Oct 17, 2015

Quick Update On My Current State of Affairs

Love it! Inspires me to keep on easing on down the road.

Hello Good People,

Well, the past several weeks have been periods of frenzy, focus, frustrations and freedom. Yup, basically a mix bag emotions that I have come to know and love about life on this planet. Here are some updates:

  • I got an A in both of the classes I took over the summer. It was mad work. I spent each day in the library from 1-4 pm. 
  • I've been celibate for six months and will be rectifying that very soon. I have two friends with benefits paying me a visit. Mind you, the visits will be on separate days. I am not a young thing anymore and I can't pull of certain stunts like I did back in the day. Okay!
  • The new principal at my school is only 32 years-old. He is lazy, full of himself, regurgitates cliche after cliche, points out the painfully obvious, and lacks the teaching experience and intellect to inspire others. It is no wonder he was fourth of fifth choice. 
  • I have been managing my money a bit better, and will set up a bi-weekly payment arrangement with my mortgage company that will improve my overall cash flow. Handling my business makes me feel like a grown up.
  • I remain grateful for my family and friends that motivate me to keep on, keeping on.

Aug 17, 2015

What Summer Vacation?

Good people, this is how my summer went down:

  • I took two courses towards my Masters over the summer.
  • I taught summer school for children with severe and multiple disabilities.
  • I finally earned the extra funds needed to buy a new sofa.
  • Now, I am moving my furniture and materials into a larger classroom.
This has left me realizing I didn't have a break. I have been up and running since the last day of school. Hopefully next year I will get an actual summer vacation. I should go somewhere fab!

Aug 14, 2015

Friday Fun with Fierce False Females aka Draq Queens

Happy Friday! I just need some draq queen silliness to get my weekend going. Enjoy the kiki!

The Shade of It All

The New ABCs

Aug 5, 2015

UPDATE: Putting It Together...The Wiz

So Shanice Williams is going to play Dorothy in the live TV version of The Wiz. Oh sooki, sooki, now. It is all coming together.

In case ya missed it, Queen Latifah is going to play The Wiz, Mary J. Blige is going to be Evillene, and David Alan Grier is going to be The Cowardly Lion, and as I mentioned in a previous post, B'way's original Dorthy, Stephanie Mills, is going to be Aunt Em.

I'm ready to ease on down that road with this cast.

New Casting Updates! (from left to right):
Elijah Kelley will be the Scarecrow
Ne-Yo has joined the cast as the Tin Man
Common will be playing the role of the Gatekeeper to Oz
The trio will appear in the live production slated for December.

Jul 21, 2015

Miss Piggy Breaks It Down

I am teaching during the summer for the same program that I worked last year. I am concerned about my pay getting to me right. Last year the program coordinator really screwed up the payroll and my money came late, and came up short!  They better get it right!

Jul 20, 2015

A Change Is A Comin'

The previous principal at my school had to scale it back, so she left to run a much smaller school. I now have a new principal at my school. I worked with him before, briefly; about 6-7 years ago. He is much younger than me, and was a teacher at the time. We were kinda of cool yet a bit indifferent towards each other. This dynamic may be due to the fact we really didn't work that closely together.

These days he is a married man with two small children and is "living out loud for Jesus, unashamed and determined to see His glory shine!" He has five years of teaching experience and about the same years of experience as an administrator.

I am curious to see how this all works out. He is taking on the largest Pre-K-8 school in the district with half of the student population identified as English Language Learners, and over 90% of students qualify for free or reduced lunch. Oh and our school has over 800 kids! Yup! It's one huge challenge to take on.

It concerns me that someone so young and relatively inexperienced as both a teacher and administrator was selected for this school. I would have placed an interim principal, moved this guy over for the experience, and done a complete search for an experienced principal from a school similar to my school.

Alas, the superintendent didn't ask me for my personal take on how things should be handled. With all this said, I will do my part to be a part of the solution. In life there is nothing permanent except change, and I will embrace this change.

Jul 16, 2015

Doppelganger Around The Corner


So it seems I have or had a doppelganger living just a few blocks from my house. I have been stopped twice by two men that were 100% sure I was Elvin Rios. I mean both of these guys jaws dropped when they realized I wasn't really their friend.

The first incident of being mistaken for this Elvin guy occurred back in April. This guy was driving down the street, came to a screeching halt and called out, "Elvin!" He got out of the car, walked up to me and went to shake hands with me! When I looked at him with a confused expression, he realized his mistake and said, "Oh my god you look exactly like my friend."

Today I went on the bus; the bus driver looked at me with his jaw on the floor and he said, "Wow! You look like this guy that use to live near here. His name is Elvin Rios. He's a christian. You know down with the church. He moved to Texas."  I told the driver that someone else had mistaken me for this guy.

I really would have like to have seen this guy. I am curious to see how we are similar. It's also kinda strange this dude is or was literally around the corner from me.