Aug 23, 2009

Living La Vida de un Papi

Ricky has been exhibiting himself as a proud shirtless papi for the cameras. After I got over the adorableness of it all, I had a thought of concern. I hope he doesn't pimp those kids out for fame and fortune.

It seems that the parents that choose to exploit their kids, usually end up seeing that child crash and burn. If ever you are in doubt of what to do Papi Ricky, just think about Lindsay and Britney. Oh, and that recently Miley Cyrus performed at the Kid's Choice Awards, by working a stripper pole.

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lelocolon said...

Rickie with children and no mamy? When did that happen? Are those his children, or was that just a photo up? I do not get this people. Well maybe he likes children the same way I like puppies.

Kitty said...

I think he just posted those pics on his Twitter because the twins hit 1. He has an adorable picture of him giving one of them his first bath. I wish he would just say here's me, my kids and my partner. I mean, come on, who's taking these intimate pictures, the nanny...I don't think so.

lelocolon said...

While I think that the closet is a social construct, I feel so frustrated with this celebs that fall under that trap. It's not that he has to come out, but Why is he such a closeted case? Like Michael Jackson, even after death, their are some followers that can not spell him out for what he was, a queen. Bigger than Elizabeth from England. I feel Ricky Martin is the PR version of Michael, only that he follows the "Butch" porn-star trendie look with tattoes and all.

Kitty said...


You are right about Ricky not having to come out but he should stop brushing up against the closet and running away when the new CD is about to drop. He also now has kids and the confines of a closet take on new meaning when little people are viewing you as a roll model.

Regarding Michael Jackson...honey, he was not a queen in any way, shape or form and I think as much distance between what he was into and homosexuality needs to be made as humanly possible because the eventual fallout of what Michael's lifestyle was really all about, and what people turned a blind eye to for money and gifts will be beyond disgusting.

lelocolon said...

Maybe I am in denial about Michael and his appetite for boys. I just think that Parents that allow children to sleep with grown ups celebs, are more into getting cash revenues than on being good parents. And in some of the cases that came up to the courts it seems that the settlements were a good option for the parents that needed extra income to buy themselves some luxury cars.