Aug 15, 2009

Spread The Word On Health Care Reform

Joshua Holland over at has this to share about what health care reform can provide Americans, if it is discussed in a civil manner and real changes made. Enjoy good people. Oh, and pass it on.

1: The First Thing That Will Happen Is Absolutely Nothing

2. New Protections for Consumers

3. Medical Bankruptcies Would Plummet

4. People Who Could Never Get Decent Coverage Will Finally Be Able To

5. (Almost) Everyone Gets Covered

6. Those Who Can't Afford the Premiums Will Get Help Paying

7. No Free Lunch for Businesses

8. More Low-Income Workers Eligible for Medicaid

9. Some Things Will Change, but You'll Never Notice

10. Over Time, the System Will Become Healthier

"Everything depends on what the final legislation entails. But if it were done right, those systemic changes -- greater competition, tighter regulation, technological improvements, a greater emphasis on prevention, the buying power and efficiency of less-fragmented insurance pools and an end to treating the uninsured in emergency rooms -- would gradually "bend the cost curve" of health coverage and offer insurance to tens of millions of people who today struggle with the health problems and stressful economic insecurity of living without insurance.

As I've argued before, the Democrats' approach is far from perfect. But the things outlined here are essentially what would come about if the more-progressive version(s) passed.

Understanding what's actually contained in the legislation leads to an unavoidable conclusion about the anger we've seen in recent weeks: it's doubtful that at anytime in the history of our nation have a group of people been so furiously opposed to something that would so obviously be an improvement over what they now have.

It's nothing less than a testament to the power of industry propaganda."

Source: Click here for the details. Pass this forward to members outside of the choir.


lelocolon said...

if only those morons will take the time to read perhaps they will do less embarrassment to themselves.

Kitty said...

I find that I have become really intolerant of the willfully and aggresively ignorant folks. I think that it's the unrelenting selfishness.