Jan 31, 2012

On The D Bus

So, on my bus ride home a 20-something girl trapped in a woman's body tried to hustle her grandmother for some money via the phone.

This is how it went down. Mind you I couldn't hear the grandmother's responses, but the 20-something woman-child talked loud enough for everyone on the bus to hear the sloppy begging and pleading.

Girl In Woman's Body: Hi Nana, I need money.

Grandma: (responds but unheard)

GWB: I have no food at home.

Grandma: (responds but unheard)

GWB: I don't get that money until the 3rd.

Grandma: (responds but unheard)

GWB: I don't have anything at home, and I didn't eat all day.

Grandma: (responds but unheard)

GWB: I was calling you all day and I even texted you.

Grandma: (responds but unheard)

GWB: Why don't you love me?

Grandma: (responds but unheard)

GWB: Then you should do me the favor.

Grandma: (responds but unheard)

GWB: I find it hard to believe I spent $1,000 in one month

Grandma: (responds but unheard)

GWB: All you did was just buy me two pairs of pants and a shirt.

Grandma: (hangs up)

GWB: Fuckin' bitch! I hate her.

It seems like GWB has leaned on Grandma way too many times, and the well is running dry.

GWB better make a budget, keep a well stocked pantry of essentials, and whip up those inexpensive but satisfying in between-paychecks meals.

Too bad GWB can't look past her own self-created drama, and realize that perhaps Grandma is also struggling to make it from paycheck to paycheck.

GWB needs to grow the fuck up!

Jan 22, 2012

Morgan Freeman Sharing His Life-Lessons

For the first time, I watched Oprah Presents Master Class. I watched it because Morgan Freeman was one of the television teachers that taught me how to read, when he played Easy Reader on The Electric Company.

Morgan has also blew me away in many of his movies with his amazing performances. Therefore, I wanted to see what Morgan has learned along his journey.

Here are the bullet points. Many of his lessons I've heard or learned before, so I felt I got confirmations.

If you have a chance watch the repeat of this episode to get these lessons within the context of his life.

  • nurture your natural gifts
  • find your safe haven
  • sometimes you have to change roads....when you have made your choice providence is your guide
  • just keep going
  • wisdom can come from unlikely places
  • declare who you are
  • make the best of every situation
  • follow your own muse
  • hold on to your principles
  • be irreplaceable
  • create a lasting partnership
  • you have to listen
  • challenge your courage
  • the universe is unfolding as it should...be at peace with yourself, you are as important as the stars

Jan 19, 2012

Bobby Deen Cleaning Up Mama's Mess

I find Bobby so sexy. 

Yesterday, I saw Bobby Deen's show Not My Mama's Meals. In this show Bobby retools his famous mama's, Paula Deen, classic recipes in order to bring down calories and fat.

I gagged when Bobby revealed that his mother's Shrimp and Grits dish has over 1,000 calories and 40 grams of fat. These numbers are like Burger King numbers.

Paula recently announced she has adult onset type 2 diabetes. Duh! She also put out that she always talked about eating her food in moderation. Yeah right! If she can't do it, most of her viewers can't do it.

How that cutie Bobby managed to survive a childhood of Paula's kinda cooking is a miracle.

BTW, a lot of folks have called Paula out on her style of cooking before and now after her announcement of her living with diabetes. Here is a link to Renee's take on the whole thing.

Jan 8, 2012

Downton Abbey Returns!

I found myself squealing this morning when I remembered one of my favorite shows returns to tv tonight. I know I'm on the late train with this, but I am addicted to Downton Abbey. Tonight season two of this British novela begins.

This show has everything you want, great actors, interesting characters, and scandals for your nerves. If you haven't seen it, please look for it. You won't be disappointed.

Once again please refrain from calling or texting between 9-11 pm. You know who you are.

Jan 5, 2012

P.R. All-Stars. Squeeeeal!

This is what I will be all wrapped up with this evening. Please refrain from calling or texting. You know who you are.