Aug 29, 2009

A False Martyr

I have never watched a full episode of Glen Beck. I have heard about him and his message to the Fox News masses. I deal with enough bullshit in real life, and choose not to spend my free time watching it on tv.

Well, it seems that the clock is ticking for Glen. I saw a recent clip where he tried to position himself as a martyr. I say he is delusional.

At the end of the day Glen, you were suppose to bring in the advertising dollars to Fox News. It seems many sponsors are fleeing your sinking ship. It is this reason, and this reason only, why Fox News is showing you the door and helping you with your coat.

Let's be real here Glen. I bet that more than half the time you were on the air Glen, the folks in the control room laughed their asses off, as your spouted your hysteria.

P.S. Good people please write to companies that are advertising on Glen Beck and tell them to shut it down.


Bob said...

I think people like Beck have the right to spout their ignorance, either in the streets or on the air, but when he crossed the line by calling the president a racist, I was glad people started pulling the dollars from his show.
It's called Free Speech, Beck, but you should have to THINK before you do it.

lelocolon said...

The other day while commenting on another blog, in an effort to emasculate him, I kept addressing him as her. Then I felt guilty cause I felt that by me doing that, I was offending woman, even though by doing so, I was so much connected to my hanging out days back at Christopher’s street piers. Later on I felt as though it really did not matter switching gender on this scum bag, he has done a pretty good castrating job on himself. He switch role from being the school yard bully, to the cell mate bitch. Now he can really hit those high notes.