May 28, 2007

Take A Hike!

I went for a hike today with Marcos (the husband). I was reminded how wonderful it is to get immersed in nature and connect to its beauty. What is also fascinating is how on one little area there is such a diversity of plants and trees sharing that small space and still being able to thrive. I wish people knew how to do that better.
The trail we walked today was lush with flora and fauna and was barren only a few months ago, but now is the time for it to come alive and start the cycle all over again. Get out and see it for yourself! Sooner than you think Mother Nature will put the earth back down for a rest.

In Need of a News Fast

My head just can't take it anymore. All the madness that I am reading in the news is starting to get to me. The insanity of Bush, the wussiness of the Dems, the bullshit of Fox News.

I've decided to take a little break and focus on what is right in the world. I'm like one Breaking News story away from becoming a cynical jaded being that believes evil will triumph over good.

I'm going to think happy thoughts for the next couple of weeks. Stay tuned for silly-just for the fun of it- posts.


May 27, 2007

Summer Online-Reading Suggestions

As many of you know, while I welcome the Summer as a sign that the world is still revolving around the sun and the apocalypse has not hit us yet. I also loathe it because of the high temperatures. I can only dig the hot weather if I am on the beach and can dip into the salty brine to cool off. Therefore, when I am faced with the a day without the beach, I prefer to spend my time out in air-conditioned spaces.

Here are some suggestions of sites that might be fun or interesting for you to visit as you enjoy the lazy, hazy, days of Summer.
Arianna saw the light a few years ago and has evolved into a person embracing more progrerssive and liberal politics. This site collects some of the best ideas and thoughts on current events. Does it lean to the left. Yeah, it usually does and so what! You want a right leaning view just go to Faux mean Fox News.

Betty Bowers
A perfect parody of parochial personalities and principles. Mrs. Bowers - the best Christian in the word - has a wit as sharp as the crease on a mormon's trousers.

Food Network
Ideas for Breakfast, Brunch, Lunch, and Dinner are covered. If you're traveling check out $40 A Day link for great restaurants. If you are having a BBQ or social function, they have several fab themes to help plan your party.


May 17, 2007

Ryan made a boo boo

As some of you know, my mother has me watching American Idol this season. On our calls she likes to dish about it. Well, last night Ryan made a big boo boo.

American Idol uses that played out technique of prolonging the announcement of who is leaving the show. They torture those contestant. Well Ryan, actually revealed that Melinda Doolittle was going to be the next contestant booted off the show, before it was time to do so.

As they went to commercial he said "And, when we return Melinda Doolittle goes home." The camera zoomed out and you could actually see Melinda's jaw drop!

It was priceless.

Melinda is a great singer. A real pro! I wish her luck in developing her career.