Jan 22, 2012

Morgan Freeman Sharing His Life-Lessons

For the first time, I watched Oprah Presents Master Class. I watched it because Morgan Freeman was one of the television teachers that taught me how to read, when he played Easy Reader on The Electric Company.

Morgan has also blew me away in many of his movies with his amazing performances. Therefore, I wanted to see what Morgan has learned along his journey.

Here are the bullet points. Many of his lessons I've heard or learned before, so I felt I got confirmations.

If you have a chance watch the repeat of this episode to get these lessons within the context of his life.

  • nurture your natural gifts
  • find your safe haven
  • sometimes you have to change roads....when you have made your choice providence is your guide
  • just keep going
  • wisdom can come from unlikely places
  • declare who you are
  • make the best of every situation
  • follow your own muse
  • hold on to your principles
  • be irreplaceable
  • create a lasting partnership
  • you have to listen
  • challenge your courage
  • the universe is unfolding as it should...be at peace with yourself, you are as important as the stars


Mitch Block said...

I love Morgan Freeman and have also loved him since his days on Electric Company, which I used to watch with my little brother (he was my "beard" since I wanted to watch it without him and was too old)!

Great life lessons from a great man.

Anonymous said...

See, I watched the wrong one. I watched the Tom Ford "Masterclass" and learned that one should always dress in really expensive clothes when feeling down and pronounce Beyonce as BeYONsay. Not as insightful.

Bill Dameron said...

I have such admiration for Morgan Freeman. He could read the phone book and I would not be able to stop listening....

by the way, my word verification is "billy", how personalized is that?