Jun 10, 2007

Brother and Sister

My brother Anthony came to visit my sister Jenny and me. As many of you know he lives in Florida along with my mother. I have a tremendous amount of love and respect for Anthony. He served as a Marine for four years, and survived a childhood in the ghetto of Bushwick Brooklyn.

I also have admiration for Jenny. She also survived our childhood and has managed to become a smart, independent, woman. As well as a good mother and a wife that doesn't take any crap from her husband. LOL.

Here are some thoughts on the visit:

Damn, Anthony does NOT change. He looks like he's still in his twenties and he's approaching 40 this month. The body is toned. If only I had the discipline to workout like he does. He has nice Puerto Rican hair I wish he would do something different with it. He's still sporting the tight fade from his military days with a bit of length on top.

Jenny is a loving tigress and I love it. Her language is salty. Her honesty is ever present. And, her hospitality is generous. She keeps it soooo real. God bless her.

Anthony and Jenny hate to PLAN things out and it drives me crazy. They lean too much to the "go with the flow" side of the how to live life spectrum. I had to remind them I now live two hours away and have a husband and two dogs to consider in my planning.

When we get together we make each other laugh! The three of us have the same twisted humor and sensibilities. Hallelujah!

We don't get enough moments together. I want to change that.


bunnilove said...

Anthony came up from Florida, and you didn't tell me. I don't think you realize that I haven't had sex in a REALLY LONG TIME!!!!

Allan S. said...

Oh gurl my bad. But, he was very challening with his GO WITH THE FLOW madness. Ammends will be made.