Dec 29, 2016

Thoughts on 2016

So clearly the Universe wanted to turn us out for 2016. Here are some of  my thoughts on the lessons that were taught or retaught I should say.:
  • Never count your chickens before they hatch. Hilary gagged! 
  • People will lie to you with a straight face. Aint that right all of you DL Trump supporters. BTW, not reading much of "yay Trump" on folks' Facebook timelines since November. Is it sinking in that you got played?
  • And, it has been confirmed that America is a very racists, xenophobic and sexists country. Let's not get it twisted. The folks living on east or west coast bubbles would gag if you ventured south or to the mid-west. 
  • The Grim Reaper was escorting icons and legends to their metamorphosis. It's part of the life cycle on this plane. So sad to see the ones that went to early because of the grip drugs had on their lives. 
  • Lin Manuel-Miranda! You go on with your bad self mi hermano. Let it be know that entertainment needs to embrace diversity. Lin you show that when done right it makes art and the coins. In the words of the Schuyler sisters...Work!
  • Laurie Hernandez and Monica Puig! You go on with your bad selves mis hermanas. Let it also be know that Latina women can bring it in the sports world. Wepa!
  • To the 49 young souls in the Pulse nightclub. After that horrific event, the rest of the year I moved forward the rest of the year, but in a haze. Rest in peace.
  • The world events are showing the good, bad, ugly and horrific. I've done a lot of "news" fasting this year. 
  • Never give up and believe in yourself. I made in through a very intense masters program, under a full scholarship. It was both humbling and a maturing experience.
  • Heading to the march in DC on Jan 21st. My voice will be heard!
  • Followed my dreams and visited Europe. It was awesome! Going to make my next journey soon. Dreams have to be made into reality. 
  • Feeling very blessed to have family and friends that make it possible for me to want to show up for life and live it.
Good people, take care of yourself. Push forward in 2017.