Feb 20, 2019

Karl's Turn at Metamorphosis

You can't ignore two things about Karl Lagerfeld: he created amazing fashions for over 30 years, in an industry that is always ready to give you the chop, and from his mouth came wit and at times venom. He created a world around him that was beautiful, excessive, so not PC, and uniquely all his. A true iconoclast, inspiration, and complex human. I wonder if in his metamorphosis if he will go to a new realm where he finds a world where all of his fantasies have manifested or come back as a Birman. 

Here are some images that alway stayed in my head after I saw them in magazines or videos. 
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Voila! the Chanel woman enters into the 90s with the micro-mini. Karl you were saucy!

Image result for ines de la fressange chanel ads
Ines - Karl's first muse for Chanel. Get into the pearls being the new ruffled collar.

helena christensen, stephanie seymour, karen mulder, naomi campbell, claudia schiffer, cindy crawford, vogue us, brooklyn, ny, usa by peter lindbergh
The Chanel woman rebelling...kinda sorta.

Image result for Natalia Vodianova in a slate faille dress with camellias and train by Chanel Haute Couture
All eyes on her! Perfection!

Image result for men in chanel
Feel this fantasy!

Oppulence! You own everything. 
Image result for karl lagerfeld barbieImage result for karl lagerfeld barbie
When two icons collide.
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Cindy's daughter Kaia continues the legacy. 
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This is how a fashion house with over $5 billion in revenue puts on a show. Karl was not trying to hear about a budget.

And the Fendi woman gets a taste of Karl's passion for design.

Feb 7, 2019

Feeling This Fantasy

Alejandro Gómez Palomo, whose namesake label, Palomo Spain served up some gender-fuck/gender-fluid eleganza at his recent NY Fashion week show. I am so feeling this fantasy. I am ready to live in this world!

Get into the conflama.