Jul 9, 2009

Divine Drag Du Jour

The Fall 2009 Couture Shows are available for viewing. Some designers showed just a few pieces, while others indulged in a spectacle. The non-color Black seemed to rule again.

I am living for the hats at Chanel. The hats are very opening segment of Aeon Flux, but more for an evening of cocktails rather than assassinations. Then again those heels look lethal!

Johnny was particularly naughty. There was a lot of peek-a-boo moments. I loved the idea of focusing the eye one particular part of the garment by erasing the rest of it.

I imagine the finished garment will allow the buyer to add her own style to complete the piece during the collaboration process. You see, the women that buy couture have input into the finished garment. It's an intimate relationship between the designer and customer in the world of couture. Wow, I'm being so gay and bougie.

Click here for fantasy as fashion.


Anonymous said...

LOVE IT! You can be as gay and bougie as you want Allan! Love the coverage!

Kitty said...

I have to catch up with JG. I hope his showing was better than the last one-I found it a bit boring.

lelocolon said...

I love and live for anything Galiano. He spell out ChoCha for me. Lagerfield was kind of boring, but it did look sensible to wear. Viva le Puteria, When it comes to couture I am bougie too.

Wonder Man said...

I'm gay and bougie