May 24, 2016

Happy Birthday Marcos

My monkey Marcos is in the middle.

Not a day goes by that I don't think about Marcos. He passed on a little over five years ago. I have reached that place where I am at peace with knowing a part of his spirit is always with me, and that his influence continues to guide me. 

Today, would have been his 56th birthday. In celebration I decided to send him flowers!

May 17, 2016

In The 21st Century...People Will Draw 3D Objects in the Air

I am just so grateful to be alive to continue to see the fantasy of George Jeston's world become reality. Get into this fierce tech xtravaganza here:

Apr 22, 2016

Prince's Turn at Metamorphosis

 I think I will honor his legacy by sharing what his music and persona meant to me.

  • The first time I heard Little Red Corvette I gasped because I truly thought I was listening to grown folks have sex in a car. 
  • The song Controversy turned me out as a little boy. I couldn't believe this man on the radio was singing about people wondering if he is black or white, straight or gay. And, all he wanted was to be free of the bullshit. 
  • When Purple Rain came out, I went to go see it with my cousin. We caught the first showing at around 11:30 am, we didn't leave the theater till after 5:00 pm. We kept watching it over, and over again. 
  • I would try to dissect the sounds swirling in my headphones as I listened to his music. The layers of genius left me mesmerized.
  • While I was never a big fan of his fashion, I applauded the fact that he turned it out the way he wanted to turn it out. The brother was bold!
Thank you Prince. Your music still transfixes me no matter how many times I hear it. You have lived to see many dawns. I suppose right about now you are meeting up with Vanity and the two of you are going to smoke a peace pipe. Travel on!

Apr 19, 2016

Music Is My Medicine

So here is music that has been transporting my spirit into those virtual spaces where I can heal, rejuvenate, and embrace being here.

I always enjoy Miguel's voice. Very cool to have that voice thrive in a lush soundscape.

Not something new, but worth revisiting. This song is so tight lyrically, it makes me wanna put on some copious amounts of black eyeliner, tight jeans, and go buy a 40 oz.

Makes me think about all the benevolent spirits that brush by my side to say hello.

Sit back, prepare, you are about to go on a sonic journey. Sublime!

Ms. Rene turned me onto her awhile back. I keep coming back for more. A true talent!

My New Reoccuring Day Dream

Viktor & Rolf continue to play with this high fashion as soft sculpture idea. If you recall in a previous post about this divine duo, I shared a video of their 2015 couture show. It was genius. Click here to revisit the fantasy

Well, the two designers are being a bit more ethereal about the sculpture, and have softened it up. Get into the drama. I love the choir singing Creep by Radiohead. Everything came together and made quite the fashion moment. 

I now want to wear all white for the entire summer.

Mar 21, 2016

21st Century Fashion

So, this fairly new designer Thomas Tait done showed some serious fashion in Paris recenlty. Get into the fierceness below and by clicking here.






Jan 1, 2016

Happy New Year

Hey good people, I wish you all health, happiness and prosperity in the new year. Also, let me share some of my reflections from my own past year on this big blue marble in space:

  • It is so important to have a daily mantra, affirmation or song in your head that will make you show up for life and push through.
  • Playing papa bear to the yungins in my cohort has kept both me and them focused and motivated to get the work done. By sharing my strengths I make myself better and give others a boost up.
  • Money is really truly at the root of all evil. Be careful about compromising yourself for that mean green. My how the pursuit of it can change people into something ugly.
  • The impact poverty has on children's lives is profound. The ones who are able to come out of that abyss of the "odds against you" are truly exceptional. I continue to have tremendous respect for me and my siblings. We came from nothing, and made something happen, because of grit. I pray I develop that inner grit in my students, that also come from impoverished homes.
  • For the first time since Marcos' passing I hosted Thanksgiving dinner at my house. I am grateful I shared the space in which I live with the people I love. I need to continue to do this hosting in order to fully enjoy giving and receiving love.
  • Fear is always the enemy. Working from fear either immobilizes you or leads to poor choices. I am still working on knowing when I am feeling fear or using caution in my choices. 
  • Show up for life, be grateful for another day, know that you are blessed and that miracles happen everyday.

Dec 9, 2015

A Review On The Late Train


So, after all those previous posts about my excitment for The Wiz Live! Here I am almost a week later posting about it. I am a mess. LOL. I have to say I really enjoyed the production for the following reasons:

  • Stephanie Mills still has it! I was happy to see her looking and sounding great. God bless her.
  • Shanice Williams held her own despite being a newcomer. 
  • Ne-Yo really turned it out when he sang "If I Can Feel." Who knew he could convey such a feeling of pathos. Plus he was kinda cutish, looking like a little tin can man.
  • Elijah Kelly can win. Child!
  • David Alan Grier is a seasoned pro. This man can do it all! 
  • Mary J. Blige reached out of her comfort zone and delivered.
  • Queen Latifah, bravo, you have been in the game for a long time and you still challenge yourself.
  • Uzo Audba, you sold that song with feelilng. I believe in you!
  • Amber Riley you are just too cute with yourself. 
  • Vogueing in Emerald City! But of course! 
  • I loved the layering of actual sets with the projected screen images. Very 21st century.
  • Costumes went from cute to couture, to down right futuristic. I see a new category being served at the next Ball....Emerald City Realness vs. Munchkin Land Madness
  • The songs still hold up after all these years. I have been humming them since Dec. 3.
  • I felt everyone put their hearts into every moment, both on stage and backstage.
Overall, it was fun to watch. Yes, there were some missteps but nothing so heavy that it brought me down while watching it. I am eager to see if it makes it to B'way as planned. I want to relive it all really, truly, live!