May 21, 2011

Rapture II

This is a very true story. So, I went across the street to see my niece and spend time with family. We BBQed because what better way to celebrate the Rapture. So, 6 pm came and the steaks were done.

I stepped outside of the yard to take a look at the sky and the image above is what I saw. What made it even more amazing is that the end of the rainbow looked as if it was landing on my house right behind those trees.

The family said to me, "Look what Marcos sent you." So on this day of Rapture, what I received was affirmation of life, love and beauty always being around us, and how blessed I am to be open to receiving it.

BTW, a flock of geese flew by a few minutes later in perfect formation. It was awesome.


Tinnie said...

a good sense of thought

Stan in NH said...

That's awesome. It's really what the Rapture should be, an affirmation, not a threat.
All the best.