Jan 2, 2018

It Will Get Ugly Before It Gets Cute

Oba Renee and I are on the same page regarding our anticipation for the drama that will unfold in 2018. 

I am expecting the following:

1.   name calling
2.   back stabbing
3.   disappearances
4.   pleading the fifth
5.   pleading insanity
6.   finger pointing
7.   binge eating followed by purging
8.   drug use and abuse
9.   tears
10. cheers
11. retractions
12. redactions
13. people taking it to the street
14. we interrupt this program...
15. breaking news moments to the 10th power
16. frequent use of the words collusion, cabal, and conspiracy
17. mucho smdh
18. conflama
19. cutting deals
20. piss tape

Oct 6, 2017

Yeah. So. Like. Umm....

A lot of island Puerto Ricans are talking to me about how Puerto Rico needs a reboot, and that they hope the rebuilding will improve housing, infrastructure and most importantly, get rid of corruption. Lordy, that is a tall order. I am hoping the amplification of unity the people on the island are feeling will motivate them to fight that good fight to make that wish list become reality.

Gun laws are not going to change as long as the NRA keeps putting politicians in their pockets. There is a significant group of people in this country that follow the twisted logic that guns don’t kill people, people kill people. Plus, firearm industry makes over 11 billion dollars annually. Too many of the 1% eat off that plate. Sit down bitches! The children being killed in Sandy Hook didn’t change anything, plus all the other mass killings. Money and guns rule. You want some apple pie with that?

Agent Orange is consistently revolting to see, hear and watch. I just hope Mueller and crew are finishing up their reports. I want my copy leather-bound. That mofo Chump has a huge karma bill that is long overdue. I wish payment would have started with a Puerto Rican throwing that roll of paper towel right back at his face.

Lately, I have been indulging in a full skin-care regimen. I am keeping it organic, with a vitamin-c face wash, followed by rose water spray toner, then a vitamin-c serum, and finishing off with a shea butter moisturizer. My skin is servvvving! Hey, I’m going to be 50 next year. Gotta keep it cute. Boo-Kay!

Jun 7, 2017

Don't Go Popping That Cork

This week should be quite the week of testimony, that will pour more shit down, this shit storm of a presidential administration. However, I am not getting my hopes up for impeachment proceedings, because the Repubs are rolling with Agent Orange as long as he is helping push forward their conservative agenda.

Jonathan Chait over at NY Mag had this take on it: "Trump is faithfully supporting the conservative agenda, so most conservatives faithfully support him. Their concerns are pragmatic ones about his effectiveness on behalf of their common agenda, rather than moral objections to the legitimacy and propriety of his actions."

For the full article click here.

I am going to keep my sparkling wine in the ice box until that straw, breaks that back.

May 30, 2017

Deja Vu Ton

Koons got them monthly bills to pay, so he collaborated with Louis Vuitton to create the above. Here is my problem. I feel like I've been done seen this art-meets-bags thing before in several iterations, variations, preparations, etc. etc. I 'memba seeing bags similar to these hanging on the awnings in Chinatown way back in the day. Well, everything old is new again. I guess.

Damien About To Catch A Bad One


I laughed till tears came out of my eyes, and a snort went through my nose, back when Agent Orange made Damien (I mean Jared) in charge of just about everything. This kid, with his delusional thoughts of grandeur, fits right in with the Trump family. I expect him to cave in rather quickly. It's easy being a bully as a slumlord to people less empowered. However, the Intel Community doesn't play. I wonder if he has a piss tape.

Apr 3, 2017

C'est La Vie


I realized today that I had not posted for the entire month of March! Wow! I am being lazy...or as Fran Lebowitz would say... I was being slothful.

Well, this past month I turned 49 years old! I am grateful. However, I am also seeing I need to continue to evolve in certain areas of how I "do me" on this planet. It is still some of the same old issues regarding making time for family and friends, as well as being better organized. You know the usual stuff.

I also feel I need to invite some more travel and a bit of scandal into my life. Not sure how to get the scandal part done. I aint trying to be some middle-aged dude acting the fool out there. Stay tuned.

With that said, I noticed I need to pull back on the newsfeeds regarding Chump aka Agent Orange and crew. It is not healthy for me to see this shit show of an administration on a daily basis. I just wish the situation would move over to the fast lane on the Nixon Highway. Poof! Be gone already!

Here are some music and music videos that I've been obsessing over recently:

This is exactly how I feel it goes down, when it finally goes down.

I first heard this choral cover of Radiohead's Creep watching the Viktor & Rolf couture show a couple of years ago. I was so glad when I found it. BTW, these guys cover several other songs in the choral style. Ovah!

A clever cocaine love song.

This is still a great song to play, while you get dress for a night out

Feb 17, 2017

A Kiki for Friday

This morning on the Tom Joyner Morning Show, the following joke was made" "Donlusional Trump's press conference was so bad, I was waiting for Gene Gene, the Dancing Machine to come out." I cracked the hell up. 

For you yungins Gene Gene would usher out an act that was gonged on The Gong Show. What was The Gong Show? Google it.

Here is Gene Gene in action:

Feb 7, 2017

First I'm Up, Then I'm Down

I am living for these porcelain cans! I want several scattered around one of the corners in my living room.

I wonder how much they cost. Things are pretty pricey these days. For example, it costs $200 million to get the Secretary of Education position.