Jul 13, 2009

A Big No No

Dang, Levi is being poorly advised. He went on the Today show this week and had diarrhea of the mouth about Palin. As we all know Levi wants to be a model/actor/star. One of the first rules in the entertainment industry is that you show that you know how to keep secrets, and you never talk about others.

Keep in mind that people in the modeling and entertainment industry have a lot of secrets. Folks are on the down-low about drug use, shady dealings, and who they hop in and out of bed with. Levi's pretty loose lips make people in the industry nervous.

Pretty faces are a dime a dozen. Therefore, most big-time folks wouldn't want to take on the risk of hiring a gossip. Levi doesn't realize this. There goes the hopes of getting a contract with A&F.

Ugh, I'm gossiping again.


Kitty said...

I only saw a clip of his chatter and I thought he needs to find a way to get bookings on shows that don't involve doing tit for tat with Pay Pay. Bristol is the only one who seems to have the sense to stay off the TV.

Todd HellsKitchen said...

He's shirtless in GQ... So, I forgive him!