Jan 31, 2008

The Gayken

According to Michael Musto, the Gayken is appearing in Spamalot on Broadway. Clay is so gay. I shudder when I think back to a time and place when I was in the closet. The bullshit you put yourself through when you are living in that down low place. Glory, hallelujah! I stopped living there some time ago.

Jan 30, 2008

And Justice For All?

"While John Roberts worked at a steel mill during college, and Clarence Thomas came up dirt-poor in Pin Point, Ga., the Supreme Court of late hasn't shown much interest in people...who reside at the bottom of the economic food chain. The court's docket is increasingly dominated by business litigation -- patent challenges, anti-trust suits and attempts by big businesses to insulate themselves from all sorts of legal liability and litigation brought by their employees, investors or aggrieved customers."

I say we need to rethink the "appointment for life" racket the Supreme Court has going on. In my opinion these people are still human beings on the bench. These Supremes are vulnerable to political loyalties, prejudices, corruption, or just unqualified to serve. I say put them up for re-election every X amount of years, or just allow them to serve X amount of years.

Click here to get the full story.

Jan 29, 2008

On The Drive Home

A private conversation eavesdropped via wiretapping, between Georgie and Laura, on the drive home after the state of the union address:

Georgie: Yee hah I was something to behold tonight. Wasn't I Laura?
Laura: (silence)
Georgie: Laura, wasn't I something tonight?
Laura: umm hmm
Georgie: Umm hmm? Shoot, I was something else tonight. You aint here dem applauds.
Laura: (silence)
Georgie: What you think?
Laura: (silence)
Georgie: Laura what you think?
Laura: I gotta call the wedding planner tomorrow. That daughter of yours is leaving everything for me to handle.
Georgie: Ahh shoot you spoiled dem girls.
Georgie: Let me call Dick and see what he thought.
Long Pause
Georgie: (Turns to Laura who is looking out the car window) I got his voicemail.
Laura: Of course.
Georgie: Hey, Dick this is George. Hey buddy, give me a call. Laura was just saying I was outstanding tonight. I just wanna hear your take on thangs. Call me. I'll probably be up late tonight. So, call me. OK?
Laura: (In a whispered tone) Shit. Ha. He aint gonna call back. Never does.

Jan 28, 2008

Hillary On The Crackberry

HailHill: u there?
BubbaRock: wassup?
HailHill: guess who is sitting next to Alki?
BubbaRock: who?
HailHill: Obama!
BubbaRock: wait let me get to a tv
BubbaRock: oh hell to the no
HailHill: aint that some shit....how do I look?
BubbaRock: pissed
HailHill: ummm yeah!
BubbaRock: I know babe but relax. fuck it.
HailHill: fuck it? u kidding...right?
BubbaRock: look I don't want to fight
HailHill: gotta go, Nancy is hitting the gavel
BubbaRock: hold your head up babe, I got the foot rub waiting for you
HailHill: ok...good my dogs are barking
HailHill: tell chels to text me

Will You Be My Valentine?

Teddy and Obama sitting on a tree, k i s s i n g, first comes the endorsement, than the nomination, then we have the "new" Kennedy running the nation.

Overheard at the State of the Union Address:

Ted: Hey Obama! Over here I saved you a seat.
Obama: Hey Teddy, thanks man!
Ted: Hey look at Hillary. She looks pissed.
Obama: (Laughter)Shhhh! Stop it. Hey, they're gonna start.
Ted: Argh! Seven years of this guy. Times like this I wish I had my iPod.

Looking For Love - Feb 11 on Logo

Can You Guess My T?

Calpernia Addams is looking for love. What better way to do it then by getting a reality tv show. The producers round up a stable of hot looking men. They also rent a fierce house, that most people are not able to afford. And, they create unusual dating situations, that allow you to test the wit and stamina of the many men vying for your affection and camera time.

Wait! It gets better. See Ms. Addams is one of those girls that use to be a boy. You see Calpernia is a transgendered woman! I'm excited. I love the trannies. They are the new gay. The G.L.s in G.L.B.T. are so played out. It's all about the switch hitters and the ones that made the switch.

Plus, it's being hosted by Alec Mappa, who is a funny, clever, and twisted biatch. The show will air on the Logo channel on Feb. 11th.

Jan 27, 2008

Do You Hate People?

Breaker 1, 9. Breaker 1, 9. Hey good buddy do you find that often at work your stomach turns while having to deal with the people around you? Do you find you tend to have problems when it comes to developing or maintaining healthy long-term interpersonal relationships? Over.

Well, if the answer to that question is a "10, 4 good buddy" you may want to consider a career change and enter the fascinating world of truck driving.

Call now and you'll receive your welcoming kit that includes two cases of Red Bull, a year supply of No-Doze, economy size box of Trojan condoms (for when you entertain those truck stop hookers) and a guide to the best greasy spoons establishments across the good ol' U.S. of A.

"A shortage of long-haul drivers is spurring trucking companies across the USA to try to recast trucking's nomadic image and recruit more women, minorities, retired military veterans and those who want a second career.

High driver turnover traditionally has been a problem throughout the trucking industry, according to Ray Kuntz, chairman of the American Trucking Associations (ATA). But the road ahead, he said, looks especially grim.

Because rail capacity is limited and air freight is so expensive, he said, the federal government projects a 31 percent increase in product hauling over U.S. highways from 2005 to 2117." Source: USA Today

Well There It Is

Ok, so I watched the Miss America pageant. The new sexy, hip and edgy opening segment consisted of the ladies coming out in colored tank tops and jeans. They looked like they were dressed for rehearsal.

They then arranged the girls into groups, and I kid you not, such as: woman from states that never won the title, woman with brown eyes, and the older gals of the group.

One contestant introduced herself by saying "I'm from the state that had a primary that no one cared about." (No, I'm not making this up.)Miss Nevada than said in her intro, "Your money is safe here with us."

I thought I was gonna find this all amusing, but then felt dirty watching the madness. Hey Kylie Kwong is on. Click!

Jan 26, 2008

Just Thinking

As a child born in 1968, and grew up within the 70s, and began to understand in the 80s, I recall Geraldine Ferraro and Jessie Jackson. She was on the VP ticket for the Dems and he ran for president.

Not much mention of them these days. Interesting.

Jan 25, 2008

Damn You Barack Obama

There She Is

I'm just gonna come out and say it. I want to see the revamped and sexified Miss America pagent. Last year the airing of Miss America disappeared from network television and got sent down the food chain. Country Music Television (CMT) came to the rescue and aired it on their network. Pageants are big in the south y'all.

What did the Miss America pageant in, was not just low ratings, but they had serious competition from Donald Trump's Miss USA hoochie show. Let's be honest the Miss USA girls will put out and party hard. Hey, even Miss Teen USA got her lesbian action on with Miss USA. And, Miss USA used her manicured pinky nail to shovel coke up her nose. Sex and scandal sell. We all know this.

In contrast, the Miss America girls will at most give you a hand job. They keep their talons hidden. As for the freak in them, well she'll surface only on special occassions, or much later down the road when the spotlight moved on. Unless, her spot gets blown up like they did to Vanessa Williams.

Well, TLC is airing the show this Saturday. Check your local listings. In order to rally some viewers TLC did a reality show called "Reality Check" where we got introduced to the Miss America contestants. The show was America's Next Top Model meets The Real World, by way of What Not To Wear. You get the picture. They revamped the girls by making them mall-like edgy.

What I found funny was the Hair and Fashion Queens worked hard to help these girls shed their Pageant Veneers. Some of the ladies took the risk, while others were not so eager to break the mold.

I have paperwork to do on Saturday for school. I'm gonna need some diversion to get me through it. I'm hoping Miss America's attempt at being new, sexy and edgy will be interesting to watch. I can see the opening number now. The music will have a pop feel but with some hip-hop beat undercurrents. The ladies are gonna strut it with attitude and be required to make sharp quick turns into a pose.

I can hear it from some of you, "Allan you're being a male pig." My response to that is "No honey, I'm being a catty queen." I laugh at and mock all exaggerations of male and female representations that are based on contrived ideas. And, a lot of those people involved in that pageant world, would have NOOOO problem looking down their nose at me.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, two wrongs don't make a right. But, let's be honesty some time it feels good to be a bitch.

Britney Bucks

According to a local news report piece, Britney Spears contributes about $120 million to the U.S. economy. This amount is based on her music sales, the money paparazzis make off of her, and the sell of magazines with her face on the cover.

I laughed and then felt like I needed to throw up. So, I guess we need more celebrity drama to help the U.S. economy out of this recession. Fuck lowering interest rates.

Jan 23, 2008

Does MTV Still Play Music Videos?

I've been meaning to post this some moons ago, but got distracted with everything else. Amanda is a hot lovely mess. She paid some serious bucks for those lips, tits and hips. I wish her a long life. It's always the Year of the Dragon with her.

So you remember when MTV use to play tons of music videos and had music programming that highlighted the various genres of music? Now, MTV just pushes products and broken-down personalities. Hey, maybe music companies can't front the coins for music videos that artist then have to recoup to their labels. Well, maybe it can't happen on such a wide scale as it use to. It's hard for an artist and label to make the coins today.

I wonder if they ever had the guts to air this? And, if the audience they have now would have been able to appreciate it. If someone knows, please let me know.

Jan 22, 2008

How The Universe Works

Just a couple of days ago I did a post in which I recalled an experience I had, as a member of the Gay and Lesbian Youth of New York (GLNY). Don't you know that I got an email about a reunion happening on Jan. 29th!

I have not been in touch with GLYNY or any of the GLYNY kids in over 20 years! How amazing. Let me get my jaw off the floor and figure out a way to get into NYC for this gathering.

When Poetry Slams

Yesterday, the Yale Peabody Museum had it's 14th Annual Poetry Slam as part of it's day long festivities observing Dr. Martin Luther King Day. I was invited to be a part of the event by serving as a judge.

I enjoy a good Poetry Slam, when they have poets that present poems that are thought provoking, funny, insighful, and controversial. What I don't like is when a Poetry Slam has poets that are copycats of the slamming poets, cliche, simplistic and self-centered.

At the end of the day I appreciate most efforts from anyone that puts SOMETHING out for the world to see. With that said some of the poets brought their A game, while others didn't reach me in that way that only poetry can.

The poets that rocked it and I would suggest you try to see them perform are:

Soulful Jones - He won the slam. My favorite poem of his dealt with how numbers and statistics are the new slurs against black people.

Darian Dauchan - This guy has style. He rocked a poem about hip-hop's fascination with the bling. One of my favorite lines went something like "bling, bling, check out my rings, see my stones from Sierra Leone." He also turned it out with a poem titled "Damn You Barak Obama, You Pretty Mother Fucker" (Yay! I found a video of him performing this poem. Go the the 1/25 post.)

Afrikess - She was the crowd favorite. She got two standing ovations. My favorite part of one of her poems is she said every year she gets invited to the Peabody Museum, which was built on Peabody's fortune he gained from selling COTTON picked by slaves, and that what she gets for her participation is a COTTON t-shirt. (it's true each poet was giving a t-shirt as they left the stage...LOL...Tacky!) She also said she was part of a soon to be extinct breed called the Africus Protesticus.

Carlos Andres Gomez - Solid poet and well known in the audience. He is also mad cute. I have to say I scored him a bit high. I know, I know, bad Allan. Hey! The blood went to my loins.

Queen Sheba - She also rocked the scene. Very talented and an amazing performer. I just wish she would change her name. Her talent and art deserve better than that stage name.

It was a wonderful afternoon, the hubby loved it, and I felt lucky to be a part of it.

Clikc here to read the poem that made me fall in love with the art form. You broke it down brother Pedro!

Move On Action - Recession Rescue

This is from MoveOn.org.

Democratic leaders will be meeting with President Bush this week to negotiate an emergency economic stimulus package, and they're under pressure to accept the president's priorities.

Bush's proposal gives little or no help to people who make less than $40,000 a year, but those are the very folks who need help most--and who would be most likely to spend a little extra cash in their pockets to get the economy moving again.

This is a moment we could think big. We could spend on public infrastructure to create new jobs (Miss Kitty called it), or invest in new technology to make us more competitive and less dependent on oil in the long term. Or we could give even more Bush tax breaks to the people who need it the least.

Please sign their online petition and tell your representative to demand a progressive economic package? A compiled petition with your individual comment will be presented to your Senators.

Click Here to go to the online petition!

R.I.P. Heath Ledger

Heath Ledger was found dead Tuesday at a downtown Manhattan residence, and police said drugs may have been a factor. He was 28.

I crushed on him and Jake bigtime when I saw Brokeback Mountain. What a shame. I found him to be an amazing actor. May he rest in peace.

Jan 19, 2008

Love From The Departed

I'm not trying to be morbid with this post. What my intentions are is believe it or not, celebratory. The time and place I decided to be reborn includes, at the age of 16, I would be in the thick of the AIDS epidemic in NYC.

As those of you near and dear to me know, I use to volunteer at the Gay and Lesbian Center of NYC. I was part member of the Gay and Lesbian Youth of NY (GLYNY). Our group had to volunteer a number of hours in order for us to meet for free at the Center. One of my jobs was to escort young men into the newly formed headquarters of the Gay Men Health Crisis (GMHC).

I remeber so vividly bringing these gorgeous and affluent looking white men up to the second floor. When I opened the door to the space where GHMC lived, in my eyes, basically a long corridor of scared looking men. I have total recall of opening the door and watching the rows of seated men on each side of the hall look towards the door in shock. As a young gayling I didn't understand. Now I know that perhaps many of them were scared to see the familiar face of a trick that was aslo being tested to see if they had the "gay cancer." AIDS was called gay cancer back in those days.

Soon after that experience I started hearing from friends and acquaintences the long list of people I knew that had died. My people were dying at the ages of 18, 19, 20, 21. I think you get the picture. It's a mind fuck to be so young and see so many of your peers die. I send much love and healing to the men and women that served in Georgie's war.

Enough of the past and let me tell you about the present. For a long time I missed Angie, Memo, Sandy, Danny, David and so many others. Most recently I lost Willie. the mother of the House of Ninja. Oh how I wish they were here, and that you can know them.

Now here is the uplifting part. These wonderful beings I just mentioned still show me love. When life takes its toll, which you know it does, I get inspired by them. I remember what they had to overcome to be the fab beings that I came to know and love. They got dissed, kicked and pissed upon but they move towards being FAB.

Some would say their Fabness lived in a bubble. I would argue, doesn't most Fabness live in a bubble, and that some bubbles are bigger than others. In their time they created an energy and culture that gave excitment and refuge to so many.

Being FAB is important. Being FAB means that despite what you have been told by the wold around, you that you suck, you believe that you don't. Being FAB means you have remebered what is unique and cute about you and that the world needs to see it. This little of light of mine, I'm gonna let is shine. The being FAB I'm talking about, moves beyond the bullshit and illuminates LOVE and TRUTH.

When I'm in the light I walk to school each day being grateful. I thank the higher power for Marcos and how he supports me. I also think back to my teachers from school and the tools they gave me. I also think about my Willie and the legendary queens of the pier, for teaching me to have some cojones in life with charming grace, and a heaping serving of FABNESS.

Ladies and gentleman, behold, you are reading the thoughts of a being that this earth is blessed to have. I am here with the determination to give all that I have, so that you can give all of your blessings and talents to others.

Jan 17, 2008

Project Runway Post For MY Joslyn

My dear friend Joslyn has placed her request for another post about Project Runway. I can not disappoint her and must give the wonderful woman what she wants. So here you are babe. My thoughts on Project Runway 4.

- Joslyn and I went to the High School of Fashion Industries in NYC together, so she already knows, I knew Jesus loves me when the new season came to life earlier this month.

- Bravo to Bravo for selecting a group of folks, that earned this opportunity, from every walk of age and life.

- Child, they are serving the MAN CANDY this season. I'm swooning over the cute faces and the consistent show of bare chested wrapped in towels men.Umm and Rami has a hot ass.

- Ricky stop crying. It makes you seem unstable and not ready for this type of opportunity. And, if you must cry,then at least elevate what you are bringing to the runway. It would be better if you gave tears of joy, rather than tears for sympathy.

- The universe works in mysterious ways. Chris got chopped, but was resurrected when Jack had to leave (sending healing vibes to Jack). Chris aka The Phoneix has risen from the ashes and is serving it. If you don't agree look at the image above.

- My favorite moment so far was when Carmen and Ricky were not feeling each other, and were battling via song. So Ricky sang to Carmen "Don't go home to soon, don't go home to soon" Carmen responded by saying "Wrong note bitch!" Carmen got chopped in THAT episode. Ricky should open a Botanica and provide "consultas." I love fashion folk.

- Elisa spits on fabrics, grinds them into the grass, doesn't use a dress form, won't look at a male model undress and measures with her hands. This world is not ready for Elisa. I hope her planet welcomed her back with much fanfare and love. God bless you mujer. Ache! Ache!

- My pick for final three are Rami, Christian and Sweet Pea.

I Need Some Broadway Moments

Past few days have been odd. My moods have ranged from bored, to angry, to worried, to happy peppy person. I'm blaming it all on Seasonal Affective Disorder.

I'm also eager for classes start up again. I really enjoyed the last semester and did well, by the way, my GPA is no 3.70. I need this mind to be engaged in something. Too much free time can be too much of a good thing.

So I already had tostones to cheer me up. The next thing that always works is a Broadway and/or off-Broadway musical number.

Jan 15, 2008

Cougars, M.I.L.F.s and Daddies...Oh My! (revised)

In an earlier post I made reference to the female energy of our planet reawakening. She has had her nap and is now ready to make her energy known. Oh mighty Isis! I think what is also bundled with that energy is an appreciation for what will sustain us.

Well, I've noticed for the past few years in the world of porn and erotica there has been a fascination with the older, more seasoned woman and man. One term used to describe the woman is a Cougar. She is this fierce feline sex kitten that knows what she wants, how she wants it and with whom she wants it with. The other type is the crewd M.I.L.F., which stands for Mothers I Like to Fuck. Hey, the porn industry is still ruled by piggish men.

What I find sexy in all of this is that the older woman is being appreciated. Yes, I do know she is being objectified. I also understand this may be a new form of victimization of women. I mean the porn industry is tangled in a web of contradictions.

Not too far behind is gay porn and its fascination with the Daddies. These are the older men that attract the young, dumb and full of cum men. The daddies are often salt and peppered haired with a bit of pot belly showing the natural physique of a well worn body.

What is common among all of these fetish types is that they appear to be comfortable in their skin. From what I've seen most of their performances reveal them enjoying their experience and not just in it to make those coins for their next purchase of their drug of choice. Mind you I don't doubt there are perfomers focused on the money and that they are doing the trick for the fix.

I just think it's hot that in the spectrum of porn and erotica, it now more fully acknowledges that what is desireable, does include a person beyond 30 years of age. Mind you I myself am of a certain gloriously well fought and earned age. I like that if the hubby and I need a little fries on the side to go with our foreplay, we can enjoy something that visually celebrates an age and body type we can relate to.

ADDENDUM: Good people, Miss Kitty breaks it down for us even further in the comment section. Consider yourself to have been placed in the loop.

Jan 14, 2008

My Bizzare Four-Legged Children

Marcos and I share our home and love with two Shih Tzus,Perogino and Luna, and a black and white American-Short Hair cat named Geronimo. We take very good care of them. They go to the Vet every year for their shots and a check-up. We feed them good quality food. They even sleep in our bed. What do we get in return?

Geronimo obviously didn't get the memo that cats are suppose to be a low-maintenance pet. He enjoys the great outdoors. I don't fault him for that, but he has made me his fucking doorman. I let him in and out so many times during the day and night that I am loosing my patience.

He meows to go out, and shakes the storm door to signal me to let him in. I thought of putting a pet door, but there are several other cats in the neighborhood that go out, and I'm afraid they will come in and the dogs will kill a neighbor's cat.

Recently Geronimo has found it cute to summon me to let him in, and when I open the door he just sits there and looks at me. So I'm standing there, letting all the cold air in saying "Umm, Geronimo your either in or out! What is it going to be?" I then slam the door in his face and leave pissed, to only have him pound on the door a few minutes later and pull the same shit.

Luna is still fascinated with destroying things. She has shown no signs of being a lady. In fact when she goes for her walks, rather than squatting down to pee, she lifts her leg up like a male dog. She got that from Perogino. My neighbors see her and ask me what is his name. I then reply Luna. One guy even said "She's a girl dog? Why does she pee like that?" Because she's a lesbian!

As for Perogino he creeps me out at times. He will come in front of me, sit and just stare. I'll ask him if he's hungry, or wants to go out, or go to pick him up but then he backs away. I once clocked him staring at me for three minutes. What is that about? Is he plotting against me or does he have a perverse inter-species crush? Just plain creepy.

Let me end here. I'm sure I'll be summoned shortly to tend to my doorman duties.

Tackling Tacky Tactics in Television

MSNBC invited Dennis Kucinich to participate in the Democratic debate they are scheduled to air this Tuesday. Then MSNBC changed their minds and retracted the invitation. The head honcho over at MSNBC felt it would be better to just have Barack, Hillary, and John. How tacky of MSNBC.

Well, Kucinich fought back, and today a Nevada judge said MSNBC must include Kucinich or he will issue an injunction stopping the televised debate. I'm eager to see how MSNBC handles this situation.

I say let the man participate.

Fannypack Sales Will Plummet

"Use your head and stay organized! The Visorganizer is a revolutionary carrying case for everything you need to make it through your busy day whether you're a pro golfer, a retired ship builder, a club DJ, or a busy mom on the go. And it clips on the front of your favorite hat. Pack it with up to 7 lbs. If it has a visor, it needs a Visorganizer!"

When Worlds Collide

While I've been on winter break I've been spending a lot of time reading about politics, conspiracy theories and sci-fi. My Pisces mind has constructed the following scenario. Be forewarned, do not read this prior to going to bed, it may lead to scary dreams.

Sinister elements of the U.S. government have figured out ways to rig elections without it be detected. The result will be the Greys will place a mind controlled Reptilian, that is able to shape shift into human form, into power. This will be evident to those that know, because when this person speaks they will repeatedly stick out their tongue, in a lizard like fashion, when they are speaking. For those that are blind it will appear as they are just licking their lips.

The goal of this diabolical plan is to further consolidate the worlds powers for the purpose of global enslavement of the masses. This is essential so that upon the arrival of the planet Nibiru in 2012, earthlings will once again be forced to mine for gold dust, in order to maintain Nibiru's weak atmosphere.

All earthlings will have their DNA analyzed during what will be called The Purification. This process will identify what talents and deficiencies a person possess based on what is encoded in their DNA. Everyone will then be given work assignments based on the analysis of their DNA.

Through sheer free-will a certain segment of the population will escape the grip of the evil forces in control and will create an underground movement to abolish the oppressive rule of the new world order.

The final fate of humanity will rest on the determination man and woman kind have to fight for truth and freedom. It will also be essential that humans transition to the 4th dimension and work communally.

Dear faithful readers I have shared far too much. With this post I have placed myself in danger. If I am eliminated, do not fear. My spirit will return in a 4th dimension form. I will appear androgynous and will be known as Epiphany. I'll choose Las Vegas as my new base station and will pack them in nightly at the Luxor hotel and casino.

Look for me. During my sold-out performances I will provide information to those in the know. Watch the skies and pack some heat during the winter solstice on 2012.

Jan 13, 2008

Whack Attack!

Here is a list of things that I feel are WHACK. In my book WHACK is defined as something that is absurd, asinine, unfair and/or contrived.

- I find it whack that former Olympic track gold medalist, Marion Jones, was sentenced to six months in prison Friday for lying to investigators about using performance-enhancing drugs and her role in a check-fraud scam. Marion has been publicly disgraced and was stripped of her medals. Why put salt on the wound? What she did was whack, but putting her in jail is even whacker. I feel she should have been put on probation and given tons of hours of community service.

- It's also whack that there is a long list of guys in baseball who lie all the time about their steroid abuse, and they are getting away with it.

- If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, moves like a duck, then it's a duck. It's so whack that there is a fear to use the "R" word. Yes, folks we are in a recession. Perhaps, what is going on doesn't fit the traditional definition, but with the housing bubble bursting, people falling behind on credit card payments and retail stores overflowing with unsold merchandise from the holiday season; it's time to call it what it is. We're in a recession. There, it's out in the open. Brown bag your lunch tomorrow. You'll need those dollars.

- It's really whack that Britney's mother wrote another book on parenting. What's even whacker is this latest one was pulled from being released not because her oldest daughter has gone nuts, but because the younger one got knocked up at 16. Hmm, maybe she was left off the hook on the Britney stuff cause Britney's breakdown is occurring while she's an adult; therefore, Lynn Spears had nothing to do with that.

- It's whack that in 2008 people have to ask the question "Is America ready for a female or black president?" I guess America is only ready for closeted, philandering, corrupt, grimy elected officials.

Jan 12, 2008

Tostones with Mojo

I was feeling a bit down and out today, so naturally I turned to food for comfort. I decided to make tostones (TOAST-TONE-NES) with mojo (MO-HO).

Tostones are twice fried plantain chips. You should make them next time you feel you need a little fried joy in your life.

1. You cut the GREEN plantain into 1" slices going crosswise. You'll end up with a stack of fat poker chips.

2. You then fry them on about 3-5 minutes on each side until they are just starting to turn brown.

3. You then take them out of the oil, drain them, squash them with a tostoneria, or use a small skillet and press them down on a cutting board. Don't over press, you just want to flatten them to about half of their original thickness.

4. You then put them back into the oil and raise the heat and fry for another 5-8 minutes on each side, until they are a golden brown.

5. Drain them again on paper towel and season them with salt and pepper as soon as they come out of the pan.

6. You then pour mojo sauce over them. Mojo consists of two fresh garlic cloves, pinch of salt, pinch of pepper, pinch of dried oregano and two tablespoons of vinegar, and two tablespoons of olive oil. This is all put into a mortar and pestle and you grind away till you have a lovely paste/salad dressing, consistency.

The mojo part is optional. If you can't deal with mainlining garlic, then squeeze some lime juice over the finished plate.

I consumed about 15 tostones. I felt so much better afterwards. Thank you mom for teaching me how to make them.

Jan 10, 2008

What Caught MY Interest In The News Today

- Sen. John Kerry endorsed Sen. Obama today. I'm intrigued by this new development. I wonder if it was solely based on Kerry evaluating the playing field and finding Obama to be the most qualified, or if he has some beef with Bill and Hillary. You see folks to me politics is personal and personal stuff gets meshed in with politics.

- Retailers reported that sales were low for the holiday season. The last time they had sales reports this dismal was in 2002. Money is tight.

- 1.5 million cars have an impact with a Deer on the highway, from those incidents about 200 people die a year from colliding with Deers.

- The U.S. produces over 2 million tons of e-waste (PCs, Laptops, Monitors, Keyboards, etc.) per year. Less than 20% of this e-waste is recycled. This e-waste also contributes toxic materials such as Mercury and Lead into the ground, resulting in the contamination of rivers, streams and other bodies of water.

Jan 9, 2008

A Nudge In The Right Direction

Scripps Network owns Food Network. According to their website they are firm believers in diversity and want to promote diversity. With that said there are no Black, Latino or Asian chefs/cooks on their line up for 2008. What you get instead is Paula Deen, a white woman from the South, cooking an African peanut stewed beef dish. I kid you not.

For five years I worked in the public relations group for Time Warner. Time Warner is one of the largest media companies in the world. What made them change their policies and practices was the bottom line. What influenced those changes were messages from consumers and viewers like you.

I'm asking all my faithful readers to take some time to send their Public Affairs Manager, which is listed below, a quick note about the lack of DIVERSITY in Food Networks casts of chefs and cooks.

I know there will be a well thought out and carefully worded response to your email or letter. May I suggest you include in your initial communication how there are several OTHER networks who are getting it right and perhaps you'll just tune in to those shows.

Stephanie Halouma | Public Affairs Manager
9721 Sherrill Blvd, Knoxville TN 37932

P.S. Thank you Junior for the heads up.

Jan 8, 2008


I've recently developed an interest in Astronomy. Since leaving the bright lights of NYC, I've been able to see more of our celestial neighbors in the night sky. Hamden is a small town; therefore, the light pollution is not as severe.

I've found that stargazing really soothes me despite the fact it also humbles my spirit. I'm intrigued by what is out there. I'm also fascinated with the many myths and legends regarding the planets and constellations.

In the winter night sky of the North you can see the sky giant Orion. I've grown fond of him. I can understand the fascination our ancient ancestors had when they looked up at him. He's rather easy to find. Look for Orion's belt. Orion's belt is made up of three stars that sorta line up in a straight line. The middle star is slightly north of the others.

Also in view tonight is Mars. Earth's smaller cousin is north of Orion and in between the two stars that make up his shoulders. Look for a bright light that is steady. Planets don't twinkle, only stars do. Also, depending on your view you might see a red tinted haze of light surrounding Mars.

Saturn is also in view for those of you lucky enough to live in an area with very little or no light pollution. I'm not so lucky. Look towards the east and slightly north of Mars to find the ringed planet.

If you want to make a star map for your spot on the planet click here.

Jan 3, 2008

Radio Killed The Radio Star

I had to go back to a time when I was first told that it would go so terribly wrong.

Addendum: They had a lot of help from the music industry as well.

Jan 2, 2008

Your Freudian Slip Is Showing

The last challenge on Project Runway required the designers to revise an already existing garment that belong to a woman that lost "a significant amount of weight."

Steven's client brought in her old wedding dress. Steven went into a state of conflama. He found the material and beading tacky. What did he come up with? Well, he created what ended up looking like a maid's outfit. So the bride went from the bell of the ball, to the women that would scrub the walls.

I found it hysterical. It made me wonder if deep in that head of his, he saw what the future might hold for the owner of a wedding dress. Maybe, I read to much into it and Steven just lacked the inspiration to really rock it. I still laughed my ass off.

MichaelKors called it "a french maid going to a funeral."

Jan 1, 2008

A Pre-Hungover Post

Please note my post-hangover state inspired me to make some revisions of the original post.

This post is being written under the influence of several realities.
1. I've had a few sips.
2. I've reflected on the year that has passed.
3. I'm eager to see what 2008 holds for us tiny beings, on this big blue marble in space.
4. My hubby and I kissed at 12:00 without even waiting for it. We were talking and hanging and by chance I looked at the clock and said "Papito, it's 2008, kiss me." And, he did. Yay for us!

With that said my hopes and dreams for 2008 are:

- Pop-culture and celebrity obsession become less and less important. Hmm, well at the very least the exposure of that fake reality continue to reveal the traps and the toxic pseudo-reality people live within. May the revelation wake many up from the dreamstate.

- A multitude of sonic revolutions take over and reveal radio and mainstream music industry for the fascists tool it has become. In my youth, during the 80s we had rap,punk, new wave, and hair bands. I hate that Disney's High School Musical was such a hit that it spawned a sequel. We need more music that challenges the status-quo.

- That the mythical planet of the Sumerians, Nibiru, becomes visible to more earthlings and we start to embrace that we are NOT alone. Watch the skies.

- Compassion goes from being nice to noble. Honesty is not correct but courageous. Empathy moves from sensitive to insightful. Charity is not only for karma, but for affirming life.

- Love becomes an effortless form of expression.

- Laughter is as common as crying, and overwhelms the negative.

- The blessing of food gets enhanced by more awareness of the medicinal qualities of food. I do also want the enjoyment of eating Oreos cookies with milk. We ain't going for sainthood here, but we're better if we strive for the balance.

- World War III is avoided, and we shock the universe.