Aug 2, 2014

My Summer Soundtrack

It been far too long since I shared some music with you good people. Here are some tracks that have kept me chugging along during the summer. I just finished teaching during Summer School, and now my vacation officially begins.

Peace and Love!

Sires of Lesbos - Long Days, Hot Nights: I am getting that ol' skool house vibe off of this track.

Sam Smith - Money On My Mind: The perfect track when you are just walking down the street and taking in the human race. 

Hercules & Love Affair ft. John Grant - I Try To Talk To You: I do my Wonder Woman spins to this song.

Jamie xx - Sleep Sound: I first got into this dude after I heard his  fierce remix of Adele's Rolling In The Deep. This track will take you on a journey.

Jul 14, 2014

Random Thoughts

I realized that I have not been sharing certain experiences. Here is my attempt to catch you guys up on some of my adventures.
  • I've been experiencing a lot of loss these past several months. I lost a beloved aunt, an uncle and Gino. I had my moments when I cried about the loss, but then I was able to feel at peace, because, Marcos has showed me on several occasions, that we all will transition to a place for rest and then metamorphosis. 
  • While providing homebound services to a student, I over hear the mom, in the kitchen, say to her friend, "If you are going to prostitute yourself, do it for you, not for a man. God forgive me for what I had to do to pay rent, but if you are gonna prostitute, do it for you. Don't do it for a man. If you have a man he is suppose to be taking care of you." Luckily, the 10 year-old student was totally focused on his math worksheet. I, on the other hand, turned beet red.
  • So, I came out my face to a yungin in the family. I thought I was being this pull no punches, adult. I thought I was going to get across to him by laying down the law. After I found out he was really upset with me, I apologized. We shook on it and I thought all was good. Well, now he aint talking to me. And, now I feel sad about it. 
  • Still feeling like as I get older, I get better. I roll with it and take action, in order to keep on rolling. 

Jun 29, 2014

Rescue This Dog...He is ready to love you. FAB UPDATE!

Hello Good People,

On a recent visit to the vet, I met a wonderful dog named Midnight. He is up for adoption. 8 months old, mix breed, really gentle and needs a loving home. His picture is below.  

The good Dr. Padilla, June and Linda are taking care of him over at the West Haven Animal Clinic. They would be more than happy to introduce you to see if you are the right mom or dad for Midnight. Call them at 203-934-3528 to set up a meeting.

Please pass this post on to anyone you know that lives in CT and values the companionship of a loyal and loving dog.

Midnight was adopted today! Halleloo!

Jun 12, 2014

Gino's Turn At Metamorphosis

So, in a recent post, I had shared a story of Marcos coming for a brief visit. In that post I placed a picture of him with Gino, that was taken on Easter Sunday.  They looked so good together.

Shortly after, Gino was acting strange and seemed a bit out of sorts. I then remembered an old superstition that advises one not to display a picture containing a person that has passed with a being that is living.

According to the superstition, having that picture on display will make the person that has passed miss the living being in the picture, and the Universe will bring them back together. So, me being scared about losing Gino,  I changed the picture in the post.

The following days Gino became worse, and once again lost mobility in his rear legs. I took him to the vet yesterday for treatment. The vet had recommended Gino spend the night, which he has done before while under this treatment. I agreed and told Gino, "I will see you tomorrow."

Later that night, I had a dream with Marcos. He was in a car, with two doors, and was chillin' in the backseat. The passenger side door opened and Marcos pushed the, front passenger seat forward. It seemed he was making room for me to enter. Marcos had a sweet smile on his face.  As I walked towards the car, something distracted me and next thing I knew I woke up. I then thought what a strange dream.

Well, good people, at 10:30 am, I received a call from the vet telling me "Su hijo esta muerto."  Yup, it was time for Gino's turn at metamorphosis. I had a good cry. Then realized Marcos came in the car to take Gino on his favorite adventure, a car ride!

Thank you Gino for keeping me alive and happy during the painful first-year after Marcos' passing. You were an old dude, but you hanged in there with me. I love you! Now, go have fun with Marcos and Luna.

And Marcos, I apologize for letting my fear turn into a selfish act. You waited long enough to be reunited with Gino. xoxo Enjoy!

May 31, 2014

A LIttle Kiki with the Family Circus

I use to love reading the Sunday comics when I was a kid.  Some of my favorites were Peanuts, BC, Garfield and Family Circus. 

May 25, 2014

Marcos Makes Another Visit

Yesterday, on Linda's porch, we talked about Marcos. It was his birthday. I said to her, "He will always be a part of me." Linda said, "Yes, that's true. Look! He just touched me!" Linda shows me her forearm. "I have goosebumps! He is with us now!" Wow! How you continue to show up whenever I need you.

BTW, papito I still preach the three lessons you taught me:

1. Get rid of your colonial mentality
2. Read more
3. When people reveal who they are, believe it.

Apr 19, 2014

Titi Maria's Turn at Metamorphosis

Photo: MOMS..

I lit a gardenia scented candle for Titi Maria in front of my altar last night. I said prayers and expressed my sincere appreciation for my Titi being a significant and essential part of my life. I was blessed to have her.
She then gently sent images to my mind that showed how she worked her beauty through out the years. She was fine, fashionable and about family. I will endeavor to carry her torch.
Btw, I recently made me spaghetti and Spam for dinner. This dish was one of her go to dishes when money was tight. Back in the day money was often tight. Titi Maria taught me the importance of making a dollar stretch in order to feed your family and take care of business.
When I eat this dish I am reminded about how Titi's creativity was used to take care of the people she loved. She always worked her knowledge, talent and spirit in order to take care of all of us. She done taught me well.
Bien hecho Titi. Muchas Gracias.
I now have a grade A, top-notch, Wonder Woman of a guardian angel on the other side that has joined Marcos, James, Joselito, Willi Ninja, and others that I loved; that will guide me as I continue my journey.