May 27, 2011

Jeff's Turn At Metamorphosis

Jeff Conaway died today. His sister says it was due to excessive prescription of pills and such. I'm sure she's right.

I remember him from Taxi and Grease. I thought he was so mad cute. I crushed on him hard. I do not consider him a great actor, yet I was always happy when his face showed up on the screen or tv. I wanted him to succeed.

When Jeff was on the exploitive show Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew, I felt sad for him. Jeff was being worked over by the demons of his past, and brief celebrity.

Now Jeff is at rest, and will cocoon and become a butterfly.


Stan in NH said...

I thought he was good on Babylon 5. It was a great show for him. Unfortunately, it didn't help his career, or his self destructive behaviors.

Renee said...

Someone said yesterday that Hollywood is a hard place to get clean in because there's always some Dr. Feelgood or hanger-on willing to enable you no matter how low you go. Steven Tyler said that he knew people who had been on Dr. Drew's show and that those people were as addicted to attention as they were to drugs. He said that the addicts know that they'll make 100K doing the show for two weeks. When they leave they have more money than they have had in years, and their druggie friends waiting to help them spend it.