Jun 23, 2007

A Moment to Take It In

I've been acting out lately. Nothing major but just staying up late, drinking beer like it's cream soda, and generally laying about. I manage to squeeze in some chores and play with the dogs; however, overall I feel I've been a bit of a mess.

I'm not worried just needed to put it out there so I know what is real. Don't forget people I do a lot of living in my head. So, I often have to proclaim things openly to keep tabs on myself.

Marcos, the husband, told me it makes sense I'm this way. I just completed my first year of being back in school and I don't have the challenges of my academic pursuit to keep me grounded. I think he may be right. I have free time when just a few weeks ago I had none.

Maybe, these past few weeks have been about me coming down from such an emotional and intellectual ride. It's been years since I've been in school and going back was fab but scary at times. I also started off the year mourning a dear friend that I miss very much.

I ended my first year back with a 3.07 GPA. I soared in many of my classes, and barely got through a couple. Overall, I am so grateful I have this opportunity to continue my education and pursue my teaching career.

Hey, FYI I'm going to teach at the same high school I taught at last summer. I'm excited. I learned a lot from my first experience and I'm eager to put some of my ideas to practice.

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