Jan 1, 2016

Happy New Year

Hey good people, I wish you all health, happiness and prosperity in the new year. Also, let me share some of my reflections from my own past year on this big blue marble in space:

  • It is so important to have a daily mantra, affirmation or song in your head that will make you show up for life and push through.
  • Playing papa bear to the yungins in my cohort has kept both me and them focused and motivated to get the work done. By sharing my strengths I make myself better and give others a boost up.
  • Money is really truly at the root of all evil. Be careful about compromising yourself for that mean green. My how the pursuit of it can change people into something ugly.
  • The impact poverty has on children's lives is profound. The ones who are able to come out of that abyss of the "odds against you" are truly exceptional. I continue to have tremendous respect for me and my siblings. We came from nothing, and made something happen, because of grit. I pray I develop that inner grit in my students, that also come from impoverished homes.
  • For the first time since Marcos' passing I hosted Thanksgiving dinner at my house. I am grateful I shared the space in which I live with the people I love. I need to continue to do this hosting in order to fully enjoy giving and receiving love.
  • Fear is always the enemy. Working from fear either immobilizes you or leads to poor choices. I am still working on knowing when I am feeling fear or using caution in my choices. 
  • Show up for life, be grateful for another day, know that you are blessed and that miracles happen everyday.

Dec 9, 2015

A Review On The Late Train


So, after all those previous posts about my excitment for The Wiz Live! Here I am almost a week later posting about it. I am a mess. LOL. I have to say I really enjoyed the production for the following reasons:

  • Stephanie Mills still has it! I was happy to see her looking and sounding great. God bless her.
  • Shanice Williams held her own despite being a newcomer. 
  • Ne-Yo really turned it out when he sang "If I Can Feel." Who knew he could convey such a feeling of pathos. Plus he was kinda cutish, looking like a little tin can man.
  • Elijah Kelly can win. Child!
  • David Alan Grier is a seasoned pro. This man can do it all! 
  • Mary J. Blige reached out of her comfort zone and delivered.
  • Queen Latifah, bravo, you have been in the game for a long time and you still challenge yourself.
  • Uzo Audba, you sold that song with feelilng. I believe in you!
  • Amber Riley you are just too cute with yourself. 
  • Vogueing in Emerald City! But of course! 
  • I loved the layering of actual sets with the projected screen images. Very 21st century.
  • Costumes went from cute to couture, to down right futuristic. I see a new category being served at the next Ball....Emerald City Realness vs. Munchkin Land Madness
  • The songs still hold up after all these years. I have been humming them since Dec. 3.
  • I felt everyone put their hearts into every moment, both on stage and backstage.
Overall, it was fun to watch. Yes, there were some missteps but nothing so heavy that it brought me down while watching it. I am eager to see if it makes it to B'way as planned. I want to relive it all really, truly, live!

Oct 17, 2015

Quick Update On My Current State of Affairs

Love it! Inspires me to keep on easing on down the road.

Hello Good People,

Well, the past several weeks have been periods of frenzy, focus, frustrations and freedom. Yup, basically a mix bag emotions that I have come to know and love about life on this planet. Here are some updates:

  • I got an A in both of the classes I took over the summer. It was mad work. I spent each day in the library from 1-4 pm. 
  • I've been celibate for six months and will be rectifying that very soon. I have two friends with benefits paying me a visit. Mind you, the visits will be on separate days. I am not a young thing anymore and I can't pull of certain stunts like I did back in the day. Okay!
  • The new principal at my school is only 32 years-old. He is lazy, full of himself, regurgitates cliche after cliche, points out the painfully obvious, and lacks the teaching experience and intellect to inspire others. It is no wonder he was fourth of fifth choice. 
  • I have been managing my money a bit better, and will set up a bi-weekly payment arrangement with my mortgage company that will improve my overall cash flow. Handling my business makes me feel like a grown up.
  • I remain grateful for my family and friends that motivate me to keep on, keeping on.

Aug 17, 2015

What Summer Vacation?

Good people, this is how my summer went down:

  • I took two courses towards my Masters over the summer.
  • I taught summer school for children with severe and multiple disabilities.
  • I finally earned the extra funds needed to buy a new sofa.
  • Now, I am moving my furniture and materials into a larger classroom.
This has left me realizing I didn't have a break. I have been up and running since the last day of school. Hopefully next year I will get an actual summer vacation. I should go somewhere fab!

Aug 14, 2015

Friday Fun with Fierce False Females aka Draq Queens

Happy Friday! I just need some draq queen silliness to get my weekend going. Enjoy the kiki!

The Shade of It All

The New ABCs

Aug 5, 2015

UPDATE: Putting It Together...The Wiz

So Shanice Williams is going to play Dorothy in the live TV version of The Wiz. Oh sooki, sooki, now. It is all coming together.

In case ya missed it, Queen Latifah is going to play The Wiz, Mary J. Blige is going to be Evillene, and David Alan Grier is going to be The Cowardly Lion, and as I mentioned in a previous post, B'way's original Dorthy, Stephanie Mills, is going to be Aunt Em.

I'm ready to ease on down that road with this cast.

New Casting Updates! (from left to right):
Elijah Kelley will be the Scarecrow
Ne-Yo has joined the cast as the Tin Man
Common will be playing the role of the Gatekeeper to Oz
The trio will appear in the live production slated for December.

Jul 21, 2015

Miss Piggy Breaks It Down

I am teaching during the summer for the same program that I worked last year. I am concerned about my pay getting to me right. Last year the program coordinator really screwed up the payroll and my money came late, and came up short!  They better get it right!