May 30, 2011

McQueen At The Met

After a brief postponement the family and I went to go see the Alexander McQueen exhibition at The Met.

I saw couture up close and personal. It was art. If you can please go see the exhibition. Don't be afraid about the long line, it moved really quickly.

Here's a video to tempt you.

May 27, 2011

Jeff's Turn At Metamorphosis

Jeff Conaway died today. His sister says it was due to excessive prescription of pills and such. I'm sure she's right.

I remember him from Taxi and Grease. I thought he was so mad cute. I crushed on him hard. I do not consider him a great actor, yet I was always happy when his face showed up on the screen or tv. I wanted him to succeed.

When Jeff was on the exploitive show Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew, I felt sad for him. Jeff was being worked over by the demons of his past, and brief celebrity.

Now Jeff is at rest, and will cocoon and become a butterfly.

May 24, 2011

Molto tempo fa, in una galassia lontana, lontana ...

Check out the sexed up Luke and Leia.

May 22, 2011

A Starchild Landed - This Is What She Does

I found a good and goody blooger. She goes by the name of Tokimonsta, and her spirit landed on earth sometime ago. Her blog excites me and makes me smile. Click here to visit her blog. If you are doubtful, check out the music she makes below. This new child to earth is playful, and she gets inspiration from what was here before, now, and in the future.

May 21, 2011

Rapture II

This is a very true story. So, I went across the street to see my niece and spend time with family. We BBQed because what better way to celebrate the Rapture. So, 6 pm came and the steaks were done.

I stepped outside of the yard to take a look at the sky and the image above is what I saw. What made it even more amazing is that the end of the rainbow looked as if it was landing on my house right behind those trees.

The family said to me, "Look what Marcos sent you." So on this day of Rapture, what I received was affirmation of life, love and beauty always being around us, and how blessed I am to be open to receiving it.

BTW, a flock of geese flew by a few minutes later in perfect formation. It was awesome.


So, at 6 pm about two million, faithful Christians, are going to big whisked away through the air to chill with god. While the rest of us stay down here and live in a plague filled world.

I like Blondie's version better:

May 18, 2011

TTFN Donald!

I am sooooo hoping we dodged a bullet. A lot of folks dismissed Donald Chump as a contender, yet I remember Sarah Pain-lin's rise to 15-minute fame.

May 14, 2011

The Ying and Yang of Teaching: 8

I recently posted about an anxious moment that enveloped me, after I encouraged two of my students living with autism, to participate in the town's science fair.

I wanted them to do well by being able to present their project. They needed to present to judges, convey they understood the scientific concepts, and take random questions.

This was a significant task for my two dudes from the fifth-grade, because conversation with others is a challenge for them. They both can go into their own world.

I am proud to say, they did very well. In fact they got an honorable mention! They said all the key points about magnetic forces, explain the procedure and outcome of their experiment, and referred to their display to highlight information.

Mind you, this was not a science fair for student with special needs. It was the science fair for the entire district! My two guys were the only young people with special needs at the event, and they held their own.

May 5, 2011

Fred's Beefcake Moment

I always digged Fred MacMurray. I thought he played a cool dad in My Three Sons. He was charming in Disney films like Flubber and The Absent Minded Professor. Plus he turned it in Double Indeminity and The Caine Mutiny. I never considered him hot, but rather a solid actor that was handsome.

Then I saw this picture on Michael Musto's blog. I gag and have yet to come together. Who knew he he had a beefcake moment!!!!? (click on the image for a larger version. you deserve it)

Click here for other pics of the leading men of the 30s, 40s, and 50s. You will be pleasantly surprised.

May 1, 2011

He Can Dish It Out, But Can He Take It? Not So Much.

I laughed that sorta of laugh that comes from deep down inside, when I saw the videos of Pres. Obama and Seth Myers snapping on Donald Trump. These men so laid into Trump that it was scandalous.

While I'm not one for public ridicule, Trump had it motherfucking coming. You have to see Trump seething in his seat. Megalomaniacs like Donald have no sense of humor when it comes to themselves. Trump gagged and will have to struggle in order to come together.

The library is open, let's start reading: