Jun 28, 2007

I Think I Got It

Here are some thoughts on life:

- Many men pump their bodies full of harmful steroids to look like their favorite muscular superhero.

- Many women will save enough money for their first wedding than they would their first house.

- Many parents treat their kids like shit because they don't meet their expectations, and many more parents are shit and expect their kids to be better, and when they do, they get angry.

- People use morality at their own convenience. Do as I say, not as I do. Those are the rules, but they don't apply to me. If I'm guilty, I had a good reason.

- The GLBT movement was started by butch dykes, drag queens, and homeless queers; however, the mainstream GLBT movement does not make room for them today. The mainstream GLBT movement wants to be all scrubbed up.

- Policies against harassment on the work place are not designed to handle the covert dynamics behind sexual, political and inter-personal crimes against an employee.

- Ancient wisdom is real. Seek it out and know the truth. If modern science ain't figure it out....turn to the ancient elders.

- Too many boys are raised to become boys in men's clothing.

- Too many girls are raised to want it all, and not what they need personally and authentically.

- Sometimes sex is better in the head than the bed. When sex is better in the bed it fucks up the head.

- It's unavoidable...you music will become the oldies, your style will become nostalgic, your views will be assigned to a generation, your bones will crack when you stand up. And, it's a blessing you made it to that point.

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