Jun 25, 2006

Happy Gay Pride Month! Umm, Yeah OK

I think we should serve Pride Month with a super-size side order of ACTION. Gays are under attack in this country. And, while looking over pride events in NYC the ovewhelming majority of them focused on partying.

There should be protest and political activism carried out throughout the month. What better way to show pride? I don't think wearing a rainbow t-shirt is really relevant these days.

Think about what if throughout this month, there were speaking events and panel discussions that highlighted the work of GLBT people and organizations that are fighting to protect the civil rights of the GLBT community. What if our community learned how to better organize and fight back against the onslaught of hate we've been experiencing.

Kevin Aviance was severly beaten and Bush continues to push for a hate-based ammendment to the Constitution. Knowing this makes it hard for me to go out and see a bunch of half-naked men gyrating on a float pumping non-descript dance music.

I think I'll spend the day learning more about what I can do to make my life and that of my partner's safer, gay affirming and prouder.

Jun 21, 2006

Fast Times At Your Local High School

My dearly devoted. The universe has brought me closer to my dreams. Over the past three weeks I have been working at a local high school here in lovely Connecticut. Here is what I've observed so far:

  • Teachers work really damn hard. They deserve a long summer vacation.
  • Guidance counselors are saving kids on a daily basis.
  • School cafeteria food still sucks, however, the little containers of chocolate milk are still divine!
  • Honey, it's true! American kids are getting more and more obese.
  • I totally forgot how acne inflicts so much drama in a teens life.
  • Gaylings are so cool. They still travel in packs of girls. I hope they survive high school.
  • It felt weird being called "mister" by so many young people. Then I adjusted to it and felt all grown up.
  • When I see a student acting out, I wanna shake them and say, YOU WON'T BE YOUNG AND CUTE FOREVER! LEARN SOMETHING! (Especially with the female students)
  • It's really easy for me to care about a young person and their future in a short period of time.
  • So many kids want the glory without the pain. Their sense of entitlement is mind boggling.
  • Kids today aint that bad.