Feb 21, 2012

Random Thoughts

I am on mid-winter break, so I get a chance at some much needed rest. I'm also trying to clear my head. So here is a purging of some deep and not-so-deep random thoughts.

- Downton Abbey was choppy and melodramatic this season. The whole Livinia thing was a bit much. However, I'm still hooked and dread the withdrawal while I wait for season 3.

- I was up and out handling my business on Saturday. Then, I went back to being a couch potato despite having a ton of things to do. Arrrgh! I have to learn to keep the momentum going.

- I don't agree with Brian May. Freddie Mercury would not approve of Adam Lambert as a frontman with Queen. I know Brian and the rest of the crew need the coins, but a mall queen. They should've looked for a real rocker.

- I indulged on Saturday. Now, let me pull in the reigns and pace myself again. While I need a bit of scandalous behavior in my life, I don't need to be a slave to my lower chakras.

- This Iran and Israel thing that is brewing, once again, would be so not good. It would set off some serious shit in that region. I hate war. 

Feb 6, 2012

M.I.A. Is A Badass Bitch...In Her Head

So the artist known as M.I.A. wanted to be badass and decides to give the finger during her performance at the half-time show. I have some thoughts about that:

  • I want to see some pics of her asap. I am certain her face is bruised and scratched up after Madonna beat her for points, while screaming, "Bitch! This was about me! How fucking dare you try to take tomorrow's headlines!"
  • Girl, where you M.I.A. when Janet showed her pierced tit a few years back? How in the hell did you think giving the finger would come even close to being as scandalous? That was a weak ass attempt at trying to shock the crowd. 
  • Real badass bitches do not dress up like a Universal Studios theme park gladiator, and lip-synch a whack ass song at the Super Bowl. You being there is you joining in the mainstream, and really saying F U to the fringe. You are living too far in the center to even begin to think you are edgy.
  • Cliche, cliche, cliche.
'Nuf said.

Feb 5, 2012

Jean Loving On Amy

The Couture shows have shown. There was some controversy about Jean Paul Gaultier using Amy Winehouse as a muse. Amy's daddy was not happy.

I say Jean was lamenting the fact he never got to dress her. Therefore, he took his flight of fancy, in true couture spirit, and dressed her within the context of a loving memorial.

Click here for the rest of the couture artistry.