Jun 14, 2007

Stranger Than Fiction

Reality TV has given celebrities on the C through Z list a second career. It has also given the common individual a platform to whore themselves out for fame. Shining examples of this include:

- Da Brat has been The Surreal Life and Celebrit Fit Club. Quick name a top 10 hit by Da Brat. Yeah, I couldn't think of one either. Also, she must be pre-menoupausal by now, shouldn't homegirl drop the thug look by now.

- Danny Bonaduce has proven once again celebrity plays Russian Roulette on the psyche of former child stars. This guy actually sold a show idea to VH1 that focused around his drugging and drinking fueled hot mess of a life. And, child he is all pumped up with Steroids which brings the insanity to another level.

- Gene Simmons can now be seen in The Family Jewels. He was creepy as a demon in KISS and his creepiness has evolved. He now has a look that I describe as a serial killer that would fuck the family dog.

- Being Bobby Brown was genius. What the hell were they thinking when they decided to have camera follow them around? Oh wait I know. They needed the money to support their "habits", as well as supply the most sinister drug of all ATTENTION.

- Kudos to Tiffany aka New York from the Flavor of Love. Miss Draq-Queen Looking Thing parlayed her stint with Flavor Flav to her own show, I Love New York. She is now heading to a second season. She is now a nobody that everyone knows. She learned the valuable lesson: Get pimped you eat for a day, pimp others and you'll eat longer.

- Grease: You're The One That I Want has to be the longest commercial for an upcoming broadway show.

The bizarre thing about all of this is that this so called "reality" is not real. You want to see reality, the watch a well done documentary. I say this because it's all tainted in my opinion. All of these characters from celebrities to your Average Joe know the medium they are working within. I feel they calculate the "role" they want to play. We've all had our cherry popped. We know when a camera is on us that it is SHOWTIME! Reality TV is just layers of sloppy contrived plots fueled by producers.

So what you exploit yourself and a need for attention. Who cares if you are a celebrity that has already been flushed down the toilet of popular culture. What it's all about becoming a SUPERSTAR. Now give me my goodie bag of swag and remove that velvet rope.

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bunnilove said...

Hear, hear, my friend! Da Brat: a wanna be dyke, until she gets around some real pussy. Danny Bonaduce: the insanity only went to a new level to show that there's no end to it. Gene Simmoms: yes his creepiness has evolved, to the point that it now is a living, breathing entity that is using Gene's body as a Stepford-like machine that's only there to do its bidding. Bobby Brown: that poor sap, Whitney fucked him up when she decided she wasn't gonna eat pussy any more, and took him down the road of misery with her. And Tiffany: that walking, talking, "I buy all my clothes on Fulton St. while yelling at my kids, and no two baby daddy's fathers are alike, while my latest man feels my ass up in the street" cliche', is a fucking horror show, and would be one of those chicks who would give me a dirty look because I can string two sentences together using a conjunction. There you have it my friend, my comments.