Jun 21, 2006

Fast Times At Your Local High School

My dearly devoted. The universe has brought me closer to my dreams. Over the past three weeks I have been working at a local high school here in lovely Connecticut. Here is what I've observed so far:

  • Teachers work really damn hard. They deserve a long summer vacation.
  • Guidance counselors are saving kids on a daily basis.
  • School cafeteria food still sucks, however, the little containers of chocolate milk are still divine!
  • Honey, it's true! American kids are getting more and more obese.
  • I totally forgot how acne inflicts so much drama in a teens life.
  • Gaylings are so cool. They still travel in packs of girls. I hope they survive high school.
  • It felt weird being called "mister" by so many young people. Then I adjusted to it and felt all grown up.
  • When I see a student acting out, I wanna shake them and say, YOU WON'T BE YOUNG AND CUTE FOREVER! LEARN SOMETHING! (Especially with the female students)
  • It's really easy for me to care about a young person and their future in a short period of time.
  • So many kids want the glory without the pain. Their sense of entitlement is mind boggling.
  • Kids today aint that bad.

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Kitty said...

Congrats on your new position working with the youth of America. I made T-shirts of your quote "Shortcuts lead too shortcomings" for my 3 nephews ages 9, 10 and 15.