Jul 30, 2009

Yeah I Cried...And!

23 Ways to Beat the Heat

It's starting to feel like the dog days of summer are upon us. Good people, you know I care about you. In the spirit of caring, I share these tips on keeping cool during the finals weeks of Summer.

click here ----->23 Ways to Beat the Heat


I just saw two separate segments on the evening news, broadcasted by rival network local news shows. Tonight, the hot issue was: What type of beer will Pres. Obama, Gates and Crowley drink during their meeting of the minds? They even had the nerve to go out into the public and ask people what they thought about the choices of beer the fellas were going to drink. Are you fucking kidding me!

God forbid the questions revolve around issues such as racism, abuse of authority, racial profiling, or violation of civil rights. Instead they turn the focus to talking about beer. They are even calling it the Beer Summit! As I watched that stupidity, I am reminded why I stopped turning on local news.

BTW, it gets worse. In later news they actually showed a video of clip of Pres. Obama and guests enjoying a cold one around a table.

Jul 27, 2009

I Was So Amused

Good people, I got my amusement park fix over the weekend, and I have bruises to prove it. It was so much fun. Here are some highlights.

This ride is called Mind Eraser, they should call it Mind Fuck. There were so many twists and inverted turns, I didn't know which way was up. The designers of this ride must of had a kiki putting it all together.

I normally don't do rides like this. This is some straight up torture device. We we're loaded onto the seats and strapped in so tight, that it was difficult to breathe. Then we were raised up into the air about four stories high, and the opposing platforms with screaming riders began to rotate on an axis. We became a human pinwheel!

This coaster fucking rocks! I went on it two years ago when it was called Superman, now it's called Bizarro. It has a sick drop that takes the air out of your lungs. The changes to the ride include a new paint job, two water-misting tunnels and flame throwers that gave off a blast of heat that kinda sorta hurt. Good times!

Jul 23, 2009

Oh Jimmy! Why You Do This To Me, Jimmy?

I just saw for the first time, Jimmy Fallon hosting the Late Night show. Why does he feel the need to duplicate what has already been done? He's wearing a suit, and delivering one liners in his monologue. The audience is not laughing very much. Damn Jimmy! You should have showed up as yourself.

Jul 22, 2009

I'm Virtually Tainted....I Got The Bug

Hey Good People. Today I received numerous emails from a Julie. I thought the emails were from a dear friend from high school. However, my optimism was short lived. The reality was the emails kept on coming. Each email/comment simply said "thank you for sharing."

It seems to me some brilliant minds got bored and needed and outlet. What would be a better outlet for a mind like that then to fuck with millions of people?

Did ya know often the most neglected part of society are the gifted and talented. There are gifted little minds wanting a challenge. When that challenge doesn't surface, they act out on us with benign or harmful ways. Think about it.

Jul 20, 2009

For Septimus

Almost a year ago, Septimus pointed me in the right direction. Miss Kitty had a little post about the Comic-Con. I joined the discussion and commented about brilliant music I once heard in an episode of Cowboy Bebop. I wanted to know what was the title of the song!

Miss Kitty's GH pointed me in the right direction. It was only recently that I managed to stay focused and follow his words of advice. Septimus being the smart mofo he is, was right on point. He mentioned the song Rain, which is brilliant, but not the one I had in mind.

The actual song, which was played in the same episode that had Rain, that I was searching for is called Green Bird. It comes on as Spike...well watch the clip.

Jul 17, 2009

1D Transformed Into 3D

Good people, as many of you know, I went to the High School of Fashion Industries. This part of my journey exposed me to the art, craft and discipline involved in creating what we wear.

While watching this clip I was reminded of my teen-self being challenged to take what I drew on paper and recreating it to be worn. I was no where near disciplined enough at the time.

My true talents emerged later and I knew to move on. What has remained from the experience is a sincere admiration for the art and craft of high-fashion.

With that said, please enjoy this short clip to see what is possible when the creative mind and trained hands join forces to create wearable art.

Why Lois Never Went To College

Lois Bromfield rocked when she did stand up. One of my favorite bits is when she impersonated a phone sex worker. I have to find a clip of that performance. It was genius.

She went on to work as a story editor on the Roseanne show, and continued her career behind the scenes. I would love to see her out and about today doing her stand up. She's a piece of smart funny crazy on the stage.

Here is a taste of the madness from her explosive comical mind.

Oh, BTW, Head on over to Juice With Junior, so you cast your vote for your favorite comedian in the Saturday Stand-up Showdown!

Jul 16, 2009

Hey Daddy!

I am of the generation when Jesse Ventura was a hot MoFo. Yeah! And! I don't agree with him completely when it comes to his politics, but enough to want him to be my play daddy. I would so drop my junk on his trunk.

Jul 13, 2009

A Big No No

Dang, Levi is being poorly advised. He went on the Today show this week and had diarrhea of the mouth about Palin. As we all know Levi wants to be a model/actor/star. One of the first rules in the entertainment industry is that you show that you know how to keep secrets, and you never talk about others.

Keep in mind that people in the modeling and entertainment industry have a lot of secrets. Folks are on the down-low about drug use, shady dealings, and who they hop in and out of bed with. Levi's pretty loose lips make people in the industry nervous.

Pretty faces are a dime a dozen. Therefore, most big-time folks wouldn't want to take on the risk of hiring a gossip. Levi doesn't realize this. There goes the hopes of getting a contract with A&F.

Ugh, I'm gossiping again.

Jul 9, 2009

A Diva From Humacao

Rita Moreno, for me, is like a Titi (Auntie) from another grandmother. I first encountered her while watching The Electric Company. Her voice welcomed me each day by saying "Hey you guys!" I adore her.

She turned it out in the film version of West Side Story as Anita. She won an Oscar for that role. She also won two Emmys. One was for an appearance on Rockford Files, and the other, well you'll see the clip below. She also has a Tony and Grammy on her shelf.

Some of my fellow Puerto Ricans have issues with Rita. They feel that at times during her career she sold out and played roles that demeaned Latinos/as. All I can say to that is she was a pioneer and had to take some hits for the home team. Her efforts laid the groundwork for other Latinos/as to come after her and do their thing in the entertainment business.

I met her once, and she was so divine and loving. She also spoke at several events I attended and told those in the audience to go for theirs, despite the challenges or racism they may face. She's a proud woman that has overcome many obstacles.

I appreciate her because back in the day, she gave me a face to look at that reminded me how beautiful and talented my people are. With that said, enjoy Doña Rita with one of my favorite Muppets.

Divine Drag Du Jour

The Fall 2009 Couture Shows are available for viewing. Some designers showed just a few pieces, while others indulged in a spectacle. The non-color Black seemed to rule again.

I am living for the hats at Chanel. The hats are very opening segment of Aeon Flux, but more for an evening of cocktails rather than assassinations. Then again those heels look lethal!

Johnny was particularly naughty. There was a lot of peek-a-boo moments. I loved the idea of focusing the eye one particular part of the garment by erasing the rest of it.

I imagine the finished garment will allow the buyer to add her own style to complete the piece during the collaboration process. You see, the women that buy couture have input into the finished garment. It's an intimate relationship between the designer and customer in the world of couture. Wow, I'm being so gay and bougie.

Click here for fantasy as fashion.

Smiley Face Moment

See Fritz Helder & The Phantoms.

Hear Fritz Helder & The Phantoms play their music.

I'm happy they are out there doing their thing. Fabness lives on and makes the disco ball go 'round.

Jul 7, 2009

Class Is In Session 2

We are up and running with Summer school. Here is a brief take on things.

Smiley Face Moments:

- A few students have told me the course my co-teacher/colleague and I are offering is their favorite. I have an ego.
- I've been focused on monitoring my students reactions to the lecture and course correcting along the way. I strive to keep said ego in check.
- I've seen the "a-ha" and "light bulb goes on" moments on my students' faces. At the end of the day it's about them.

Frowny Face Moments:

- An unacceptable amount of students are absent or cutting class. Damn it!
- Administration can test your patience. They are here for the kids, but in a slightly different way. Therefore, at times we see things so differently.
- My boss was diagnosed with cancer.

Jul 3, 2009

Pitbulls & Hockey Moms Were Offended Today

Ugh, that silly thumb in hand gesture. Politics as usual.

I said it before and I'll say it again:

For Goody Palin:

bright lights, big city
all that glitters is not gold
big time needs big brain

Palin curses the day she took that call from McCain. She had a good corruption thing going before she went big time. If anyone has any doubt about her regret, just look at her resigning from the office of Governor in the state of Alaska.

When you step into the real limelight, all of your stuff will be put on blast. Let us wait to see the the real reason Gov. Palin step down today. In her hot mess of an appearance, she didn't offer anything truthful. The Barracuda took the bait and will be gutted and fried over the next few weeks.

Let us not forget that McCain tried to sell Gov. Palin to the public, with full contempt of women voters. McCain should be offered as a side dish to the public flogging that is sure to come. This dish of Schadenfreude will be served with non-stop coverage of talking heads licking their lips.

Jul 2, 2009

Michael Jackson: The Man in Our Mirror

I've haven't done a post about my thoughts on Micheal. I have tremendous appreciation for Michael as a popstar. Yet, I cringe and sigh at his evolution into becoming the thing that he became.

I came across this article by Greg Tate over at The Village Voice. Tate offers an interesting peeling of the layers regarding Micheal's journey. While I don't agree with all Tate wrote, I had moments when I shook my head in agreement.

Some of the highlights:

"George Clinton thought the reason Michael constantly chipped away at his appearance was less about racial self-loathing than about the number-one problem superstars have, which is figuring out what to do when people get sick of looking at your face. His orgies of rhino- and other plasty's were no more than an attempt to stay ahead of a fickle public's fickleness."

"At what point, we have to wonder, did the line blur for him between Dr. Jacko and Mr. Jackson, between Peter Pan fantasies and predatory behaviors? At what point did the Man in the Mirror turn into Dorian Gray? When did the Warholian creature that Michael created to deflect access to his inner life turn on him and virally rot him from the inside?"

Click here for the full article.

Jul 1, 2009

Class Is In Session

Today was the first summer school session at the high school where I work. I'm co-teaching an academic enrichment course with a colleague.

The big deal about this course is that we were given tremendous freedom to develop a curriculum which allowed innovative content that is extremely student-centered. As a teacher you live for this type of opportunity, because you can create a model that can evolve teaching and content in the classroom.

We are guiding students through a self-reflective process that will hopefully enable them to understand themselves, so that they can develop habits that support them as a student and a creative person.

I'm focusing on teaching studying and research skills. You'd be surprise how so many curriculums don't take time to teach children effective ways of studying. The other portion of the course will focus on students developing their creative writing skills, which includes poetry. I'm excited.

Our students come from communities that are dealing with heavy issues, such as, crime, drugs and poverty. Today went well. These wonderful young people showed up today and actively participated in class. The program is totally voluntary and they are choosing to spend the next six weeks working on taking their career as a student to another level. Good on them!

So I am focused on giving them my best. They deserve it.