are FALSE.:

False: Government Will Decide What Care I Get (a.k.a. they won’t give grandma a hip replacement)

False: The Bill Is Paid For

False: Private Insurance Will Be Illegal

False: The House Bill Requires Suicide Counseling

False: Families Will Save $2,500

False: Medicare Benefits Will Be Slashed

False: Illegal Immigrants Will Be Covered

Click here for the details
Please note the article was not a complete love letter to Pres. Obama. They are calling him on some claims. I say this looks like a good place to start to find unbiased reporting.

SUGGESTED ACTION: Cut and paste some of this post content, with the link, onto discussion boards that are being overrun by the Astro-Turfers.

Aug 12, 2009

Tongue Untied

Good people, my hubby Marcos has join the blogging community! Please take some time to visit his blog by clicking here.

Marcos has never been one to hold his tongue. He has an inquisitive mind, and has a wealth of life experiences that influences his provocative take on things.

He's also an avid reader that usually has his nose buried in books or essays written by Michel Foucault and Paulo Freire. I think you will find what he has to share will be thought provoking. Enjoy!

Aug 10, 2009

HRC Is Digging Deeper

Thank you V for your recent post that reminded me to share the following.

The Human Rights Campaign (HRC) has engaged in an initiative called Equality Forward. Part of the project is the sharing of stories from people of all colors about the experience of being GLBT in a world where race and ethnicity play a role. Here is what HRC has to say about the project:

"This study is part of Equality Forward, an initiative by the Human Rights Campaign to unite lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people and straight allies of all races and backgrounds to win equality for all.

More than two years ago, we began this project with one desire: To better understand what’s important to LGBT people of color, a group of people that has not traditionally been asked. We envisioned a listening project and put aside our assumptions of what we thought we knew or didn’t know. Share your story. After you share your story, read others’ stories.

This report comes at a critical time when our future depends on our ability to understand our differences and similarities. In this area, we have so much work to do — both within ourselves, as well as in our communities. But if we dare and care to learn, we can begin to speak of “we” and eliminate the false dichotomy of “us” and “them.” Because in truth, “we” are all that we have.

Join us at at 3 pm EST on August 13th and join the national conversation about race, sexuality and gender with some of today’s most distinct voices in the LGBT movement. Submit your questions and comments today at"

Mark your calendars and see if you can be part of the discussion on August 13th.

Aug 9, 2009

Poetic Flowetics

I went to the second poetry slam held at Humphrey's in New Haven. This bi-monthly event is organized and hosted by my colleague Croilot. He believes in light, love and truth. I'm grateful for our paths merging.

The slam was awesome. The poets were so giving of themselves. These poets shared the deep, the dark, and the hope.

I will work on posting some of the poetry delivered by the poet that earned the judges favor. It was also so cool that he was the crowd favorite.

During Summer school my students leaped out of the comfort zone and offered their own original poetry, to an audience of their peers.

Here was my attempt at waxing poetic during the event. I got up there and recited my poem. My voiced cracked at times.

I kept going because the risk I took was nothing compared to what my students faced with honesty and bravery.

American Cheese

I’m from the land of milk and little money
A world where pennies mattered
A place where Mami would send me to the corner bodega
To buy a dollar’s worth of ham, sliced real thin
So that there would be enough to go around
These slices of swine were paid with 100 pennies
Wrapped in aluminum foil
It went all so well with the sloppy slices cut from
A big thick block of government cheese
Cheese in a yellow color I never saw in nature
A cheese that had 10% milk
A Cheese where the ingredient of milk was an afterthought
And it was called American.

Aug 6, 2009

Are You Ready?

So, it's been reported that there was some acts of violence today, at a town hall meeting on health care in Tampa, FL. Good people, are you ready for the downward spiral of America's version of democracy? When passionate opposing sides collide people get hurt and eventually killed.

What's even more tragic is the opposing sides of citizens think they are fighting a good fight, when in reality, powerful corporate interests are driving the ship, and using the people as pawns. It's politics as usual and some of the oldest political games are being played.

Spread the word that it is important to hold on to the belief that love, truth and grace matter. It will be our only salvation. It will get ugly before it gets cute.


Aug 5, 2009

Breaking The Code

What A Busy Boy!

Okay so I'm watching David Letterman, and his first guest is Johnny Depp. I dig Johnny. Anyway, Mr. Depp has dangling from his front pocket what looks like a pink handkerchief. What intrigued me is that it didn't really go with his non-pink outfit. It seemed more like a non-verbal announcement. You know, like people do with the handkerchief code.

For those of you not in the know, within the gay culture, there are folks that announce their personal sexual taste, in everything from vanilla to kink, by wearing a colored handkerchief within their pockets.

It's my understanding that the placement of the hanky reveals if you are the giver or receiver of said sexual act. Johnny had his in his front pocket, which I believe reveals something he likes to watch.

If the hanky was in his back pocket it tells if the actually engages in the act. Right pocket is the receiver, left pocket is the giver. Take notes good people.

So Johnny has what looked like a pink handkerchief. Depending on the shade of the pink it would mean, if this is the message he was sending, that Depp likes to watch tit torture, or dildo play. Intriguing!

Mind you, I'm not saying Johnny is gay, bi, or whatever. He's uber-rich and labels like that have no fucking meaning for those folks. He just does him and whomever he likes.

Also, among the heterosexual S&M crowd the hanky-code is widely used. I've been to The Vault of NYC's past, and realize the sex spectrum propels people to communicate in discrete ways.

I'm not an expert on the handkerchief code. What I wrote is based on what I recall from my hedonistic days. I also know the code is very much varies among various communities. I welcome any reader to share their knowledge of the code. I would so hate to have social-sexual faux-pas.

Aug 4, 2009

I'm So Over The Tit For Tat

I shared the following comment (see below) on one of my favorite blogs. The southern gentleman V had posted a video of Orly Taitz's appearance on MSNBC.

"Yes, she is an a-hole. However, by laughing at her and continuing to call those of a different opinion crazy or stupid, just adds to the divide that will do all of us in.

The polarization of this country is a bad thing. The MSM is a fucking joke. Look how they handled this situation. Let her talk and it could have been easily dismantled.

The MSM tickled the liberal-leaning folks by dissing the conservative-leaning folks. While it is tempting to do so, it really does not bring people together. And, it fosters a climate of just being nasty to each other. Shameful!

This form of entertainment, masked in journalistic clothing, creates less of an opportunity to engage in meaningful discussion.

I'm so over these so called news shows being a Merlot drinking version of Jerry Springer."

Source: My Turning Stomach