Oct 30, 2011

McQueen Lives On

It looks like McQueen's house is in good hands.

Diving for McQueen on Nowness.com.

You and I Let This Happen

 We are living, as always, in a time when We reap what we sowed and allowed to bloom.

Oct 26, 2011

Occupy Water Coolers

Good people, fly your freak flag at the water cooler. The folks that are occupying need us to explain, the reason behind this action.

Oct 20, 2011

A Music Man

V posted a classic Chic tune on his blog today. It reminded me about the brilliance of Nile Rodgers. 

Nile Rodgers is legendary within the world of music producers.  Whether it was his work with Diana Ross, Cyndi Lauper, Duran Duran Madonna, David Bowie, or his own band Chic, there is a track Nile birthed that made you feel the groove.

Nile has written an autobiography that should be out, if not now, any minute now. I got a taste of his story in the NYT. Click here for a look into his early childhood. It was so not what I expected, which made it very interesting. 

I'm gonna hunt down this book. I want to know more about his journey.

Oct 17, 2011

For The Passionate People At OWS

Kurt Vonnegut has been my mentor, via text printed on page, for many years. I offer this quote as a caution to the good people, doing the good work focused on bringing justice to this planet:

"During the Vietnam War, which lasted longer than any war we’ve ever been in—and which we lost—every respectable artist in this country was against the war. It was like a laser beam. We were all aimed in the same direction. The power of this weapon turns out to be that of a custard pie dropped from a stepladder six feet high."

Click here for the full interview of a human being that served in war, and was able to hold on to his humanity.

Oct 9, 2011

Hot Pink Mussy Power

There will be moments in life when you have to show your hot pink, and let it make the people gag. Look and learn.

BTW, the divas in hot pink won! In the words of a fan, "Ya ate it!"

Bowie On My Brain

I so dig a song from David Bowie.

At his best David eats music's pussy, or rims, then fucks it's hole, while offering his own.  This creator of music is made by a lover of both men and women.

I offer this sample of music by Bowie, that has for many years, left me pleased.

The song also left me wondering if Iman's husband likes to be fisted. If he does like an aryan fist up his mussy, I say, "Do you!'

Funny how secrets travel, I'd start to believe, if I were to bleed

Thin skies, the man chains his hands held high

Cruise me blond Cruise me babe

A blond belief beyond beyond beyond

No return, No return

I'm deranged

Deranged my love

I'm deranged down, down, down

So cruise me babe cruise me baby beyond

And the rain sets in. It's the angel-man

I'm deranged

Cruise me, cruise me, cruise me, baby

The clutch of life and the fist of love

Over your head

Big deal Salaam

Be real deranged tonight

Before we reel I'm deranged

And the rain sets in It's the angel-man

I'm deranged

And the rain sets in It's the angel-man

I'm deranged

Cruise me, cruise me, cruise me, baby

Oct 5, 2011

Show Business Is Fierce...Not In A Good Way

Wow, Sean Young from Blade Runner, and other movies, just pimped herself on David Letterman's show tonight. She was pleading for the folks in control, to hire her for something, anything, you name it. She even let them show a video of her in a Catwoman outfit screaming, "I'm not crazy!" In the words of Dave Chapelle, "Show business turns us into whores."

Oct 2, 2011

Proud Alumnus of P.S. 123

Class 2-1 Mrs. Bello

Class 3-1 Ms. Goldberg

So I came across these class pictures posted by a former classmate of mine. I actually still have the pictures, but never thought to scan them. Take a look and see if you can find me.

I'm very grateful for the public education I received at dear old P.S. 123, in Brooklyn. I had very dedicated teachers and felt like I could accomplish anything because of their encouragement.

Mrs. Bello helped me fall in love with writing. She always encouraged me to put my thoughts onto paper. Thank you Mrs. Bello.

Ms. Goldberg opened my mind to beautiful writing when she read to the class Charlotte' Web. The way she gave life to the words in the book remains a vivid memory. Thank you Ms. Goldberg.

Mrs. Bello and Ms. Goldberg are my role models and the standard I strive for as a teacher.