Feb 6, 2012

M.I.A. Is A Badass Bitch...In Her Head

So the artist known as M.I.A. wanted to be badass and decides to give the finger during her performance at the half-time show. I have some thoughts about that:

  • I want to see some pics of her asap. I am certain her face is bruised and scratched up after Madonna beat her for points, while screaming, "Bitch! This was about me! How fucking dare you try to take tomorrow's headlines!"
  • Girl, where you M.I.A. when Janet showed her pierced tit a few years back? How in the hell did you think giving the finger would come even close to being as scandalous? That was a weak ass attempt at trying to shock the crowd. 
  • Real badass bitches do not dress up like a Universal Studios theme park gladiator, and lip-synch a whack ass song at the Super Bowl. You being there is you joining in the mainstream, and really saying F U to the fringe. You are living too far in the center to even begin to think you are edgy.
  • Cliche, cliche, cliche.
'Nuf said.


Reneé said...

M.I.A did what she did for two reasons:

1. She has a new track out called Bad Girls (the vid is awesome).

2. She is trying to get her radical anarchist street cred back after making a baby with her billionaire scion boyfriend and moving to Beverly Hills.

As I told the GH, "Someone should have told M.I.A while she was doing her coursework at Hip Hop Sellout High that you can't rap about the evils of capitalism, imperialism, and materialism while at the same time looking for that check and exposure at a Super Bowl performance and expect to be taken seriously."

Middle finger to the masses on one hand and the pen to endorse her check in the other.

Anonymous said...

She has no class and had no business even being there. Even talking about her like this gives someone like her the attention she craves. She should be not be paid but fined and prohibited from future public displays for awhile. That would help put a stop to idiotic scenes like that. What kind of example is she setting for children who also watching the game?

Anonymous said...

My problem is with the director. So you're in the control room, you know M.I.A., a rapper known for making guns out of her hands and shooting them in the air, is gonna start. You Don't Go to an Extended Close-Up! What did you think was gonna happen? You show her for a second, show people dancing around, cut back to her for a second and wait until she falls back in line with the choreography. It's not hard.

Wonder Man said...

yeah, the performance was blah