Aug 31, 2010

It's Giuliani Time for Rudy

"Caroline Giuliani, daughter of former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani, was warned today by a judge to "stay out of trouble."

And she was told that if she completes one day of community service, her shoplifting charge -- she stole $100.50 worth of makeup from a Sephora store on E. 86th St. earlier this month -- will be dismissed.

Giuliani will most likely mop floors and clean toilets at the Sanitation Department's Manhattan District 3 garage at Pier 36 on the Hudson River, reports theDaily News. That's the same place Naomi Campbell and Boy George toiled after they ran afoul of the law. She has to complete the sentence by Nov. 4. She is due back at Harvard for classes tomorrow."

Source: USA Today

Here are some of the moments I recall about Giuliani's term as mayor of New York City.

I have memories regarding allegations of civil rights abuses and other police misconduct involving unarmed suspects, such as the scandals connected to the anal torture, with a plunger handle, of Abner Louima and the unjust killings of Amadou Diallo and Patrick Dorismond.

He put salt on the wound of Dorismond's family, when Giuliani supported the New York Police Department's shady business of releasing what he called Dorismond's "extensive criminal record" to the public, including a sealed juvenile file.

Oh, and let's not forget Rudy's appointed NYC Police Commissioner Bernard Kerik, now a convicted felon. Hey and what about Rudy's slide-off action becoming his second wife.

Silly Giuliani, he thought he could win the hearts of Republicans when he ran for president under the Republican ticket. Rudy forgot he was raised as a Roman-Catholic and his name ends in a vowel. Silly boy!

Wasn't he such a morally-corrupt wolf in sheep's clothing, while never looking cute.

Aug 28, 2010

Glenn Preaching To His Choir

Okay, so I'm watching the opening moments of Glen Beck's Restoring Honor rally. Glen opens up by saying how this nation needs to return back to God, and us working together, regardless of our different faiths.

He then introduces a rabbi, two Native-Americans, and a pastor. Sounds like the opening of a joke. Anyhoo. The good Rev. is brought to the microphone and gives an impassioned prayer where he states that salvation is only possible through Jesus Christ. He ends by saying "amen" and then he along with the rabbi, and two Native-Americans are escorted off stage.

Yup, there ya have it. Glen Beck's version of working together and respecting different faiths. I wonder if the Rabbi and Native-Americans were backstage concerned to learn that they are not the chosen ones, and won't be saved, because they are not down with Jesus Christ.

Then after all this talk of God and Jesus, Glen goes into a speech about honoring the military. Yup, there ya have it. Glen's choir loves their guns and Jesus. Oh, and Jews and non-whites can show up, but they should expect to be seen and not heard, well, only if they accepted Jesus Christ as their lord and savior.

These types of spectacles where God is used for political agendas, always reminds me of Margaret Cho's joke, where she said that she believes Jesus Christ looks upon what's going on and screams, "That's not what I meant!"

Later in the day Sarah Palin and Alveda King will speak. We all know Palin is basically out and about so she can make money and keep her face in the public arena. As for Alveda, one day Coretta Scott King had to step to her at the King Center and put her in check for spewing anti-gay marriage rhetoric. Nuff said.

Aug 21, 2010

Couture Junkie Rides The Late Train

The Fall 2010 couture shows have come and gone several weeks ago. Yes, I know I'm on the late train with this newsflash. Give me a break good people. I was mad busy teaching summer school.

I find it funny that each year fashion folks declare the pending demise of couture. However, each season the magic of couture emerges from the imagination and hands of the devoted few in Paris.

Go, view, and have fun by clicking here. Think of color, cut, silhouette, fabrications and how you can translate it into a head-to-toe look within your sensibility and budget.

Aug 19, 2010

Less Ewww!

Good ol' Todd probably called it when he commented the following, "She's prolly scared to death... And this is her defense.." in the Eww! Yet, I Pity Her post.

The following day I kept my distance from this new colleague. Which I'm sure communicated something to her. Then we chatted and when I spoke she was giving me stank face. I asked her, "Ms. So and So, did I say something to offend? Your facial expression is saying "annoyed" to me.

She quickly followed up with eyes wide open and said "Oh no! Mr. S" She then stroked the side of my arm and smiled. Over the following days she relaxed and a smile seemed more at place on her face.

We ate lunch together and had a nice chat with some laughs. Yes, I know, first impressions are not always the lasting impression.

Aug 17, 2010

Ewww! Yet, I Pity Her.

So, good people, I met a new teacher coming to work at my school today. Her body language, gestures and facial expression conveyed an acrid personality.

She presented herself as someone that most folks would look at and say "needs a good fuck." I told my sister about it, and without prompting her, she said "Oh, she needs a good fuck."

I take issue with that remedy. There have been times that my valley of good and plenty went neglected, and I went into bitch mode. However, I've seen the errors of those ways and realized other parts of my being needed to be stroked in order to shed the hard exterior of acting, not in a good way, like a cunt.

I do this by looking for beauty, engaging with family and friends, finding something new to learn and wonder about. Basically, I cancel the pity-party and look for ways to celebrate that I'm still here. It works, most of the time.

This new co-worker showed an occasional glimpse of her humanity, which she was not comfortable doing. Her smiled seemed forced, and out of place, on a face that looked bitter most of the day.

Her actions resulted in one person leaving our table and her being impolite to me. I took note and will take action at the right moment. I pick my battles wisely.

What I plan to do is to let her be her, and call her out by saying "Ms. So and So, that tone, facial expression, and/or body language makes me think X. Is that your intentions?"

This being is in desperate need of a learning moment. She needs to get over herself and join the party. If she chooses being part of life, then, and only then, she might make friends and encounter a good fuck.

Aug 14, 2010

A Forgotten Film You Should See

There is a wonderful, yet forgotten, film that I'm going to go and find. I saw it when I was very young, and it has always stayed with me. This film is something special.

Pennies From Heaven starred Steve Martin and Bernadette Peters. Pennies From Heaven was initially born as a song, then twice became a film, and a TV show for the BBC.

The story takes place in 1930s Depression America. "Arthur Parker, a sheet-music salesman, is having a hard time, both in his business and at home with his wife Joan.

His business is failing and Joan is not amorous enough for Arthur and refuses to give him money to start his own business. His dream is to live in a world that is like the songs he tries to sell."

It is one of the most underrated films of its time. The cast was amazing and the music is sublime. The film has many flights of fantasy. Here is just a taste.

I've always wondered how Bernadette would have turned this number out with her own voice, instead of lip-synching.

Yes! That is Christopher Walken stripping.

Aug 10, 2010

For Wayne - Update

Update - This was Wayne's favorite quote:

"Every man is said to have his peculiar ambition. Whether it be true or not, I can say for one that I have no other so great as that of being truly esteemed of my fellow men, by rendering myself worthy of their esteem. How far I shall succeed in gratifying this ambition, is yet to be developed." -Abraham Lincoln

A former student of mine died today. He was struck by a car and the injuries were too severe for his body to take. Wayne Campbell was his name. He was no longer a minor or a student of mine so I feel free to post openly about our shared, yet brief, journey.

Wayne came to me for after-school academic and college-readiness services. He wanted to go to Yale. However, on all IQ test and assessments Wayne scored 76, which placed him just barely above a label of Intellectual Disability, which use to be called Mental Retardation.

With that said, I never treated him like his dreams could not be possible, just focused on how to make what he has work for him and his goals.

Wayne's mind ran a mile in a minute within a fog. Wayne wanted to know everything, and do everything his heart desired. However, he was truly challenged with thought-processing issues that made it very difficult for him to follow sequences and generalize academic skills.

This reality did not stop Wayne from always having textbook, notebook and pencil in hand. He was determined.

This is also why I went off and called out some students not receiving special education services during summer school, that thought is was cute to take their abilities for granted and slack off.

Wayne required me to give patience and perseverance. He also taught me that I would not be a good teacher, if I did not always find new ways of creating learning moments that worked with the learning styles of my students.

Wayne challenged me during my very green moments of serving as a teacher to students receiving special education services. I've already winced and forgiven myself for my lack of expertise while serving him.

My two favorite memories of Wayne are as follows:

Wayne: Mister, how can a person make money without working?
Me: When you find out let me know!

This then lead to a conversation about the stock market and investing.

At the prom I see Wayne come in looking mad sharp (see picture above). He sang and danced. He was part of the mix. Wayne even bumped and grinded with a few of the ladies. Wayne was just one of the fellas.

Thank you Wayne. I won't miss you because I will always be aware of your spirt that will continue to teach me. I pray for peace to my young brother.

Aug 3, 2010

The Ying and Yang of Teaching: 6

For the past four weeks I've been teaching in a summer program offered as academic enrichment to rising high school seniors. The students are participating in workshops on studying/research skills, which I teach, poetry, health/wellness and student life.

All of the students are here voluntarily, and for the most part have been really great to work with. However, as the program reaches its final days, some students are deciding to drop out.

Why? Well, my final project required them to do a two-page research paper with a 3-5 minute presentation of their topic. I guess some students are not feeling good about one or both of the final project components.

Today, I told the core group of students that have remained that I applaud them for seeing this experience to the end. I stressed the importance and value of being committed to something.

I also told them that to let their friends that dropped out know that "quitting is a bad habit to take on, and even more difficult to break."