Aug 21, 2010

Couture Junkie Rides The Late Train

The Fall 2010 couture shows have come and gone several weeks ago. Yes, I know I'm on the late train with this newsflash. Give me a break good people. I was mad busy teaching summer school.

I find it funny that each year fashion folks declare the pending demise of couture. However, each season the magic of couture emerges from the imagination and hands of the devoted few in Paris.

Go, view, and have fun by clicking here. Think of color, cut, silhouette, fabrications and how you can translate it into a head-to-toe look within your sensibility and budget.


Reneé said...

Couture will never fade, the only thing that fades is the number of people with the imagination to appreciate it. I give L. Gaga props for respecting couture and putting it out there in the mainstream.

Allan S. said...

I agree Renee. I also add that it won't fade because elders are focused and at hand creating art with fabric, and young folks are becoming entranced and will show up, learn, and continue the craft.