Jun 28, 2007

I Think I Got It

Here are some thoughts on life:

- Many men pump their bodies full of harmful steroids to look like their favorite muscular superhero.

- Many women will save enough money for their first wedding than they would their first house.

- Many parents treat their kids like shit because they don't meet their expectations, and many more parents are shit and expect their kids to be better, and when they do, they get angry.

- People use morality at their own convenience. Do as I say, not as I do. Those are the rules, but they don't apply to me. If I'm guilty, I had a good reason.

- The GLBT movement was started by butch dykes, drag queens, and homeless queers; however, the mainstream GLBT movement does not make room for them today. The mainstream GLBT movement wants to be all scrubbed up.

- Policies against harassment on the work place are not designed to handle the covert dynamics behind sexual, political and inter-personal crimes against an employee.

- Ancient wisdom is real. Seek it out and know the truth. If modern science ain't figure it out....turn to the ancient elders.

- Too many boys are raised to become boys in men's clothing.

- Too many girls are raised to want it all, and not what they need personally and authentically.

- Sometimes sex is better in the head than the bed. When sex is better in the bed it fucks up the head.

- It's unavoidable...you music will become the oldies, your style will become nostalgic, your views will be assigned to a generation, your bones will crack when you stand up. And, it's a blessing you made it to that point.

Jun 23, 2007

A Moment to Take It In

I've been acting out lately. Nothing major but just staying up late, drinking beer like it's cream soda, and generally laying about. I manage to squeeze in some chores and play with the dogs; however, overall I feel I've been a bit of a mess.

I'm not worried just needed to put it out there so I know what is real. Don't forget people I do a lot of living in my head. So, I often have to proclaim things openly to keep tabs on myself.

Marcos, the husband, told me it makes sense I'm this way. I just completed my first year of being back in school and I don't have the challenges of my academic pursuit to keep me grounded. I think he may be right. I have free time when just a few weeks ago I had none.

Maybe, these past few weeks have been about me coming down from such an emotional and intellectual ride. It's been years since I've been in school and going back was fab but scary at times. I also started off the year mourning a dear friend that I miss very much.

I ended my first year back with a 3.07 GPA. I soared in many of my classes, and barely got through a couple. Overall, I am so grateful I have this opportunity to continue my education and pursue my teaching career.

Hey, FYI I'm going to teach at the same high school I taught at last summer. I'm excited. I learned a lot from my first experience and I'm eager to put some of my ideas to practice.

Jun 20, 2007

All Life Is Sacred...Well, Sometimes

Today Bush vetoed the stem cell measure. He stated that he felt it was immoral and "didn't want to encourage the deliberate destruction of human life." I give it to Bush he loves them fetuses. But, honey once you are out of the womb, all bets are off!

Interesting how there is no effort on his part to protect the sanctity of life in certain situtations. As Governor of Texas he let many an inmate on death row take their final walk to their death. And, umm, let's not forgot his signing off on the "Shock and Awe" campaign that sent many an innocent Iraqi to their deaths.

Maybe I miss the part in the bible that provides rules on when life is sacred and when it's no longer sacred. Amazing how people use their "beliefs" in such convenient ways.

FYI many of the embryos that would be used for research are eggs that were going to be disposed.

Jun 19, 2007

Picture it 1987, Over 500,000 GLBT Citizens Go To DC

It's the time of the season for Pride Fests. All over this country and certain parts of the world the GLBT community is coming out into the streets to march with pride. As you may recall from my previous post about the "pride" event in NYC, I have chosen to no longer partake.

I feel what has contributed to this feeling is that I have an experience that showed me the fabulous potential for these "pride" events. In 1987 I traveled with Lavender Light, a GLBT gospel choir to the 2nd national GLBT pride march on Washington D.C. Lavender Light would perform at several key events, including the rally on the great lawn.

Ok, ok I know that I'm comparing a National event with a Local event. I'm well aware of the disparity between resources, funding, and purpose. Now with that said, whether big or small, it's not what you got but how you use it.

To me that National march should be a template for all other marches happening in NYC or Knoxville, TN. It was the ideas of this event, I want to applaud and remind us what a pride events can do for the LGBT community.

- POLITICAL ACTION: You couldn't spend your weekend at this event without encountering information provided on voter registration, political views of elected officials in your community, and advice on how to organize a grassroots action locally.

- USEFUL INFORMATION: Whether it concerned, health, marriage, financial advisement, and spiritual well-being, there were events, symposiums and lectures that presented speakers that would give you food for thought.

- MULTI-CULTURAL CELEBRATION: The arts highlighted all of the talents of the diverse people of the GLBT community. They had poetry slams, musical concerts, theater, visual arts, and dance that showcased the expressions of various voices from the community. All you had to do was sit back and enjoy.

- SPIRIT: At this march I met people from just about every state and the overwhelming mood was love, joy and pride. I credit this vibe to the organizers, because they created an event that focused on a higher-purpose.

I know many of the pride events strive to create elements that reflect, what I found amazing about the national march in 1987. But, what I find in most of the advertising and promotion are smooth muscle boys half-naked. What I see in the NYC event is corralling of the thousands of people through the NYC streets, which results in people focused on getting to point A while not really looking at each other, or even stopping to reflect on what the day can give to them mentally or spiritually.

Maybe I'm jaded. But, I've talked to several of my friends about their pride experiences and no one has ever shared with me a thought that was connected to some reflection. No one has told me about an experience at the event the inspired them to take some sort of action. What I hear is "I hooked up with this hot piece.", "Ay, it was too hot and crowded for my nerves."

I'm gonna spend this pride month thinking about what I can do to help bring back the spirit of the D.C. March to my community. It would be lame for me to just sit back and complain. I'll keep you posted.

Jun 17, 2007

Pan's Labyrinth

Ok, ok I know I'm on the late train regarding Pan's Labyrinth but I rarely go to the movies. I rather luxuriate next to my hubby as we watch a film together and can laugh and/or cry as much as we want. Another bonus is that I make FAB movie snacks. Tonight we had Cassava and Pita chips with homemade mojo sauce.

Here are my thoughts on the film (LET ME WARN YOU THERE ARE SOME SPOILERS FOLLOWING):

Umm, GENIUS, magical, meaningful, not your typical Hollywood ending, poetic, worth owning; so that you can have several viewings and share it with those near and dear.

- When Ofilia offers her LEFT hand to her new fascists-step-father when she was introduced to him. Cliche foreshadowing? Yeah but, notice how she did this while holding in her right hand was what she believed in. Her books!(POLITICAL IDEOLOGY CONNECTED TO INTELLECTUAL THOUGHT)

- Mercedes, which means "mercy" in Spanish was pivotal to the story. She gave mercy to those that deserved it and shown none to those that didn't. (DIVINE JUSTICE)

- Yet another look at Mercedes. She would tuck her knife for cooking into her apron, after she completed her tasks, while deep into thought and wrangling her angst. She complained to her brother that she felt cowardly. Yet, the knife was always within the folds of her being. When the time was right she used it to fight for her life and exhibit her bravery. (INNER STRENGTH)

- The number 3 was ever present. There were 3 stars on the step-father's hat, 3 stones killed the frog, 3 tasks, 3 thrones at the end. The holy trinity? Remember, faithful readers, 3 is a magic number.

- Add to that observation that Mercedes brother is Pedro. Pedro is Peter in Spanish. Peter is the apostle that started the Catholic church. Hmmm, is this a movie about the Catholic church.

- I worried at this point people. I wasn't about to be excited about a film that promoted a religion that sees me in hell. This is how it was redeemed. A main character stuttered - which makes him queer (odd boy out). Yet he was honorable. They talked positively about soldiers from other places coming to save them, which to me, removed any xenophobia. Plus wasn't there something gay about the second in command.

- Daddy issues. The move is laden with them. C'mon the watch, the razor across the mirror, Ofalia refusing to call step-daddy, padre.

- Ohhh the table with the eyeless monster. How dare you eat off the table of your enemy. The one that eats your own.

- First scene and final scene. It's all about reincarnation! What have you learned in this reality and how would you use it in your next life?

I plan on watching it a few more times. There are many other lessons to learn within the twist and turns of Pan's Labyrinth. Cliche? Hey, some cliches are cliches because they work.

Jun 14, 2007

Stranger Than Fiction

Reality TV has given celebrities on the C through Z list a second career. It has also given the common individual a platform to whore themselves out for fame. Shining examples of this include:

- Da Brat has been The Surreal Life and Celebrit Fit Club. Quick name a top 10 hit by Da Brat. Yeah, I couldn't think of one either. Also, she must be pre-menoupausal by now, shouldn't homegirl drop the thug look by now.

- Danny Bonaduce has proven once again celebrity plays Russian Roulette on the psyche of former child stars. This guy actually sold a show idea to VH1 that focused around his drugging and drinking fueled hot mess of a life. And, child he is all pumped up with Steroids which brings the insanity to another level.

- Gene Simmons can now be seen in The Family Jewels. He was creepy as a demon in KISS and his creepiness has evolved. He now has a look that I describe as a serial killer that would fuck the family dog.

- Being Bobby Brown was genius. What the hell were they thinking when they decided to have camera follow them around? Oh wait I know. They needed the money to support their "habits", as well as supply the most sinister drug of all ATTENTION.

- Kudos to Tiffany aka New York from the Flavor of Love. Miss Draq-Queen Looking Thing parlayed her stint with Flavor Flav to her own show, I Love New York. She is now heading to a second season. She is now a nobody that everyone knows. She learned the valuable lesson: Get pimped you eat for a day, pimp others and you'll eat longer.

- Grease: You're The One That I Want has to be the longest commercial for an upcoming broadway show.

The bizarre thing about all of this is that this so called "reality" is not real. You want to see reality, the watch a well done documentary. I say this because it's all tainted in my opinion. All of these characters from celebrities to your Average Joe know the medium they are working within. I feel they calculate the "role" they want to play. We've all had our cherry popped. We know when a camera is on us that it is SHOWTIME! Reality TV is just layers of sloppy contrived plots fueled by producers.

So what you exploit yourself and a need for attention. Who cares if you are a celebrity that has already been flushed down the toilet of popular culture. What it's all about becoming a SUPERSTAR. Now give me my goodie bag of swag and remove that velvet rope.

Jun 11, 2007

Viva La Raza Puertoriqueña

Yesterday NYC had over a million Puerto Ricans along fifth avenue either marching or watching the annual Puerto Rican Day Parade. I've flaunted my pride at the parade myself a few times over the years. I didn't make it this year, so let me give a shout out to my fellow Boriquas by highlighting some of our accomplished hermanos y hermanas Boriqua:


Erik Estrada, Actor: Yup! Ponch from CHiPS is Puerto Rican
Jose Ferrer, Actor: First Latino to win an Oscar
Raul Julia, Actor: Brief but accomplished career in film,theater and television. Dram Desk Award winner and Tony nominee
John Leguizamo, Actor/Comic: Puerto Rican father
Jennifer Lopez, Actress/Singer/Entertainer: Diva
Rita Moreno, Actress/Singer: Winner of an Oscar, Emmy, Grammy and Tony.
Ana Ortiz, Actress: Catch her as the sister in Ugly Betty
Rosie Perez, Actress/Producer/Director/Choreographer: Check out her documentary "Yo Soy Boriqua..." She also choreographed the Fly Girls for In Living Color
Vanessa del Rio, Adult Film Legend: Such a hot mama even famed photographer Helmut Newton immortalized her in a portrait
Chita Rivera, Actor/Dancer: Broadway Legend and winner of two Tony awards
Jimmy Smits, Actor: Winner of an Emmy and Golden Globe
Benicio del Toro, Actor: Oscar winner


Migel Algarin, Poet: Co-founder of the Nuyorican Poets Cafe, some say the birthplace of the poetry slam.
Howie Dorough, Singer: Backstreet Boys member
Fat Joe, Rapper: Do the Rock Away...lean back, lean back
Pedro Pietri, Poet: Pivotal poem "Puerto Rican Obituary" a must read
Judge Edwin Torres, NY Supreme Court Justice: Author of Carlito's Way
Daddy Yankee: Prince of Reggaeton


Oscar de la Renta, Fashion Designer: Puerto Rican father
Jaslene Gonzalez, Model: Winner of America's Next Top Model Cycle 8
Astrid Munoz, Model/Photographer: Her fashion photography has been featured in French, German and Japanese editions of Vogue
Talisa Soto, Actress/Model: Featured in Vogue, Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issues, and film Mortal Kombat

Business Leaders

Richard Carrion: Chairman International Olympic Committee's Finance Committee
Angel Ramos: Founder of Telemundo television network
Herb Scannell: Former Chairman of MTV Networks and president of Nickelodeon Networks. Puerto Rican mother
Joseph A. Unanue: President and CEO of Goya Foods, son of founder

Let me stop with the listing, because there are way too many to list on a blog entry.

A big Wepaaaa to all the Puerto Ricans out there. Keep on, keeping on. There's still a lot our community needs to overcome. Keep the faith, do the work and we'll get there!

Jun 10, 2007

Brother and Sister

My brother Anthony came to visit my sister Jenny and me. As many of you know he lives in Florida along with my mother. I have a tremendous amount of love and respect for Anthony. He served as a Marine for four years, and survived a childhood in the ghetto of Bushwick Brooklyn.

I also have admiration for Jenny. She also survived our childhood and has managed to become a smart, independent, woman. As well as a good mother and a wife that doesn't take any crap from her husband. LOL.

Here are some thoughts on the visit:

Damn, Anthony does NOT change. He looks like he's still in his twenties and he's approaching 40 this month. The body is toned. If only I had the discipline to workout like he does. He has nice Puerto Rican hair I wish he would do something different with it. He's still sporting the tight fade from his military days with a bit of length on top.

Jenny is a loving tigress and I love it. Her language is salty. Her honesty is ever present. And, her hospitality is generous. She keeps it soooo real. God bless her.

Anthony and Jenny hate to PLAN things out and it drives me crazy. They lean too much to the "go with the flow" side of the how to live life spectrum. I had to remind them I now live two hours away and have a husband and two dogs to consider in my planning.

When we get together we make each other laugh! The three of us have the same twisted humor and sensibilities. Hallelujah!

We don't get enough moments together. I want to change that.

Jun 9, 2007

The End of My News Fast.

General Pace will not be reappointed to a second term as chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff in Bush's administration. This is the same general that had the audacity to call gays and lesbians immoral, when he knows that many have and are serving with honor in the U.S. military. See ya, hates to be ya!

The Immigration Bill was killed today in D.C. Leaving 12 million immigrants in this country stalled on their pursuit to achieving legal status and eventually citizenship in the good ol' U.S. of A. A country that was built by immigrants. A country that has a lady in the harbor holding a torch and proclaiming, "give me your tired, poor, huddle masses yearning to breath free."

"The House gave final Congressional approval on Thursday to legislation aimed at easing restrictions on federal financing of embryonic stem cell research." Bush promises to veto the bill. (NY Times). Stem cell research can lead to treatments and cures for Alzheimer's and Juvenile Diabetes.

As of today the war in Iraq is costing American tax payers over $432,963,291,753 dollars and RISING.

The Senate will hold a "no confidence" vote on embattled Attorney General Alberto Gonzales this Monday, Sen. Charles Schumer, D-New York, announced. In a statement released Friday, Schumer said if all senators followed their conscience, "this vote would be unanimous." (Huffingtonpost.com)

Some rich spoiled brat learned today that if you break the law and drive while drunk, you go to jail; despite her mommy and daddy being rich. Note in 2005 there were over 17,000 deaths due to individuals driving while intoxicated. That number has risen 14% since then. That is so NOT hot!