Jul 17, 2009

1D Transformed Into 3D

Good people, as many of you know, I went to the High School of Fashion Industries. This part of my journey exposed me to the art, craft and discipline involved in creating what we wear.

While watching this clip I was reminded of my teen-self being challenged to take what I drew on paper and recreating it to be worn. I was no where near disciplined enough at the time.

My true talents emerged later and I knew to move on. What has remained from the experience is a sincere admiration for the art and craft of high-fashion.

With that said, please enjoy this short clip to see what is possible when the creative mind and trained hands join forces to create wearable art.


lelocolon said...

Great video!

bunnilove said...

That was great to see. It seems as though this type of art is only appreciated in Europe. Unfortunately, in the US working with ones hands is seen as being too stupid to use your brain. But this is not so...

There's a wonderful company here in the US that employs couture techniques that's based out of the south, Alabama Chanin. Please check out her website, read her philosophy, and of course, view her INCREDIBLE designs, that are, by the way, ALL HAND MADE. She employs skilled seamstresses and quilters in the hopes of keeping the craft of stitching alive. Her work, their work, is breathtaking.

I was there at Fashion with you Allan, and I must say that those were some of the most formative years of my life.

I was introduced to sewing by my grandmother at the age of 7, and she was from a time when women were expected to be multifunctional. Cooking, cleaning, and making clothes were a simply apart of life. Life was harsher, slower, and the few possessions you had were considered precious.

In our fast paced life, possessions are now disposable and the care in which clothing is made seems to lack exactly that: care.

It was beautiful to witness being admired for your skill, and creating with love and care.